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If some countries in the world prohibit the practice of Betting Exchange, this is nonetheless a very trendy product with online bettors. Thanks to the possibilities of earning increased money, as well as breathtaking operation, many players on the web have embarked on the Betting Exchange.

So here, if you want to become a real sports betting expert, we advise you to learn a little more about Betting Exchange. Very popular, this practice which could be similar to stock market investments, can upset your bettor habits. In this article of Guide, we answer all your questions about Betting Exchange!

What is Betting Exchange?

To understand what Betting Exchange is, we offer you a small reminder of the operation of traditional online bookmakers. As you may know, a sports betting site will define a rating itself according to several methods (IT and human). Then, the bookmaker ensures constant benefit thanks to a rate of redistribution of gains and by attributing a certain margin of error on the dimensions.

Therefore, the Betting Exchange sites offer sports betting to players without this margin of error that disadvantage them. To do this, these online platforms do not calculate a single side, on no sports encounter. In the end, the Betting Exchange sites are only present so that you can organize your own forecasts. The players define the sports betting and the odds themselves, which gives rise to sometimes surprising possibilities of bets.

In addition, Betting Exchange sites take a very low redistribution rate compared to conventional online bookmakers.

What are the features to know?

If the Betting Exchange is at first glance, a boon for online players, it remains very complex to understand if you are only a novice in the environment. To help you better understand the principle of Betting Exchange, here are 2 Paris possibilities that you can find on these very special sites:

  • Back : Like your traditional sports betting, you will buy a rating to try to multiply your initial bet. Clearly, you can bet on a classic outcome of a sports meeting and win gains if you win this prono. The advantage of Betting Exchange is that you will no longer undergo the margin of error of the bookmaker, nor its redistribution rate. You buy the rating directly from a bettor like you.
  • Lay : This feature is really innovative. You will take the place of the bookmaker and define yourself a bet and a dimension. To win, the goal is to find a prognosis that will contradict that of another player. Indeed, if a bets buy your rating and he wins, you must pay him his earnings.

If this article makes you want to get started on a Betting Exchange site, do not forget that some countries prohibit this practice. In USA, the disappearance of the Betfair site has led to the impossibility of using Betting Exchange. Therefore, you will have to play from a foreign country or find another bookmaker who offer you attractive ratings like Pinnacle !

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