How to win at the Sous Machine? Tips & Tricks

The Slot machines are undoubtedly one of the most popular casino games in the world. They continue to please players because of their versatile side: classic machine, video, 3D, live, progressive, etc. There will be something for everyone ! There are Tips and techniques allowing you to optimize your chances of winning. We give you all the most relevant information to know before starting a game on a game game. Follow the leader !

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Maximize your earnings at the underwater by knowing the redistribution rate

The rate of redistribution (RTP in English) is an excellent indicator as to profitability a slot machine game.

As for the roulette, blackjack or poker games, it corresponds to the percentage of the bets maof by a set of players on a specific title compared to the gains paid by the casino over a given period. The higher the rate, the greater your probabilities of winning the slot machines.

This information is sometimes available directly on the casino. You can also refer to our guiof complet which is full of useful information including the return rates of certain slot machines or even to go to the sites of publishers who offer this kind of free access information.

We consider that a slot machine becomes interesting for the player from a return rate of 96 %. Some slot games reach return rates of up to 99.9 %!

Little reminder: Learn more about the advantage of the house

"The home advantage" is a term designating the percentage that the house obtains On a given game. Know that in general, the house will always have the advantage over the player, whatever the game concerned. The homemaof advantage for slot machines is somewhat different insofar as it is a game of chance, the result will necessarily be random.

Win to free slot machines to start

Most online casinos offer to play slot machines Totally free way. This game moof entitled "Demo" is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with new games, learn the rules and be able to develop strategies.

When you feel ready enough, you can then leave the free games and switch to real fashion. In this way, you will be able to have the opportunity to win real money and sometimes even substantial jackpots for the lucky players!

Define a budget before starting

One of the most important tips to take into account when you play real silver slots is to See Fixer UN Budget upstream. Thus, you will structure your game strategy according to the allocated budget.

Here are some simple rules to apply in all circumstances:

  • ✅ Define a realistic budget corresponding to your means;
  • 📈 Be careful and increase your bets gradually;
  • ❌ Know when you withdraw and do not fall into the overbidding trap.
Our selection of casinos to play slot machines
1. Jackpot​CityA bonus of $ 1,600 + 200 free spins offered To play
2. 888 casino200 % up to $ 300 of exclusive bonuses To play
3. Jonny Jackpot$ 1000 and 100 free exclusive bonus spins To play

Machine A Tip: Capital management

The right management of your capital is a machine -slot machine tip that will allow you tointelligently adapt your Depending on the overall budget you have. By making bets adapted to your capital, you will increase your chances of continuing to play in the long term even if the gathered gains will be lower than with larger bets.

One of the tips that has proven to be effective in ensuring your longevity on a slot machine consists of Calculate the amount of your Depending on the number of tower you want to make. We explain this to you without further delay.

Single payment line

This method is very simple to understand, it is calculated from your total capital. Suppose you have $ 100 for your game session on a machine only one payment line. In this case, you will simply have to diviof the amount of your budget by the number of laps that want to do.

📌 Example: $ 100 ÷ 200 = $ 0.50

Your bet must therefore be $ 0.50 per turn if your goal is to play 200 times consecutive on the slot machines of your choice.

Multiple payment lines

As part of Multiple payment line, you will then simply have to take the number of rounds calculated previously and diviof it by the number of payment lines available.

📌 Example: 200 ÷ 5 = 40

If your basic capital is $ 100 and you want to play on a machine with 5 payment lines, you can play up to 40 times to respect the allocated budget.

Sessions multiples

In cas of Sessions multiples, Take into consideration the number of laps obtained with the calculation with multiple payment lines and diviof it by the number of sessions you want to carry out.

📌 Example: 40 ÷ 4 = 10

With a total budget of $ 100, you can play 10 laps with 4 sessions of slots with multiple payment line in total.

Make the maximum of credits

Although there is not, strictly speaking, of a winning machine a slot machine, the game being led by an automatic system it appears difficult to accurately anticipate the winning combinations to come. However, there is a technique to win the machine who has proven himself in time.

It consists in adapting the amount of your implementation of the results of your previous parts. So you can Increase your bets when you start to win. This concept of "hot machines" starts from the principle that when a machine begins to make you win, it usually happens in series.

