Live roulette: you will no longer miss the atmosphere of the terrestrial casino

The roulette casino is a major element present in all casinos in the world. This game is very appreciated because it saves the game without having great knowledge. To offer online players an even more successful experience, the casinos have set up a way to play live roulette: live roulette. Learn how to face the runcher live on this historic game.

review - The best way to discover live roulette

If you are a regular online casinos, you know that even the best sites do not all offer the possibility of accessing live roulette.

Indeed, to offer players the possibility of playing live roulette, casinos must either invest in the development of an application, or sign a partnership with live game publishers, such as Evolution Gaming for example.

The best way to be sure to register on an online casino offering live roulette is to follow our detailed guide. Indeed, you will have access in a few clicks to a complete and detailed classification which will reveal each site with a live section.

Rules - The progress of a part of Live Roulette

For regular roulette players, you should not be too disoriented by the course of a Live Roulette game.

Indeed, the rules of the game are identical to classic roulette. We therefore advise you to be good at this level before launching a live game.

Finally, the only difference between the two versions lies in the fact that you are going to face the croupiers live, present in a physical manner in a casino and filmed by a camera. This small subtlety will lead to slightly longer parts than usual. Indeed, on a classic roulette game, the result is determined by algorithms. You have, if you wish, the choice to obtain the result of the game directly.

With live roulette, you can choose to play as if you were in a terrestrial casino. It will be necessary to wait until the dealer validates your bets, throw the ball on the wheel and wait until it stops before recovering your earnings.

So you will play fewer games on the live casino. This does not mean that you have to increase your bets. Be patient, and play as if you were playing classic roulette.

Advantages - Profits to face a live dealer roulette

Online casinos have not surprised their platforms to meet the requirements of players. Difficult to return to a classic roulette when you tasted the joys to face a live dealer roulette.

Thanks to this new service, the gaming experience reaches its climax with the possibility of feeling like in a terrestrial casino, all from your phone or tablet.

The game sessions immediately become much more exciting, but also friendly. You can for example chat with the dealer, but also with the other players. No more time you played alone in front of your screen! The moments of stress and joy are now shared, and it is always more appreciable to share a nice gain with another fan of casino!

The Live Roulette also has a reassuring siof compared to its basic version, since many players enjoy playing with a real ball, a real dealer and a real cylinder.

Disadvantages - Black dots of the Live Roulette USA

We have already mentioned it briefly, but the game mechanics of the Live Roulette USA are much slower than with a classic European roulette.

In fact, that means that if you play for example 2 hours, you will be able to bet on a few few parts, and therefore potentially earn less money. This is the price to pay to benefit from an unforgettable gaming experience.

If you are more a player who appreciates quickly chaining the games without having any interest in immersion in a casino, then live roulette is not for you.

Finally, you will also have to have adequate equipment, since live roulette is a little more greedy than the classic version. So make sure you have a recent computer or phone, as well as a good internet connection, under penalty of losing the game as a result of disconnections.

Finally, be sure to stay in your bubble without letting yourself be distinguished by other players at the table. Note that it is often not possible to place your bet on live tables via mobile.

Notice - Back on our experience with the Live Casino Roulette

If you have traveled our article, you must now understand why Live Casino Roulette is an increasingly popular game moof in casinos around the world. This modern version of the historic game has already attracted many players and will continue to do it.

However, we recommend it to experienced players. Indeed, we would rather direct beginners towards free roulette so that they can familiarize themselves with the rules and the progress of the game.

Once to the point, the live roulette is however the ideal solution for entertaining and having fun on a game of casino already pleasant to play at the base.

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