Keno Online: Discover all the secrets and tricks of this famous game

Close to Bingo cousin, Keno is one of the players' favorite lottery games. Indeed, many are fascinated by the large shiver caused by a part of Keno since, unlike the bingo, you will be able to be an actor in your game.

We invite you to come back to the history of Keno, its rules and its evolution to Keno Live which now classifies it among the casino games. The secret of the Keno game is in this special guide.

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All about Keno

How to play Keno?
  1. To understand evolution Game
  2. Know them Rules playing
  3. Take into account Advantages of Keno Au USA

Understanding the secret of Keno game: why is it so popular and adulated? We reveal its secrets to you

We all know this popular game by name: the famous Keno, also existing in the form of "Keno Casino" with the online Keno game today. This often evokes Sunday morning walks with the parents stopping at the local tobacco office, a real temple of scratch games of all kinds, super lotto and other drawing games.

Over the years, the Keno draw has become more and more popular and expected. Why ? Due to the great simplicity of this game first, but also the thousand and one ways to increase your chances of winning. The possibility of combination is infinite!

Nowadays, Keno has one new millionaire player on average per month. The new multiplier function involves even more generous lots that easily reach millions of euros. Each week, the most diligent players reiterate and try their luck again by filling their grids. Many players of players have managed to win the cash jackpot after several years playing the same grid and the same combinations of figures. There are a total number of followers who have decided to register and open an account on an online casino (like Tropezia Palace. Com for example) to play like VIPs from home and perhaps become a winner life that continues to increase ...

But do you know the story of these draw games? To understand your boom, we must turn to our American friends. Legally authorized by the Official Journal, the American Games (FDJ or FDJEUX, to each its preference) which is the big queen of the national lottery since 1976, offers a gigantic declination of the Keno game. Whether in paper or virtual version. Does that talk to you something? Read the rest to discover more ...

The other games of the lottery family are very close to Keno by the Keno drawing similarities

You have certainly already had to hear about the FDJ, a key player in the lottery landscape: Euro Millions ™, the Mini Million ™ mini game, Keno Gagnant ™, Bingo Live ™, Illiko ™, Instant Loto ™ ... for To cite only its most famous games which announce on the menu of gains by millions.

The FDJ does not hesitate to innovate and offer a multituof of variants to spice up the parties of its many participants, who do not hesitate to go to their favorite point of sale every day and try to win the jackpot. Take the example of My Million ™, an extension of the famous European lottery game that vibrates all enthusiasts for gambling and chance. For each simple grid bought for the Euromillions ™ draw, the FDJ allows players to participate in a lot of lots: an additional chance to win a nice kitty reaching a million euros. Millions of euros to be won twice every day, lunch and evening. What to do a lot of lucky winners!

Thanks to the online versions of Keno Lottery games, it is now possible to consult the Keno results but also lotto football and other lottery games via the Super Loto ™ application without having to go to a land point of sale. Comfort, discretion and anonymity guaranteed.

Before learning more about current Keno Live, it is important to understand the evolution of traditional game

Coming back to the Keno game, when we decided to consult the Official Journal to find out its first appearance, we discovered that the first Keno Games were sold on September 10, 1993 by the FDJ. Knowing that historians go up between 205 and 187 BC during the Han dynasty in China to find the first games similar to Keno.

If you want to know more about the origins of Keno, take the time to read our exciting article that will teach you how to play Keno to win and give you information on Keno statistics and the most out in Keno: in a few Words, the good plans of Keno online, the tip for a life gain and the tips to thwart the traps of the prints are on this free article 100% dedicated to Keno.

We explain in detail what Keno is and its rules of play: "Keno How to play? », The point here

"Keno How to play"? On this guide, we will teach you how to play Keno and understand the Keno Statistics simply.

If Keno has managed to make a place of choice in the hearts of lovers of gambling and chance, it is for its simple rules to apply and its playful parts. As we explained to you above, in Keno, you are the chef! Indeed, to enjoy this game, you will have to bring a card with no less than 80 numbers. You will then have to be a justice since you will have to check the numbers you think you are able to go out during the draw. For that, you have the choice! Indeed, if some rely on their favorite numbers, others prefer to rely on it and choose their numbers randomly.

As we told you above, a Keno grid consists of 80 numbers. However, only 20 numbers will be drawn during the game. Thus, the players have the choice to select between 1 and 20 numbers during their game sessions. Of course, the more numbers you choose and the more likely you are to win! On the other hand, the amount of your bet will also be more substantial if you choose to bet on several numbers at a time.

How to play Keno to win? Are there any pro players tips? Our answers:

Unfortunately, there is no miracle recipe, nor "keno tips" to win in Keno. And effect, like all the lottery games, your chances of leaving victorious in your games are essentially based on chance. However, you will be able to put lady luck on your siof thanks to the SKORE ASTUCE that we will not fail to present to you in this article. You will be able to find on specialized casino game sites "Luck Keno" files to reach your life gain. A way to make the chance smile more easily.

Indulge in the lottery game on a Keno casino: what are the various interests and advantages?

USA is a country in which the lottery game is very popular. Regional, national or international lottery, the choice is immense. When it comes to Keno, the latter is no exception to the rule. If you like Keno, you will therefore be more than happy since this game of chance is now displayed on the toy library of many online casinos: a welcome in the Keno section crowned by - in total - dozens of different games of play .

And like most online gambling, the latter is tenfold in different variants. Thus, to allow you to take advantage of quality Keno games of quality, we advise you to bet on virtual casinos which proviof you with different versions of the famous game: finished the long hours to wait for the lottery draw with your ticket in front Your television impatiently.

Each site offers different variants of Keno, but the subject is always the same and the common point of all Keno games remains that it seduces all types of players looking for a valid gain in life. You can, thus, have fun without ever annoying yourself and perhaps ultimately offer you the holidays of your dreams.

Screw Keno statistics and earn more money on online casinos thanks to bonuses

Playing online casino is therefore not only reserved for poker tournament players, eager for statistics and probabilities, sports betting enthusiasts or slot machines fans. Games of chance and other scratch games are within everyone's reach and are accessible on these virtual temples of the game. Online casino sites offer you many casino bonuses, which allows you to enjoy even more games from Keno.

Applications very easy to handle, the different Igaming sites give you access to many flash games that do not require the installation of software. The doors of Keno therefore open up to you automatically and very simply. This varies depending on the online establishment you have selected. This variant, the Free keno, will also be available for free thanks to the demo moof offered by many free casino sites. You can then bet on your favorite figures without betting money before embarking on the adventure and making a money deposit allowing you to discover the different winning combinations of a draw. You will then master ironly this lucrative game of chance leading you on the roads of fortune!

Keno is one of the most historic games. Practiced in ancient China, it would have maof it possible to teach the alphabet to the youngest. In the 21st century, Keno was still very played and required specific training.

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If we ask a Keno lover, the latter will tell us that he knows this game of chance at the tips of his fingertips. Grids, numbers and prints, Keno's game has been popular since time immemorial for one thing: ...

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