Calculation Method Sports: Enviof all about the profitability calculations of sports betting

To be able to win gains thanks to your sports betting, it cannot be improvised! Indeed, to become virtuosos of forecasts, a Good knowledge of sport is, of course, an essential asset.

However, there are also other factors that can play on your expectations of gains in the field of sports betting. And on this point, the Maths have sacred advantages!

Indeed, their dexterity to add, subtract, diviof and statistical is very useful for placing good forecasts. In this article you guide, we will present you two very useful operations for Calculate the profitability of your sports betting. So, revise your math lessons since this sports bethoof calculation sports could be miraculous in your quest for earnings.

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How to calculate the yield of a bet?

In this part, our experts will explain to you how to calculate exactly the performance of a sports bet, but also calculate your profits or even the dimensions and probabilities.

The sports betting calculation of yield

To find out if a bet is worth trying, there is a simple technique that consists of Calculate the performance of your bets. This sports betting calculation will allow you to get a precise idea of the profits or losses that you can generate with your bets. So you will know exactly if the bet you want to place you will be profitable or not.

The yield of a bet is calculated in this way:

  • The sporting rating = C
  • The yield = R
  • Le profit = P
  • The bet = m

► R = C - 1, all multiplied by 100, in order to obtain a percentage result. The final calculation amounts to multiplying the implementation by finding the profit, or p = m x R.

In order to allow you to use this calculation, we will present it to you in a Sports Simulation.

You think Montreal Americans will win the meeting with a rating of 1.85. Thus, the yield of the bet is 85 %, because R = 1.85 - 1 = 0.85 or 85 %.

If you deciof to bet the sum of $ 10 during this meeting and your prognosis is correct your profit will be $ 8.5, because p = 10 x 0.85 and therefore $ 8.5. Thanks to this simple calculation, you will be able to get an exact idea of the profit you can perform With your bet and therefore know if it is worth trying.

And to better manage your budget, you can even use the Kelly method To find out what will be the ideal amount to bet or the Paroli strategy To play only with your earnings.

Calculate your profit

When you make a sports bet, you must absolutely know how to calculate the benefit you can draw from it. More generally, this allows you to know exactly you will Win to sports betting And what are your results on duration.

A good bettor should know if it is in the red or if it is in the benefit, over a long enough time to judge if it is profitable.

Here is how to calculate your profit on a prognosis:

  • 🔎 benefit = (rating x bet) - bet.

For instance, if you bet 100 USAs on one siof by two, here is the calculation:

  • profit = (100 x 2) - 100 = 100 USA. If your bet turns out to be a winner, you will therefore be beneficiary of $ 100 USA.

To calculate its long -term profit:

  • 🔎 Total benefit = total gains - total stakes.

For instance, if you have won three bets which have brought you a total of 168 USA, and you have a total of five bets with bets of 20 frames each:

  • Total benefit = 168 - (5 x 20) = 168 - 100 = 68 USA. You have therefore maof a total profit of 68 USA on your 5 Paris!

Our experts advise to calculate your total benefit only when you have enough data to do so. We advise you to calculate this once you have placed at least 5 sports betting.

Rating and probability

The rating that is determined by bookmakers is actually the representation of a probability. This is why the more the rating turns out to be low, the more likely there is a chance that the event given will really happen.

A rating at 15 is obviously more complicated to occur than a rating at 1.30. The rating actually represents the exact opposite of the probability.

  • 🔎 Cost = 1/Probability;
  • 🔎 Probability = 1/Cost.

For instance , if you take a match where the rating is set at 2.00 by the bookmaker, there is:

  • Probability = 1/2 = 0.5. We multiply by 100 this result to have the probability as a percentage, that is to say 0.5 x 100 = 50 % probability that the event occurs.

It is very interesting to know this relationship between the rating is the probability, because it allows you to know exactly what chances you have for the match and the selection you want to occur.

As we will see later, this also allows Detect bad appreciations of bookmakers And take advantage of small dimensions.

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Mathematical formula Sports betting: the importance of the king's calculation

📋 Definition of the King Sports betting : The king represents a very interesting statistical data for the bettors who play seriously and who see the forecasts as an investment. King, or return on investment (Return on investment), simply makes it possible to measure your profit according to its bets and its earnings. It is important to calculate it, like a real investor, if you want to know how to win the sports bet.

📌 Why use the king ? Many bettors play completely blind and do not really know if they are a winner or losers in the long term. King sports betting allows you to know with precision what are the gains or losses of a specific period And more simply, if you are earning or losing money. When you place a lot of prognosis, it is very easy to get lost and that is why it is important.

The king is a statistical fact that is expressed as a percentage. It is very relevant when used in the long term. Our experts advise to have a base of a Minimum of 200 sports betting To be able to start analyzing your return on investment. This allows you to remove the luck factor and see if you are a good bettor in the long term, if you have really understood how to win sports betting.

