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100 % bonus up to $ 600

New on the bookmakers market, Bet99 has established itself as a safe bet in the field of sports betting. Beautiful promotions, a large choice of sports and Paris, a modern site, BET99 has a lot to offer American bettors!

Bookmaker review

A new platform is a lot of talk about it in the American space of online sports betting: BET99.

At a glance, the site already offers the essentials of each Bookmaker quality with its competitive deposit bonus, a plethora of sports markets, and licenses and certifications Kahnawake Gaming Commission et Gaming Labs International To prove that this is a safe platform with an encrypted and secure firewall.

If you are looking for an online Paris site focused on USA, Bet99 is the bookmaker you need!

Our opinion on the Bookmaker BET99

The first times you use BET99 can be a little trying, because almost the whole screen is filled with lines, Paris markets, your betting coupon, popular Paris and various promotional offers. Once you have gotten used to everything, you can try everything Bet99 has to offer.

The best thing about BET99 must be ses promotions. You can find all the bonus offers by selecting "promotions" at the top of your screen. You will see all sports betting bonuses, as well as BET99 online casino promotions.

Another Bet99 force is His customer service team. Ideally, you will never need the assistance service, but if you do, the live cat function is available 24 hours a day.

A last feature that we love a lot at Bet99 is The ease with which it is possible to change the language of American to English or vice versa. Simply scroll down to any Bet99 page and click on "English" or "American" to move on to the language you prefer.

Continue reading to find out more about the American bookmaker. We tell you everything!

The bonuses that Bet99 American offers you

Bonus and promotion programs of bookmakers are the crucial entities so that they stand out on a booming market. These add value to the players' gaming experience. Our experts have analyzed the bonuses and promotions for you offered by Bet99 Quebec.

1. Bet​99 Sports100 % exclusive bonus up to $ 600 To bet

Welcome Bonus on Bet 99

Being a new customer on the site is worth it, it must be said. It is partly because of the bonus d'inscription Gratifying BET99 Sports.

If you make a deposit of at least $ 20, you can double it instantly. Your 100% first deposit bonus can give you additional money up to $ 600. An offer not to be missed !

As with all the bonuses offered online, it is important to know that certain conditions are attached to the welcome bonus BET99:

  • You must be a new user of Bet99 Sportsbook;
  • Only your first deposit is eligible;
  • You cannot withdraw your bonus money or your earnings until you have played the amount five times. So if you drop $ 100, you need to bet $ 600 before having access to this additional money;
  • Your BET99 Bonus in cash also has Paris restrictions, but the bonus is considered "non -sticky". This means that the restrictions only come into play if you have no more regular money.

For example: you deposit $ 100 and get $ 100 in bonus cash. You will use your cash balance before your bonus money, so if you earn enough to bet $ 500 before drawing from your bonus money, so everything becomes part of your regular balance.

However, if you need to bet your bonus funds, you can only place bets with ratings of -125 or more (-110 or +150, for example). Then, once you have bet $ 500, you can do what you want with the remaining money.

For the most part, it isA high quality welcome bonus. In a perfect world, there would be no game requirements or it would be at a rate of 1x, but 5x is not terrible, and the restrictions of bets are not bad either.

Other promotions on BET99 USA

Obviously, the bonus of new player is not the only sports betting offer you can enjoy by playing here. Existing customers can also benefit from several offers, practically every day.

These incluof Free Paris For the most popular tournaments (such as the Champions League). Play free Bet99 now!

In addition, you can also earn more money by betting with increased dimensions. the Parlay Boost is another of the many interesting offers from BET99. It gives additional money on your winning aga bets. On the contrary, BET99 USA does not yet offer BETT99 Promo coof ... We are also in negotiations to get you a registration code.

You can claim Up to 20 % more, up to $ 1,000. Again, you will not need to use the BET99 Quebec promotional codes or anything. Just save your new account via us, log in and start playing. The rest will naturally come.

Do not hesitate to regularly take a look at the Bet99 promotions page to discover those of the moment!

The point of view of users on American BET99

The players' opinion is an important element to take into account before registering on an online Paris site.

We have collected testimonies on the BET99 platform for you, going to official online forums:

  • “The ribs offered by B99 are much more generous than those of competitors. I do not regret having registered! »» Barbara G.
  • "I inscribed myself to enjoy the welcome bonus, expecting nothing special from Bet99. He has since become the only site on which I place my bets! Top customer service, I recommend! »» Guillaume C.
  • "I have only been playing on B99 for 2 weeks, but I have so far won over by the design and the ease with which you can navigate the site. So far, no complaints " OSSAM M.
  • "Bet99's sports betting offer is one of the best in USA for me. It is a trusted site that I mainly use on mobile " Léa P.

