Possible opening of casinos in Thailand

In order to revitalize the country's economy, Thailand plans to open land casinos. Their economy has been strongly impacted by the pandemic and they would like to attract foreign capital.

🔴 The bill

Several Thai legislators have submitted A report to Parliament which recommends that hotel complexes be built in all Main towns from the country. Casinos will be integrated into these hotel complexes. According to a large number of deputies, this recommendation could help the country relaunch its tourism industry And therefore help the country's economy.

They knew that with casinos, foreign investors, tourists and nationals of neighboring countries, will spend more money During their stay in these complexes. The gaming sector could generate billions of dollars profits. The co-author, Pichet Chuamuangphan said: "We are looking for attract foreigners to intensify tourism and get more money from their pockets ” by adding : "This would also allow us to stem money leakage Thai players, and would allow the government to collect taxes guaranteeing our economic security ” .

"Several Thai legislators have submitted a report to Parliament which recommends that hotel complexes be built in all the main cities of the country. »»

According to Pichet Chuamuangphan Thailand must adopt a more liberal legal regime. Note that the country has become the first in Asia to decriminalize cannabis and the first in Southeast Asia to authorize marriage for all.

🔵 New for the local population

Bangkok would be the first perfect place to build a complex with a casino. Indeed, the city attracts many tourists. If that were to be the case, the next constructions would take place in the southern provinces by the sea such that, Phuket, Phang Nga or Krabi. In total, there is 78 provinces And legislators would not be surprised to have many proposals from other provinces.

Currently, there is a law dating from 1935 which prohibits a large number of bets and Slot machines. If the law is revisited, legislators would like the casinos to generate at least $ 11 billion of tax revenue each year. Before the new law is voted, the government can still make decrees so that certain activities are authorized.

Bloomberg Intelligence analysts, think that future casinos are successful, the population must invest in the project. They say: "In the casinos of Vietnam and South Korea, we can see that the attendance is in a sawtooth, because only tourists and foreigners are accepted there ” .

Each complex must be maof up of a hotel, an amusement park and a few points of sale. Having several points of sale will limit players in players.

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