Bitcoin sports betting: our advice on cryptocurrencies

The BitCoin is certainly the payment option that has aroused the most curiosity in recent years. This cryptographic currency is revolutionary to say the least. It is not regulated by any state or banking authority, but created by open-source software. No government can therefore manipulate its creation and raise or lower its value.

Bookmakers who accept Bitcoin
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5. Mystake sportA bonus of 100 % up to 500 USAes To bet
6. NetbetUp to $ 50 of bonuses offered on your 1st deposit To bet
7. Sports100% bonus up to $ 150 on your 1st deposit To bet
8. Bet every sports$ 25 from Free Bet from $ 10 of deposit on the first deposit of the month To bet
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13. Pow​bet Sports100% bonus up to $ 150 on your 1st deposit To bet
14. Leon​Bet SportsA free bet of 100% up to $ 200 To bet
15. Libra​Bet Sports100 CHF on your first deposit To bet
16. Bahigo400 CHF spread over your first 2 deposits To bet

This virtual currency does not know any border and can be used by players from around the world, which explains the enthusiasm aroused today by Bitcoin sports betting. In this article, we invite you to discover the operation of this currency which has not finished upsetting the market for online payment providers.

Presentation of Bitcoin sports betting

Launched 2008 by an inventor who uses the alias Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin is a virtual currency created by software. This cryptocurrency works with free access software that can be used by anyone. This software is not controlled by a state, a bank or a private company.

As a result, the value of Bitcoin varies depending on its use on a Change market. The issue of new bitcoins is automatically carried out by the software code. For the time being, it is impossible to hack the operation of Bitcoin because the currency is secured by the software. Every 10 minutes, a network of the network that has Bitcoin software is used to check the validity of the transactions carried out.

Since its creation, Bitcoin course has continued to go up and dive. This is explained not only by its popularity, but also by the decisions of certain countries such as China or Thailand which have prohibited the use of Bitcoin. Today, 1 Bitcoin is worth 699 American dollars. The high value of this cryptocurrency is explained by the limited number of bitcoins in circulation and by its growing use on e-commerce sites.

In view of the many advantages offered by cryptocurrencies, American players are looking for more and more game sites that accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. In recent years, some Bookmakers and Ligne have been adapted accordingly and now make it possible to make a deposit or withdrawal via Bitcoin.

How to choose a site to place sports betting with Bitcoin?

The craze for Bitcoin sports betting is In constant progression in USA. Thus, you now have the choice between dozens of online bookmakers that accept BTC transactions.

Before registering on the site of a bookmaker, we still advise you to base yourself on very specific criteria. Accepting Bitcoin is not an end of oneself and other advantages must be offered to you throughout your adventure!

Cryptocurrencies available to deposit and remove 💲

This criterion is obviously essential for bettors who wish to carry out their transactions via the BTC. To discover the means of payment accepted by the bookmaker, two options Present yourself to you: you can go directly to the operator's website or consult our journals devoted to the best bookmakers.

Some sports betting sites choose to accept only cryptocurrencies while other bookmakers are more open to the expectations of each player. In this second category, you will have both the possibility of using traditional means of payment (MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, Neteller, etc.) and virtual currencies (Ethereum, Litecoin, BTC).

Our favorite bookmakers to pay in Bitcoin
1. Bet​99 Sports100 % exclusive bonus up to $ 600 To bet
2. 22 BetA welcome bonus of 100 % up to $ 300 To bet
3. Betma​ster Sports100 % up to 160 CHF offered To bet

Available sports ⚽

Your bookmaker must offer you many possibilities for your sports betting. You are entitled to wait the presence of all sports or almost, with types of bets adapted to each discipline.

High ratings will also allow you to consider more beautiful prospects for earnings. Finally, the Paris range must incluof both the most popular sports and those that are still reserved for an informed audience. For example, we believe that a bookmaker available in USA should allow you to bet at the following minimum: the following disciplines:

Ice Hockey football baseball basket-ball
Floorball Football Futsal golf
Cricket Cycling ESports Darts
Handball MMA Motorized sports Ski jumping
Snooker tennis Table tennis Volley-Ball
Badminton Bandy Beach Volley Boxing
Rugby Policy Football Australia Athletics

Bonuses 🎁

The best online bookmakers show great generosity with regard to their members. You will understand, we will mention the bonuses offered by these platforms here! To start, you must benefit fromA great welcome offer when registering. This bonus should allow you to double the amount of your first deposit or to be reimbursed for your first bet if it turns out to be losing.