Here is the formula to calculate his King sports betting:

  • 🔎 king = (cumulative benefits/bets) x 100.

For instance, if you have managed to obtain 120 euros in profits with total of 10 sports betting and $ 600 in cumulative bets.

  • Here is your king : 120/600 = 0.2. As a percentage, the king will be 0.2 x 100 = 20 %!

As long as your king percentage is positive, you are well in the benefit! It is important to know the evolution of it every week to find out if your sports betting strategy is to be reviewed or not!

You can use a King Sports Party Calculator to find out more quickly. Just get each of your bets in it to have a curve that represents your king.

Calculate the confidence index of your bets

Now that you know the relationship between probabilities and dimensions, you must understand why the confidence indices are very important.

Indeed, it is according to these that bookmakers can determine the probabilities, then the dimensions. It is also thanks to them that you can find BET values, that is to say ratings that have been badly estimated by bookmakers, which should be lower.

Calculate the Bookmaker confidence index

To understand the probabilities system, you don't need to have knowledge of mathematics. You just have to observe and play logically. First of all, it is very interesting to focus on theBookmakers trust index.

Bookmakers, or rather traders that are in the offices of the sports betting site on which you are registered, determine the ratings of an event By taking into account a lot of data and determining an index of confidence.

As we have seen in our article, the rating is a probability. This is why bookmakers determine above all the probability of an event to fix the rating.

To calculate the confidence index, bookmakers plunge precisely into the event in question, By analyzing the two teams, the two players or simply the protagonists of the bet in question.

The bookmaker analysis:

  • 📈 The shape of the teams;
  • ✅ Statistics and old confrontations;
  • 📰 News and latest information around the event;
  • 🤕 injuries and absences, until the moment of the announcement of the composition;
  • 💬 The latest declarations of players or coaches
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As a rule, thanks to all this data, bookmakers manage to determine a percentage of luck of a team victory, which leads to the development of the rating.

Know that in the best sports betting sites, people who fix the odds are assigned to a particular sport. These are real experts in their field, they know all the information in real time. You have to put yourself in their place to try to find their mistakes!

Also, bookmakers adjust the dimensions and their confidence index according to the bets placed by the players on the site. If they notice that a selection abnormally attracts players, they will tend to increase or lower their rating for limit their risk of loss. You are against bookmakers and everyone seeks to have the best confidence indication and therefore the least risk.

Calculate your own confidence index

The other mathematical method to win sports betting used by confirmed bettors consists of Calculate the confidence index of their bet.

This index expressed in the form of a percentage will allow you to get an idea of the amount it will be useful to bet during a bet. Thanks to this option, you will be able to Limit your losses to the maximum et adapt your stakes Depending on the yield of your bet.

If you want to assess your chances of winning and calculating your confidence index according to the bookmaker, you can follow this table:

Dimensions higher than 1.11 1.25 1.43 1.67 2 2.5 3.03 5 10
Probability of winning 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10%

For this, you will still have to follow some tips. First, you must have some knowledge In sport or the sporting event you want to play on.

For this, we advise you to focus on One discipline If you start. For those who wish to go further, Never exceed 3 sports Otherwise your analyzes will be less precise.

With this Sports Statistical Method, you will have to collect a number of information that will expand your analysis. Wounds, suspensions, context, challenges, weather conditions, classification, calendar, everything is good to take to calculate your confidence index!

Thereafter, you may also be interested in statistics. For example, a History of confrontations Can give you good information, as is the observation of previous meetings.

Finally, we especially suggest you proud your feeling. Trust you and your trust index will be more precise. And if you are not sure of your appreciation, there are websites that calculate your probabilities of winning. Take advantage!

Discover the role of sports analysis software for bookmakers

If you have assimilated the functioning of the dimensions, you know that they reflect a certain probability of sports betting. If the rating of a sporting outcome is low, necessarily, the probability that this event is carried out is high.

To imagine our words, you will know that the victory of Rafael Nadal listed at 1.50 will be more likely to occur than the victory of Stan Wawrinka listed at 5. It is the basic operation of the Sports Statistical Software Used by bookmakers.

The real sports betting software is actually a program based on an algorithm which is designed by specialists to be able to compare and take into account a lot of data on a particular match. It simply helps players in pre-match or live decision-making!

  • 📍 Pre-match : analysis and calculation of probabilities according to statistics on the meeting, old confrontations, injuries, form of teams, pressure and many other data;
  • 📍 A live : Recording and analysis of data such as possession, strikes, boxes and warnings, injuries, the number of passes, the number of dangerous attacks or the expected goal.

Obviously, if you use sports betting software, you will have to add a Bankroll Sports Bankroll Management Software.

It would quite make sense to know when and how to place a bet if you do not know which putting and how to manage your bankroll. It is essential that you place a precise percentage of your capital to take no risk and to be as effective as possible in the long term.