The BET 99 platform

The founder of Bet99 is BQC CONSULTING GMBH (Douglas Honegger), which manages and operates all the procedures in Paris and Games of money that take place on this site.

BQC Consulting GmbH founded BET99 Sportsbook in 2019. Since then, the site has continued to gain popularity on American territory, whether in Montreal or in Quebec, in particular thanks to the services of the BET99 legend UFC Georges St-Pierre (Rape) which is extremely known on Twitter and Instagram social networks (several million followers). To date, they are One of the most reliable Paris sites in USA.

How does BET99 Sports work?

The Bet99 website is simple and efficient. The interface is clean and there should be no problem looking for the sport or the game that interests you.

You can switch between sports, Player Probs, Live Betting, Casino, Live Casino and available promotions. Live customer support is always available in the lower right corner of the website.

On the home page, you will find the bets in progress and great attention to live bets. The most important thing is the fact that you can bet on certain events in 1 click. On the BET99 website, it is easy to find sections.

Last but not least, American Bet99 is really addressed to his bilingual American audience by offering the possibility of modifying the language of the site in English or American.

How to register on BET99?

Registration is fast and easy On BET99. The steps to follow are as follows:

  1. Go to the site www.bet99.com ;
  2. Click on "Register" in the upper right corner of the page;
  3. Once on the registration form, enter your basic information;
  4. Choose the method with which you want to deposit your money;
  5. Click Valider.

You will then receive an opening confirmation email from your account. Child's play !

After registration, log into your account via the tab Bet99 login (BET99 Connection), then you can start exploring the site immediately, because you do not need to confirm your BET99 online registration again.

Remember that you will have to proviof proof of your identity, your address in USA and other information requested before you can add a withdrawal method on BET99.

Play on BET99 app with mobile application?

Online casino enthusiasts who like to adapt their game to the unique rhythms of their own schedule will be delighted to learn that All Bet99 Casino games work perfectly on mobile devices.

This means that you can play Bet99 App on a tablet or smartphone wherever you are thanks to the BET99 Application. Everything you need is a reliable internet connection and a little time to bet on your favorite sports.

Bet99 app is a PWA (Progressive web application). This means that Sportsbook works transparently on mobile, regardless of the device and it offers ultra-fast loading speeds.

On which sports Bet99 USA offers you to place your bets

Many believe that the BET 99 cricket is the most important Paris market on the site. Although betting on cricket are popular in USA, fortunately, BET99 Sportsbook also offers many other offers.

As such, Sports Bet99 USA all incluof Popular games in USA. These are obviously football, BET99 ice hockey (NHL ...), American football (BET99 Super Bowl, NFL etc ...), basketball, baseball (MLB ...), tennis, and many others.

Being a relatively new and modern American Paris site, Paris Esports are also quite important here. You can find the best dimensions for various video games and Esports events.

You are sure to find everything you want to bet on this bookmaker!

Here are all the sports betting options available on BET99:

Football Ice Hockey basketball
baseball MMA soccer
Handball Self-motor Rugby
E-sports Table tennis volleyball
tennis golf Boxing
Football Australia Badminton Beach Soccer
Beach Volley Biathlon Pétanque
Billiards Special Ski jumping
Cricket Cycling Darts
Water polo / /

For what it is Paris on the E-Sport, you can find the following video games:

  • Fifa ;
  • Your news;
  • Counter Strike ;
  • Dota 2 ;
  • League of legend ;
  • Rainbow Six ;
  • Starcraft 2.

What are the possible types of Paris on BET99 Sports

The Types of available bets are certainly one of the most important things that players take into account before registering on an online Paris site (risk -free bet, combined Paris, loyalty program, amplified ratings ...).

The more choices there are in terms of types of bets, the more the players are satisfied.

You can place all types of bets on the BET99 site. Here is an overview of your options:

  • The silver line : This is a bet on the siof which, in your opinion, will win the match. Outsiders have positive ratings and the favorites of the negative ratings. The greater the figure, the more important the loser or the favorite. You risk making less money by betting on favorites and more money by betting on outsiders.
  • The gap : A bet that takes into account an estimated margin of victory. If the line is 2.5 points, then the favorite team must win by three or more points to cover the gap. The opposing team can lose by two or less points or win the match to cover the gap. Bet99 also offers other differences that have different ratings.
  • Totals : When you bet on the total, alias over/unders, you bet on the total combined score of a match. Just like the gap, there is a drop -down menu on Bet99 Quebec where you can select other total.
  • Props : You can find the words of players and teams on BET99 by clicking on the "Player Props" header at the top of the site. The props are secondary bets which relate to something other than the overall result of a match.
  • Term markets : Betting on the term markets relate to events more distant than the next match. For example, which team will represent their conference in the final or which team will win the Stanley Cup.
  • PARLYYS : Combine several choices in a single bet. To win, you must have all your correct choices. This type of bet offers larger gains, but the risk is also much higher.
  • System betting : Also known as Round Robins, they are similar to Parlays, except that your choices are arranged so that you can miss one and make money anyway.
  • Live bet : Place bets on an in progress match. The lines and dimensions change frequently, so if you see something that you like, be sure to bet on it as soon as possible.

