Blackjack Strategia: Take the time to study, it reports big!

Blackjack is an integral part of the available offer on online casino sites. Considered a game of chance, many strategies can still be applied in order to maximize his chances of earnings. As a reminder, your goal at blackjack is to beat the bank without ever exceeding a card value greater than 21. Thus, the outcome of a part also depends on the choices maof by the player. It is your analytical capacity and your adaptability that can upset the outcome of a game.

Available actions

During a game, the player with five actions available to him. It is his choices that will be decisive for the outcome of the game. The player can "thus" stay on your game ». In this case, this means that after the distribution of cards, the player decides not to draw an additional card. He can also " Make a card ». In this situation, the player activates the distribution of an additional card. If by unlucky, it exceeds the value of 21 points, it is said that it burns. The player can also " doubler ». Here, the player chooses to double his initial bet and is awarded an additional card. With this option, only one additional card is available.

But, the player can also " to separate ». This choice is valid if you have a pair. In this case, the player will have the opportunity to double his bet and his cards will be separated in order to make two separate hands. The dealer will distribute an additional card for each hand. Finally, the player can " To abandon ». According to casinos, this option is available after distribution of initial cards. Half of the bet is then returned.

The basic strategy

After the distribution during a game of Blackjack, you will have two visible cards. The dealer is going to have a visible card and a closed card. The first strategy was developed in the 1960s by Baldwin, a math teacher. He compiled with the help of a computer the different variables and game situation on a table. This strategy, called the basic strategy, will allow you to understand key concepts: when Make a card and when stay on your game. But, it will also allow you to know when to separate or when doubler. This strategy applies to most variants of blackjack.

Card counting strategy

Once you master the basic strategy, you will be able to initiate yourself to the card counting strategy. It is considered the most advantageous strategy for a player. But, it also requires learning time and an undeniable concentration on the part of the player. For this strategy, you will have to, as its name suggests, count the cards. You will have to know the cards located in the shoe. Thanks to a card valuation system, this will allow you to choose the right time in order to place your bet.

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