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The one we call the Casinos queen, reigns over the kingdom of gambling and chance for many years now. And it is not possible to say since the latter is present in the ranking of casino games the most popular.

Indeed, the roulette brilliantly won the second step of this podium. It is placed behind the slot machines and is closely followed by the Blackjack.

If you don't know much about this legendary game created by the famous Blaise Pascal, we will teach you a lot in this review. So take advantage of our Casino Roulette Roulette section To become unbeatable on the particularities of this attractive game!

The 5 best online casinos to play roulette - USA 2020

1. Jackpot​CityA bonus of $ 1,600 + 200 free spins offered To play
2. 888 casino200 % up to $ 300 of exclusive bonuses To play
3. Jonny Jackpot$ 1000 and 100 free exclusive bonus spins To play
4. All Slots123 free spins + up to 1500 frames To play
5. Casimba$ 6,500 of bonuses on your first 3 deposits To play

The best free roulette game in September 2022

We have selected for you, which is the best free roulette game. Our choice is therefore focused on the title of Net: American Roulette

Indeed, this game has an interface with dark colors that give a chic and classy dimension. The gameplay is simple and, it is accompanied by room music which is very pleasant. This is valid For us ✔️

Advantages & Disadvantages: Roulette Online Silver real vs. Free roulette

As you can doubt it, online roulette games are largely represented on casinos on the Internet. Indeed, it is a game of money that enjoys great popularity on virtual game platforms.

Thus, roulette games are available in free moof and real silver mode. The two versions are of course, different on this plan, but present advantages and disadvantages Who are complementary when you know them and you know how to switch between the two.

The advantages of Free roulette :

  • Learn and apply simple techniques;
  • Play without betting real money;
  • Place a risky bet without losing;
  • Understand the cogs of the game;
  • Soak up the vocabulary and the Payout grid;
  • Simply play for unlimited pleasure.

The advantages of real silver roulette:

  • Try to generate real gains;
  • Take advantage of the casino bonuses chosen to play;
  • Have the excitement of a real part;
  • Have access to the live roulette mode.

The drawbacks of free roulette:

  • Does not allow to generate gains;
  • Not all of the towers are available for free;
  • No real excitement in the parties;
  • Do not have access to promotional offers;
  • Not being able to play free live.

The drawbacks of real silver roulette:

  • Limit in playing time depending on the losses;
  • Frustration in case of heavy losses.
  • Discouragement if fast loss for beginners players.

Although the goal of the game, namely to predict which number will stop the ball remains the same on both versions, the major advantage of free roulette remains in the fact that each player can know and learn to How to play roulette.

The best online roulette games

Game Available on mobile Available in free version Available in real money
European Roulette Oui Oui Oui
American Roulette Oui Oui Oui
Premium American Roulette Oui Oui Oui
Mini-Roulette Oui Oui Oui
European Roulette Gold Oui Oui Oui
roulette Oui Oui Oui
Cashout Roulette Oui Oui Oui
Premium Roulette Oui Oui Oui
Saphire Roulette Oui Oui Oui
Golden Chip Roulette Oui Oui Oui

Playing online roulette live with a live dealer

The Roulette Live is a way to be able to perform games of this famous game, directly in front of a real dealer, even behind a computer or mobile phone screen.

Thus, you will be able to find sensations of play as if you were in a real terrestrial casino. Have no fear, the game interfaces are perfectly suited for this purpose. You will therefore discover a window where your choices will be maof directly via buttons on the screen.

Be aware, however, that live roulette is only available in real silver game version and after registration on an online casino. Indeed, users would be too many if this moof was available for free.

Playing online roulette in real silver on the best casinos

Choosing an online casino is not an easy task. This is why our team of experts have very specific criteria for choosing these latest sites. We explain them to you without further delay so that you know how we do the selection of the best casinos sites (of which is a part zodiac casino).