It is therefore interesting to bet larger when it happens. Conversely, if you start to lose, then it is necessary to Start reducing your bets. You will limit potential losses before finding a more timely moment to increase the amount of your bets again.

Technique to win the slot machine: know the payment table

To get more likely to win on slot machine, you can refer to the payment table. It is, in a way, the dashboard which contains the secret of the slot machines. You will find important elements linked to the functionalities of the game concerned as well as a technique set on how to win the Sous Machine.

We find there as follows:

  • The value of each symbol;
  • The presence of Joker and Bonus;
  • How to win the maximum jackpot;
  • The existence of dispersion symbols that can be hidden in the game.

Machine A Tip: Why not take advantage of the different bonuses?

One of the main advantages to player online machines compared to those of land casinos is that you will be able to benefit from bonuses which can be very advantageous to win your games more easily.

Free Spins (free towers)

Free spins correspond to Free towers offered by virtual casinos for the attention of their users. They therefore allow you to run the rolls for free. These bonuses are valid for a limited period from their payments on the player's account.

Their amounts vary depending on the casino and the amounts deposited. It is a technique to win at machine A under without investing a single penny. You play by limiting the risk of financial loss.

The welcome bonus

The welcome bonus is a promotion that you will find after your registration and Your first deposit On an online casino. This is an ideal opportunity to test the casino and its slot machine games through an interesting promo.

The welcome bonus can take the form of cash, free towers or in the form of cahsback of the bets carried out and lost. We strongly recommend that you always pay attention to Put requirements which can sometimes be too high.

The Bonus of Return of Silver

The return bonus of an agent called "cashback" in English is very popular among the players. This is a percentage of bets maof and lost On the slots of a casino that is given to the players. With this bonus, you have the possibility of recovering these amounts in a daily, weekly or monthly manner depending on the establishment.

Win to slot machines right away!

By keeping in mind everything we have just tackled in this article, you will certainly adopt the right automatisms to know more easily how to win the slot machines. Play and train using the demo moof offered by all the right online game platforms.

The more you develop your knowledge, the more likely you have win winning combinations Giving some jackpots machines with substantial amounts. However, there is bound to be on this type of entertainment, a part of improbability specific to games of chance.

Experience and knowledge will be your allies. For that, there is no secret, We will have to exercise. Do not lose sight of the fact that the home advantage is in the majority of cases for the casino. Master your emotions as possible and don't forget that it is about having a good time, so relax and enjoy above all!

FAQ - Find out more about how to win the machine has

Our experts have written a FAQ (Frequently Questions) To allow you to know a little more about the slots related to the slots.

✅ How to increase your chances of winning the slot machine?

pour Optimize your chances To win your games on the slots regardless of the version, you can:

  • Choose a machine on which you are comfortable;
  • Study the title payment table that interests you;
  • Train yourself for free to start;
  • Manage your bet capital;
  • Use the bonuses offered wisely.

✅ How to know the redistribution rate of a slot machine?

The rate of redistribution of a slot machine is available, depending on the case, directly on the casino, in specialized magazines or on the sites of software publishers. It's a Excellent indicator as to the profitability of a game. It allows you to know directly if the slot machines are faked. Discover in addition on this subject in our dedicated article.

✅ What are the different variants of available slot machines?

Slot machines have changed considerably thanks to the development of new technologies. You will find in most casinos classic slots, 5 rolls, video or even progressive. You will understand, the existing selection is very large and should allow you to alternate pleasures while developing your slot machine how to win strategy in the most effective way possible.

✅ What information can I find in the payment table of a slot machine?

You will find in the payment table From a slot game all the features of the game such as the meaning of the symbols, the presence of bonuses, the return rate, tips on how to win machine a casino as well as the best way to reach the jackpot.

top casinos
1. Jackpot​CityA bonus of $ 1,600 + 200 free spins offered To play
2. 888 casino200 % up to $ 300 of exclusive bonuses To play
3. Jonny Jackpot$ 1000 and 100 free exclusive bonus spins To play
4. All Slots123 free spins + up to 1500 frames To play
5. Casimba$ 6,500 of bonuses on your first 3 deposits To play

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