Basket prognosis: bet on a dunk and win your bets

Although our American neighbors stole the show from us with their NBA, we too have our own national basketball league: the LNB! All shooting, dunks or dribbling and speed lovers will be served with Sports forecasts to bet in ! We have reserved a privileged place for this sports discipline on our site, and we are impatient to make you known this sport and its competitions on which you can bet!

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Our free basketball predictions

The Women's World Cup

This event is finally back! Women's basketball fans were impatiently awaiting him. Our experts wish to deliver their pronostic fiba women's basketball world cup in this article. All information on the event, but also advice for betting at best on the Basketball World Cup!


Discover more free prognosis on this competition here: pronostic nba

The world championship:

The world championships are the meetings of the planetary basketball stars! Find our 2019 Basketball World Cup prognosis Who will take you on the right path, that is to say towards many winning bets!

Canada's National Basketball League

This is our prestigious championship bringing together the teams of the LNB ! Know that if the competition is rather predictable during the first laps, as soon as the playoffs arrive the situation will be waving and you will be happy to enjoy our expert flair!

To bet on basketball, you have to know the details

Take a little height, in order to dwell on a giant sport! Basketball is an institution, especially in the United States where the NBA championship is all the rage, just like the NCAA ! To best discover, the whole story and the unusual basketball info, we have decided to group you with some rather subtle anecdotes. From the three-point-Franc three-point shoot, basketball is a discipline that has seen many players and many teams shine. Some phenomena have also been illustrated by amazing stories. This is why, in three minutes, reading this article will make you discover all the unusual facts that have marked their imprint, basketball!

  • James Naismith, papa du basket

    The discipline we know is the fruit of the imagination of a American sports teacher. James Naismith of his name, wanted to find a way to occupy his students during the winter period. The goal was to invent a practice that could take place in a gymnasium. He will need little equipment. Two baskets hung after two scales, each in a corner of the room, and it was gone for the first basketball meetings. At that time, you could not recover the ball, only by climbing on a scale. A genius therefore had the audacity to make a hole in a basket!

  • Spain, gold medalist at the Paralympic Games

    What a scandal! The sport planet was shaken by the absurd idea of the Spanish basketball team during the 2000 Paralympic Games in Sidney. Reserved for players, mentally handicapped, the Spanish selection coach maof unheeded players play to win the gold medal. The organizers of the Olympiads have thus, excluded the competitions reserved for mental disabled people for 12 years, up to London Games! For them, it was difficult to control the sincerity of the teams.

  • Yao Ming, programmed champion

    Do you know Yao Ming, the Chinese basketball player who measures 2 meters 29? Yes ? But do you know all of its story? Nope ? It would appear that the NBA player was born out of a decision by the Chinese Communist Party. Indeed, the government would have prompted two people, from the world of basketball, to have a child together. The goal was simple: the Communist Party wanted to "create" a great champion of the discipline! Bet won since Yao Ming literally flourished in the NBA.

  • Save Willy!

    Being a basketball player can be an asset, especially when you're tall! Clifford Ray, player of the Golden State Warriors experienced it when he was asked to save a dolphin. Indeed, the animal had swallowed a screw in a California aquarium. As the veterinarians could not operate the animal, they thought of the basketball player so that it removes the object from the body of the dolphin. The length of his arms allowed the animal to be saved!

  • The cursed basket

    This is the sad story of a Serbian basketball player. In the early 90s, in the midst of the Greek League match, Boban Jankovic was denied a basket by the referee for a fault on his opponent. While the match was very tight, this point might have earned him the victory. Crazy with rage, the Serbian player smashes the basket post with his head. Unfortunately, this gesture only offers him consequences and the player loses the use of his legs because of a touched spinal cord.

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