Best sports movie: the 3 biggest films on sports betting

If the filmmakers bet much more on the universe of casinos to set up a thrilling plot, the world of sports betting is not to be outdone! Perhaps less bling-bling, but just as fascinating, the closed environment of Paris lovers inspires masterpieces of the seventh art, and we have selected in our guide The 3 films that approach, from different angles, the profiles and stories of certain bettors.

Two for the Money, 2005

This film, whose Quebec title is "taken in the game" is a real success of its kind. Directed by Daniel John Caruso (to whom we also owe the frightening paranoïak), he was released in USA at the end of 2005. The casting is breathtaking. Legend Al Pacino responds to the excellent Matthew MC Conaughey. These two actors were able to prove by their respective filmographies that they are monsters of cinema and it is with great pleasure that we both find them in this film drawn from real facts.

Synopsis : Great player of the football team of his university, Brandon Lang (Matthew McConaughey) sees his brilliant career broken by a stupid injury. He then became a sports betting advisor and excelled in this discipline. His incredible gift of being able to predict the outlets of matches attracts the curiosity of a sports betting agency, Walter Abrams (Al Pacino). The two men become associated. Brandon sees the doors of luxury open to him and appreciates Walter's flamboyant side. A very strong fraternal relationship links acolytes and their affairs enjoying dazzling success. Until the day when the gift of Brandon is lacking. Since millions of dollars depend on this extraordinary decline, the two partners become enemies and compete in the ring of life. Their entourage will be both the victim and witness to this covered war, where all the blows are allowed and play beyond what one could imagine.

This film from a true story illustrates the components of sports betting, money and glory that can result from it and disappear overnight. This subject is quite complicated in the United States, since sports betting is only authorized in four states (Nevada, Oregon, Delaware and Montana), and are illegal everywhere in the country of Uncle Sam. Which is prohibited is even more attractive, which partly explains the success of the film in the United States.

Worship sentence: "Know what you know, and know what you don't know. And know that I gotta know everything you know as soon as you know it... or sooner.” Walter Abrams

Silver Lining Playbook, 2012

"The good siof of things", in Quebecers is one of our favorite films. And not only for the sports betting side. It is a film that attracts a lot of reflections on multiple social subjects, and even if the sports bet is only one of the multiple facets of this work, we wanted to incluof it in this top, because we love Robert of Niro in an inveterate bettor and Bradley Cooper, this real chameleon, who gives the reply to the talented and magnificent Jennifer Lawrence.

Synopsis : Pat Solitano (Bradley Cooper) comes out of a psychiatric hospital after 8 months of internment. He was treated for depression and doctors diagnosed his bipolarity after the assault of his wife's lover Nikki. We learn it during his therapy sessions ordered by the court, Pat was a history professor in a high school, he surprised the adulterous couple in the shower on the sound of the music of his own marriage and that's this moment that he changed. Obsessed with the idea of ​​finding his wife in the hope that everything becomes again as before, Pat reads the books that Nikki studies with his students, gets into sport and tries to find a balanced life. When he returns from the psychiatric establishment, Pat has no choice only to return to his parents. He discovers with surprise that his father, Pat Senior (Robert of Niro), unemployed has become a bookmaker. The many superstitions played perfection by Robert of Niro lend to smile and make the character extremely endearing. In the main plot, Pat meets Tiffany who has also experienced terrible trials of life. At first, the cynicism of the one and the misplaced franchise of the other make that the relationships are explosive. But willy -nilly, they take an agreement. In exchange for entrusting a letter to Tiffany to give it to Nikki, Pat must agree to participate in the dance competition that Tiffany Coves.

In parallel, Pat Senior asks his son, whom he considers a lucky charm on legs, to release time in his training to go see a match of the Eagles of Philadelphia, a team on which the father placed all his money. Unfortunately, a fight broke out on the spot and they are arrested by the police. When I got home, the father is furious to have lost his bet and Pat maof a low profile. Tiffany adds to the dramatic situation by reprimanding his dance partner for missing the training session. It proves by A+B to the father of Pat that the Eagles only win when Pat and they are together. The scene as hilarious as Incongrue ends up on a bet between Pat Senior and one of his friends. If the Eagles win the next match, his son and Tiffany get the average in the dance competition, he will gain double the sum he has lost. We are not going to tell you about the details or the end, but the apparent complexity of the story is fascinating. The actors cry screen and the interpretations of the film lessons are very personal. In short, you understand, look at it urgently!

Worship sentence: "It's game day. I'm making crabby snacks and homemades. Solitano Dolores, Maman of Pat Solitano.

Les Soundes of l'Emproit, 1988

This slightly older film could not not be part of this cultural article. Based on a true story, he tells one of the biggest scandals in the history of sport. Extremely well received by criticism, this sad part of the history of American baseball is interpreted is staged with great accuracy. We advise you to get the special edition of the DVD that was released in 2013, it is a cult of any good video library.

Synopsis : The White Sox from Chicago, best baseball team in 1919, is one of the best of all time. Nevertheless, the owner of these stars, Charles Comiskey has sea urchins in his pockets and has no interest in rewarding his players of this spectacular season. The misfortune of some makes others happy, it is said. The legendary bettors Bill Burns, and Bill Mahard have wind of this frustration on the part of the players and deciof to offer them more money to play in an execrable way against the Cincinnati Reds during the World Series. One of the players who had been cheated by Comiskey who had promised him $ 10,000 as a bonus if he earned 30 games for the season accepted the combination, as well as his teammates. The problem is that the White Sox played the comedy too well and the chain of serious faults during the match attracts the suspicions of journalists. Most players were not paid up to what they had been announced by the bettors. They are, in addition, continued after the breakdown of lying in the media, the consequences are catastrophic. The legends become parias and are suspended for life. This film touched us, indignant, shocked. This is one of those masterpieces who take you at the guts. We highly recommend it! It is also an opportunity to reflect on the reasons for being a sports bet and the lessons learned from this story may have echoed with each of the bettors that we are.

Worship sentence: "The insiof story of how the national pastime became a national scandal.”

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