Citadel Casino

In recent years, the evolution of new technologies and the democratization of the Internet have completely revolutionized the world of gambling or chance. Today, we are witnessing more and more the deployment of online game platforms, relegating the traditional land play rooms to the background. Online casinos are dedicated to fierce competition and everyone seeks to occupy the lead. Among the most noted online casinos currently, there are the Citadel Casinos. They attract many players. If you are an online game follower, you've probably heard of these types of brands. Here is a complete guiof on Citadel Casino.

Online casinos accepting Citadel
1. Jackpot​CityA bonus of $ 1,600 + 200 free spins offered To play
2. All Slots123 free spins + up to 1500 frames To play
3. Spin casino2,000 USA on your first 3 successive deposits To play
4. Spin Galaxy$ 1,000 bonus on your first 3 deposits To play
5. Ruby FortuneTake advantage of $ 750 To play
6. Casino Las Vegas$ 1,000 and 150 free spins on your first deposit To play
7. Betway casino$ 1800 of bonuses on your first 5 deposits To play

What is Citadel Casino?

And Citadel Casino is a game platform in ligne who use in particular the Means of payment called Citadel. The latter is currently one of the Payment Online most used in the world. Citadel allows you to Payments directly from your account banking. It works on the basis of innovative banking transfer technology and is today present in USA, USA and nearly twenty countries around the world. It is also in partnership with more than 300 banks around the world. This means that a lot of Citadel Casinos are deployed on the internet.

You can therefore use Citadel to carry out all your operations Withdrawal and deposit with a specialized online casino. You can easily find a casino that uses this electronic payment solution shepard « instant Banking ”by going to the official Citadel Commerce website. This constitutes the British company which proposes Citadel and which is currently established in USA. By going to a Citadel online casino, you can have access to a Kyrielle of jeux. Among the most famous, we can notably cite slot machines, blackjack, roulette, poker, craps and pai gow.

How to use Casino Citadel?

The Citadel Payment means operates in a simple way. To use Citadel Casino, no need to create a personal account. You just need a bank account with one of the partner establishments of Citadel Commerce. From there, you can go to the level of your Citadel Casino to make your deposits or your withdrawals ofArgent.


In a casino Citadel, the user can have various options for making a deposit. In particular, it has the choice between 3 users of use. He can first use Citadel with an online bank account. Then there is the option of using the payment assistant available on certain citadel casinos. This device guides the players to make a deposit. It is also possible to use Citadel through special reference numbers for rapid transactions. Once the appropriate payment process is chosen, just follow the prescribed instructions simply. You have to :

  • Enter your identifiers to connect to the Banque
  • Select the account you want to use
  • and approve payment.

Once the deposits have been made, you will then be free to choose the casino game that could entertain you and bring you earnings cashable.


Regarding withdrawals with Instant Banking, it is not unfortunately all the Citadel Casinos that support this option. Before choosing your game platform, make sure that it incorporates the withdrawal option with citadel Among its services. If this is the case, it will then be necessary to follow the different instructions to get there. You should know that Citadel Instant Banking does not constitute a financial institution or an electronic portfolio. This is why it is not possible to use it for your withdrawal operations in certain Citadel Casinos.

Citadel bonus on a virtual casino

In terms of a Citadel online casino, there are many offers of BONUS traditional and special. It goes from welcome bonuses to free laps via bonuses without depot. Each promotional offer is associated with specific rules relating to its access and use. To this must be added the special bonuses that constitute the nerve of war between the best casinos on the market. They can be offered during a particular game or event depending on the regulations specific to suppliers gaming of Citadel virtual casino. The Citadel Instant Banking payment system can then be used, regardless of the casino bonus you are looking for. You just have to make sure that your bankroll is well recharged to take advantage of the bonuses, promotions and other special offers.

The advantages and disadvantages of Citadel for Casinos

The use of the Citadel online payment system for Casinos offers many advantages. But, also, we combine some notorious drawbacks.

The advantages of Citadel for Casinos

Among the flagship advantages of the use of the Citadel service in an online casino, there is Instant treatment of banking transactions To make deposits. Indeed, this means of payment offers optimal time saving to recover funds in your bankroll. To this must be added the exceptional security enjoyed by the service. In this logic, Citadel offers a high and complete level of confidentiality. This is explained in particular by its development with latest generation safety technologies. This is particularly the case for many encryptions to secure casino payments.

Among the advantages of Citadel for Casinos, you can also highlight its simplicity and ease of use. Indeed, as evoking a little above, no registration is required to use Citadel Instant Banking. You will not need to proviof your personal data, except in the case of checking the property of the bank account with the multifactive authentication system. Therefore, online casinos do not store any bank account identification information. Also, Citadel does not charge any fees For the use of its online services. It is not applied neither percentage nor hidden deduction.

Citadel's drawbacks for casinos

Among the few drawbacks associated with the payment system for Citadel virtual casinos, we can mention the unavailability of the withdrawal option in certain specialized play platforms. If it is offered by Citadel Casino, you should know that it is not often quick to make a withdrawal. To transfer your earnings directly to your bank account, the procedure can take up to two working days.

Also, Citadel is not yet present in many countries of the world. Currently, there are only about twenty countries to authorize this payment method on the Internet. So, if you move to a country where Citadel is not used, you will be forced to find an alternative solution for your withdrawals and your money deposits.

FAQ Sur Citadel Casino

  1. How do I know if I can use Citadel to play casino in my country?

You just have to check the review On the official website of Citadel Commerce to see if the means of payment is authorized in your country. Then check if the online casino chosen has it among its online payment mechanisms.

  1. What does the use of citadel mean is completely free?

This simply reflects that no fresh you will be claimed by the casino to make your various deposits to play.

  1. Are Citadel casinos legal?

To register in legality and compliance with the legislation in force in countries where its service is authorized, Citadel collaborates only with online casinos which have a legal and valid license.

  1. Are there prepaid cards associated with Citadel?

No, this is not currently the case, the Citadel Payment Service is characterized by its ease of use. There is therefore no prepaid card to buy, no software to install and even less account to create.

  1. Can I use Citadel with my smartphone?

Yes, today, the majority of Citadel Casinos are compatible with both a PC and a support mobile.

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