Betting Promotion

Software publisher with sports betting sites was created in 2002, and it goes quite unnoticed in the nebula of competitors who land in market leaders. However, Betting Promotion does not deserve, its offer is very honorable ! Let us dissect the many advantages of this company together to understand how it came there, and where it goes. You will see that society is not lacking in surprises!

Who is Betting Promotion?

The company was born following the meeting of several sizes in the field of money game. In the context of 2002, the online game was already born, but he did not know the real boom we live today. Betting Promotion’s objective is, at the base, to offer operators newly arrived on the market, sports betting software without having to pay a huge budget. Even if his name does not tell you anything, Betting Promotion goes on his way and grows quickly, so much so that the competition begins to consider the supplier as a serious adversary.

To extend its offer and conquer a new customers, Betting Promotion has chosen to merge with Tain, the company which also develops solutions for casinos in terms of payment platforms, online games, or poker. Betting Promotion belongs today to Tain and can therefore focus on sports betting and evolve in a lasting and reinforced manner.

In order to be as close as possible to its customers, Betting Promotion has decided to settle in Malta, where most sports betting operators operate to offer their services to European operators.

Betting Promotion offer

Like its competitors, you will find a beautiful palette of sports betting in many different sports. You will find your happiness with Betting Promotion if you like to bet on football, rugby, basketball, and tennis.

The publisher is resolutely positioned towards the future by also offering bets on e-sport, women's football, and virtual sport. Indeed, if other opponents prefer to position themselves on safe bets and sports, Betting Promotion also likes to take risks! About twenty thousand bets are offered by the company, apart from the live Paris fortnight that is found on several sports.

If you want to bet on live, however, do not wait for streaming, you will not find it. It is certainly, a little frustrating, but we prefer to say that it is an area to improve and a good idea for the future, without completely blaming Betting Promotion which does not have as much means as its biggest competitors.

Betting Promotion partnerships

It will be, as we hope, one of the very next objectives of Betting Promotion, offer its services to American operators! We would really like to benefit from its modest but diversified offer, and help it adapt to different markets! As you can see, the supplier is not yet based on our continent and only offers its talents to European operators. Come on, a wave of encouragement for Betting Promotion!

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What do other sports betting software reserve for Betting Promotion?

We explain all this to you in our corresponding magazines:

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