  • Variety of roulette games: There are several types of roulette on online game platforms, so it is important to look at the securities offered;
  • Roulette games in mobile version: Playing on mobile is a very practical game moof to be able to perform games anytime and anywhere;
  • Roulette games in free version: The version of free roulette allows, among other things, to be able to test games before going into real silver mode;
  • Average return rate of roulette games: The return rate is a percentage applied to your gains that will come back to you;
  • Casino game publishers: Publishers are those that proviof online casinos to game titles. The more they are known, the more quality the games;
  • Bonus offered: Bonuses are the promotional offers offered to players. In the case of roulette, this can be expressed in real silver;
  • Reliability and safety of the casino: To be sure of this, the chosen casino must have a license awarded by the competent authorities. Like for example the Jonny Jackpot casino which has an MGA license: discover our review Jonny Jackpot. This will also guarantee security in your banking transactions.
15 The best online roulette casinos in USA - September 2022
1. Jackpot​CityA bonus of $ 1,600 + 200 free spins offered To play
2. 888 casino200 % up to $ 300 of exclusive bonuses To play
3. Jonny Jackpot$ 1000 and 100 free exclusive bonus spins To play
4. All Slots123 free spins + up to 1500 frames To play
5. Casimba$ 6,500 of bonuses on your first 3 deposits To play
6. Leovegas1 500 $ and 225 Free Spins offers To play
7. Yukon after LD$ 150 and 125 free laps on your first deposits To play
8. Royal Vegas100 FS for 1 USA + $ 1,200 on your first 4 successive deposits To play
9. Spin casino2,000 USA on your first 3 successive deposits To play
10. Nitro casinoDaily promotions To play
11. Wild SultanDouble your first deposit up to $ 500 To play
12. WildzUp to $ 1000 of bonus offered To play
13. Spin Galaxy$ 1,000 bonus on your first 3 deposits To play
14. zodiac casinoBonus of $ 480 + 80 free spins on arrival To play
15. Bet​Hard$ 200 of welcome bonuses To play

Online roulette variants to also discover

There is not a roulette game, but Several types of online roulette. Indeed, since its invention, online Roulette has been so successful that its concept has been declined in multiple models.

The Queen of Casinos therefore has many descendants who will allow you to rediscover this legendary game in multiple ways. In addition, certain variants such as American roulette and English roulette are extremely attractive to players and will make you take advantage of probabilities to try to win.

European roulette

European roulette has a very low home advantage, around 1.35 %. She presents 37 numbers including a zero.

American roulette

American roulette is often related to the European. It is different in particular thanks to the bets on final numbers (0, 10, 20, 30) and orphaned numbers (1, 6, 9, 14, 17, 20, 31, 34).

US roulette

American roulette is maof up of 38 numbers including a zero and a double zero. This therefore increases the advantage of the house to 5.25 %.

Roulette Multi Wheel

It's not not a cylinder, but 8 cylinders which are present on this type of roulette. On the other hand, you will only have one staunch mat. You can naturally choose yourself, how many cylinders you want to see.

Roulette multi Ball

As its name suggests, multi -ball roulette has Several balls On the cylinder. In this way, you increase your chances of simple numbers.

Roulette close

The name speaks of itself. In this version, there is No zero. Also note that the edge of the house is deleted.

Roulette mini-roulette

The mini-roulette respects the same principle as classic roulette, but is maof up of only 13 numbers from 1 to 12 including a zero.

Know the roulette strategies to go further

Once the rules of roulette is included, you will only have to learn some applicable strategies For this table game. With the different strategies, you will be able to bet on the different boxes, red or black, in the best possible way.

Although strategies are not 100%sure, it is still a good way to limit losses. It is also very pleasant to understand and evolve in the game. You will have all weapons to predict the outgoing result designated by the ball.

The legendary casino game arrives on our screens today. Difficult to tame the roulette as it can be unpredictable. Discover our tips and tips for learning to master it!

top casinos
1. Jackpot​CityA bonus of $ 1,600 + 200 free spins offered To play
2. 888 casino200 % up to $ 300 of exclusive bonuses To play
3. Jonny Jackpot$ 1000 and 100 free exclusive bonus spins To play
4. All Slots123 free spins + up to 1500 frames To play
5. Casimba$ 6,500 of bonuses on your first 3 deposits To play

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