Sic bo: the rules of the game

As you may already know, the SIC Bo is a game of Asian origin that has developed considerably in casinos around the world, terrestrial or online. Leader of games of chance In the city of Macao, the SIC Bo crossed the seas and the continents to impose itself on the tables of the largest casinos in the world.

While dice game fans have adopted it for many years, why wouldn't you try an online game? Even if the rules of the game may seem complex at first, it is not in reality! Thanks to our tips and our presentation of the regulations, you will have to place the best bets to win the jackpot. Good luck to you, after reading this article which presents all the basics essential to the progress of a part of SIC Bo!

The progress of a part of SIC Bo

To start a game of SIC Bo well, you should know that you will have to guess a combination that will come out of the three -dice draw, by placing a bet. In order, here is the course of the game:

  • You place your bet on the table (there is generally no limitation in your bets).
  • The dealer, or the automatic cage, launch the three dice.
  • Depending on the results, your gains are paid automatically.

The main bets to place

Bet nameDescription
Dice FaceA bet on a single figure (on 1 of the 3 dice).
Two FacesOne bet on two figures (on 1 of the 3 dice).
Bet Somme / TotalsA bet on the sum of the three dice.
Small /
Small: The total is between 4 and 10.
Big: The total is between 11 and 17.
Any TripleA bet on a figure that will come out on the 3 dice (any, without specifying it).
Any PairA bet on a figure that will come out on 2 of the dice (without either specify which).

How to win at SIC Bo?

As in all games of chance, the SIC Bo will call on luck to deciof whether you have to win or not. With dice that will be pulled randomly, it will be very complicated to guess the future that the SIC Bo reserves you. Nevertheless, by following a strict method and organization of your game, it is quite possible to reduce your losses!

At first, we advise you to play by knowing all the specifics of the SIC BO. To do this, take the time to assimilate all the rules that we have dictated to you, but also all the possible combinations. There is, in fact, a probability table that directs you in your bets. Thus, it would be effective to place a bet on a combination that is more likely to go out before your eyes than the opposite. So you can play more, getting small earnings, or bet everything on the biggest bet, at the risk of losing everything!

Finally, be logical in your bets! You may have noticed that some dice combinations absolutely cannot be drawn at the same time. To take a concrete example: if you want to bet on the total sum of the three dice which is equivalent to 10, do not place a bet on a pair of 5. The sum of the dice will necessarily be higher than 10!

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