Bet99 payment methods

Before choosing your favorite online sports betting in USA, you need to know The available payment methods on the site. You will not be able to complain about Bet99 Sportsbook concerning the methods of deposit and withdrawal. Our experts tell you more about the modalities and processes!

How to deposit on BET99?

Place money on your account Bet99 Sportsbook is not a difficult task. It is a very simple process.

You have already registered and have Check your account, is not it ? Then just connect.

In the upper right corner, you can see the green deposit button. Click on it and select the favorite casino payment method on BET 99.

These incluof the most popular in USA, such as:

Much Better iDebit Instant Bank Transfer
interac Gig
Their debit flexepin
BitCoin LiteCoin
ecoPayz XRP

Select your method, then you should add how much money you want to add to your account. You must also add your phone number and your BET99 deposit code.

Click on Put down And bet with your money instantly!

A warning is that credit cards (visa, mastercard ...) issued by American banks can be refused if the institution has prohibited transactions to game sites. The same goes for the use of a flow or any financial tool issued by the bank.

How to withdraw on BET99?

On BET99, sports betting withdraws are not much more difficult to make than deposits.

First of all, and above all, You can use all the payment methods available for your withdrawals BET99 Quebec. Thus, cryptocurrency and the most popular online banking methods in USA are all at your service.

Your money should arrive in 48 at 72 hours. Please note that Your account must be verified Before you can request the withdrawal option.

What about the quality of BET99 customer service?

Your online gaming experience, on BET99 support as on any other bookmaker, would not be fully satisfactory without useful and efficient customer service.

After all, they are the ones who take care of the winners. They are the ones who ensure that your withdrawals take place as easily and as quickly as possible.

Bet99 support dispose d’un live cat, thanks to which the support can help you solve the problems you may encounter.

You can also customer service by E-mail at [email protected]. Do not hesitate to ask for help, whatever the reason!

1. Bet​99 Sports100 % exclusive bonus up to $ 600 To bet

The Bet99 partie

The Casino part of Bet99 offers Over 1,150 live casino games, 99 jackpot games and a wiof variety of slot machines and table games among which to choose.

The casino also offers several welcome bonuses, one for each of these categories, and regular promotional offers for active players.

The website market is limited to USA because it is authorized, dismissed and regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, making it a niche casino.

However, for users in the country, BET99 Casino offers a wiof assortment of games and features. If you come from USA and are looking for a new website where you can play casino games, then it is really worth checking.

BET99: frequent questions

💸 What are the bonuses offered by BET99?

To start, Bet99 offers you a Welcome bonus of $ 600. Then you can get a Bonus up to $ 20%.

💰 How can I put money on Bet99 Sports?

You can deposit money on your BET99 account when you register initial or by connecting and accessing your personal profile. You can use a variety of deposit methods. We tell you more about the payment methods available on BET99.

🤑 Can we bet on BET99 with cryptocurrencies?

It is possible to deposit/remove money on bet99 in cryptocurrency. The Bookmaker BET 99 offers deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin as well as in Litecoin or Ethereum.

⌛ What are the withdrawal deadlines on the Bookmaker BET99?

It only takes a few seconds for a deposit to be maof on BET99 Sportsbook. At BET99, your funds will automatically appear on your balance from your profile. If your transaction does not succeed, it is very likely that there has been incorrect information on your payment method.

💬 How can I BET99 customer service?

You can BET99. There is a decent customer support service available: you can open the cat live and chat with a nice support employee. The live cat is available in English and American. But that's not all ! Discover other ways of ing BET99 customer support at the end of our criticism.

🆕 Can I open an account on BET99?

To be eligible for opening a BET99 account, you must be at least 19 years old and resiof in USA. If this is the case, do not hesitate to go to the registration section of this review, in which we give you all the steps to follow to create your account on BET99 Sports.

✅ How to check my identity on BET 99 Sports?

BET99 will ask you to verify your identity by asking you to prove your age to comply with local and federal regulatory requirements.

You will need to proviof an appropriate identity document issued by the government, such as a driving license and/or a copy of a bank/card statement. Copies must be clear images.

The opinion of the editorial staff on BET99: 4.9/5.
To bet

General info

Bonus info

  • Bonus maximum : 600$
  • Bonus first deposit : 600$
  • Bonus Match: 100 %
  • Minimum deposit : 10$
  • Bonus counter : –

Payment options

Take advantage of your $ 600 bonus on BET99 Sports!To bet