All these sports betting software and calculator can be found quite easily on the internet. Sometimes paying and sometimes free, they make American bettors delight on a daily basis.

This is one of the keys, using a sports betting formula and sports betting analysis and sports betting statistics to really put yourself in the place of bookmakers and seize the best opportunities.

How to be profitable for sports betting? Our techniques and advice

To learn to win sports betting, it is not only enough to use a sports betting calculator or even to use a mathematical method to win sports betting. It would be too simple ! Our experts have several tips to give you so that you can succeed at best!

Enjoy the Bookmakers Bonuses

The best bookmakers generally offer players that are fairly attractive bonuses that can really make the difference.

It is important to take them into account simply because they allow you to boost your bankroll without even having to win sports betting. It actually exists Several types of bonus that you can hope to touch thanks to our selection of site in USA:

  • 🥇 Welcome Bonus : It is an offer generally offered when registering, which allows you to boost your first deposit or even see your first bet reimbursed. This will offer you the chance to start your adventure with a much more substantial balance;
  • 🥈 Regular offers : generally, on the sites of our partners, you can find a "promotions" section which often offers several opportunities to win cashback, deposit bonuses or free bets (free Paris);
  • 🥉 Loyalty program : If you are a bettor that plays in the long term, your turnover will be quite important and you will therefore have the chance to be rather well seen by the bookmaker. You could become a VIP player and get a lot of advantages, such as the possibility of placing higher bets or even touching exclusive bonuses!

You should not take light bonuses from the bookmakers lightly when you bet. This is simply a chance for inflate your bankroll Without even having to win at sports betting. This will allow you to get free bets and continue on your momentum.

Make simple bets

Obviously, it is easy to understand that the probability of sports betting on a simple is much higher than a combined bet. Our experts advise you to always bet on unique selections in order to Maximize your chances.

Whatever your game strategy, whether you bet on high or weak ratings, you will have more likely in the long term to be a winner by focusing on simple. This is one of the methods of knowing how to win sports betting.

Indeed, each bet has risks, the goal is to get closer to the real confidence index and to be right in the long term. If you add one or more other games to the one you have really analyzed, you will multiply the risks and it can become very complicated.

No professional bettor placed in combined Paris, or they use a Sports betting calculator To avoid risking too much from their bankroll on a high risk bet.

Bet on zero matches

Null matches are a great option for bettors on the Internet. Indeed, it is a simple bet and in a match that seems quite tight from a probability point of view, you will have1 in 3 luck to win the.

By analyzing certain meetings well, we realize that certain games are more likely to finish on a draw. To find out, you must analyze:

  • The history of the latest confrontations;
  • The number of teams of the team over the last 10 games;
  • The number of teams of the team in the previous season;
  • The context of the meeting and the issues;
  • The current classification of the two teams.

You will see that sometimes the ratings of draws are very interesting. For example, when a team is more than 15 draws in a season of 38 games, it will be very interesting to follow it all the season! There is almost 40 % of chances in each match that the team makes a draw, while Bookmakers generally estimate the probability of a draw at 30 % ! You therefore have a better probability than sports betting sites.

Other tips for winning sports betting

To finish on our article, we want to give you some other tips for Win to sports betting, long-term. Our teams are simply experts in the field, have learned a lot during their experiences, we want to share them with you now.

Our tips for winning sports betting:

  • ✔️ Limit your number of bets : You only have to bet on matches that you have analyzed entirely, seriously. It is an investment and you must favor little Paris, but of quality;
  • Do not "play the rating" : Watch out for the dimensions on which bookmakers try to direct you. Do not necessarily choose a rating that is most likely to pass (1.20, 1.50) to win. Only your analysis will determine whether the rating and probability are correct;
  • ✔️ Sports Simulation: We advise you above all to simulate with all the necessary tools your Paris and position taken. This will allow you to calculate if your strategy is very profitable and if you are really maof for that, before investing with real money;
  • ✔️ Make a percentage of his bankroll : You must even bet even to fix a percentage of your bankroll that you are ready to risk on a single bet. Generally, our experts advise to bet 2 to 5 % of your capital on a bet;
  • Do not stop working : Do you want to become a professional bettor? Know that few players succeed because it requires seriousness and an impeccable state of mind. You have to see this as an investment to start, but not as a job. Your financial security is your priority, so you must not spend sports betting in priority for the moment;
  • ✔️ Follow tips : If you just want to invest in sports betting but you don't have time for specific analyzes, we advise you to follow a professional bettor. In exchange for a small subscription, some Tipster offer their services and offer you their strategy, in particular with sports betting software, you will only have to follow them with the right bet!

We could still give you advice for a very long time. As your adventure progresses on sports betting sites, You will always learn new things. All bettors have been there, even the 5 % who really succeed!

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