In parallel, the bookmaker must set up other promotions throughout the year: free bets offered on the biggest sporting events, a promo coof to receive bonuses on deposit, or even a weekly cashback on your stakes losers! Some operators go even further by offering bonuses reserved for players who place their sports betting with Bitcoin ...

User experience 📱

Your degree of comfort is a priority. The best books are precisely those who manage to make your experience optimal from start to finish. First of all, the site's interface must prove to be ergonomic enough to allow you to take your bearings in no time. The presence of a application mobile is also essential for players who are used to placing their bets at any time of the day.

The bookmaker must set up tools designed to make your life easier. We are thinking in particular of statistics provided on each match, the cash out option to keep control over your current bets or even boosted on handsets. These are all these little details that will make the difference!

Reputation 🙋

Whatever the advantages offered by the bookmaker, you must above all ensure its reliability. Each legal operator has License of a referent authority in the online gaming sector: Kahnawake games commission, Curaçao Egaming, Malta Gaming Authority, etc.

These legal notices are generally visible at the bottom of the home page. Such a license gives you certain guarantees, including the implementation of a responsible game policy and the security of your online transactions. You can also refer to the advice of players on forums and journals written by our experts to better understand the reputation of a bookmaker!

Le live betting 📺

Live Betting is now an essential option on sports betting sites. This feature allows you to bet on the matches that have already started, with Fluctuating dimensions Depending on the facts of play! The live space must still bring you certain guarantees.

You are particularly entitled to expect the presence of all live events. Some bookmakers have the annoying tendency to focus on the most popular sports as soon as it is Live Betting. You must also have many Paris possibilities, with bets adapted to the specificities of each discipline.

Customer support 💬

In the event of a problem, you must be able to count on customer service to help you. This is all the more valid on bookmakers that accept cryptocurrencies! If you need information on one of your transactions, an answer should be given to you as soon as possible by customer service.

Ideally, this customer support can be reached via Several means of communication : Live cat, telephone, email and form. When we devote a review to a new bookmaker, know that we always customer service to ensure the professionalism of the advisers.

How to get bitcoin to make sports betting online?

To buy bitcoins, just go to a Bitcoins seller site. There are hundreds of sites that traof in these cryptocurrencies. To avoid any risk of scam, we advise you to go to the most popular online platforms.

On these bitcoin purchasing sites, you are asked beforehand to open A digital portfolio. This portfolio is essential and then buy bitcoins with a bank card or other means of payment. Your bitcoins are generally credited within 90 minutes of your purchase. This time is necessary to check the validity of the transaction.

The advantages of sports betting sports

In the space of a few years, Bitcoin has become more democratic in many countries around the world. This is not surprising as this cryptocurrency has real advantages. If you deciof to place sports betting with Bitcoin, you can take advantage of them!

Anonymous transactions

The main advantage of Bitcoin is its anonymity. Indeed, no public or banking authority has access to the details of your payments maof via this cryptocurrency. So this is a good option for preserve your privacy Since your personal information will never be disclosed. In addition, each transaction is fully secure thanks to a encryption system.

Transaction fees

No bank is used as an intermediary when you make a bitcoin transaction. As a result, payments are almost no cost compared to credit cards or bank transfer. American bettors can therefore perform real savings by favoring this means of payment. Better yet, each deposit or withdrawal maof by BTC is instantaneous.

Exclusive ratings

Some bookmakers highlight the transactions carried out by Bitcoin Sportif Paris. This materializes in particular by Exclusive bonuses And higher ratings for bettors that use BTC. Just make a deposit via this payment method and possibly enter a promo coof to take advantage of the offer. This observation is especially visible on sites that only accept cryptocurrencies, such as Sportsbet and Cloudbet.

Frequent questions about Bitcoin bookmakers

Finally, we will answer all your questions about Bitcoin sports betting!

✅ Is the Bitcoin sports bet accepted on all bookmakers?

Dozens of bookmakers now accept bitcoins, but this is not the case on all sites. You can refer to our journals to find out what platforms are accepting cryptocurrencies.

✅ Is it possible to get cryptocurrency on a Bitcoin sports betting site?

No, you must first buy bitcoins on a site specializing in the matter. You just have to create a virtual wallet to be able to obtain cryptocurrencies and then use them on a Paris site.

✅ Is it really interesting to bet on a Bookmaker Bitcoin?

A BOOKMAKER BITCOIN has many advantages compared to other sites: anonymous and fully secure transactions, no fees taken from deposits and withdrawals, exclusive bonuses and upward revised ratings.

You don't want to get into Bitcoins?

Do not panic, online bookmakers accept other payment methods:

Bookmaker of the month
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  • application mobile
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