Strategy craps: you will only need 5 minutes to learn them

That you are a beginner on a game of Craps, or an expert who wants to erase his mistakes and win on the long term, you will necessarily need to learn some techniques specially dedicated to this game of chance. There are several ways to stimulate your CRAPS gains. First, you can analyze the performance of other players and thus analyze their way of playing.

Otherwise, we offer a summary of the strategies that have worked for most winners. Yes, because even if this online casino game highlights the concept of chance, you can still set up techniques that will clearly help you earn money. No more unnecessary losses, it's up to you to play after assimilating the points that will follow.

Basic techniques

In addition to being a craps lover, you can first be a specialist in online casino games. Indeed, there are strategies that you can put in place on most of the entertainment offered by an operator. These techniques generally allow you to reduce your losses and place your bets according to the Casino conditions. Instead, see the advice we want to send to beginners:

  • Check your capital

Inevitably, you will be able to minimize your losses on a CRAPS game, paying very attention to your budget. Do not give in to the call of "easy" gain to favor quality bets. By setting up stake limits and studying the relationship between your bets and your profits, you can only increase your long-term earnings.

  • Study the redistribution rate

On an online casino, you have to pay attention to all the small details to take advantage of its features. The most basic technique there is to make profits is to properly assess the redistribution rates offered on a game or on the casino. It is advisable to bet on the most remunerative bets, that is to say, those where the commission taken by the casino is lower.

  • Evaluate the so -called "escalation" Paris

Depending on the version of a CRAPS game, but also the game options offered by the online casino, you will sometimes benefit from additional Paris which will be added to more classic bets. If you find "free odds" on a craps game, which limit the advantage of the house and make you earn money: you have to enjoy it!

Strategies for experts

As with all games of chance, many people have studied the rules to offer more or less reliable strategies. Based on mathematical calculations, or a certain dexterity, you can try to follow the example of the biggest craps. However, the application of these techniques is rather recommended for more experienced bettors.

  • The Patient Field

For some players, this strategy has proven itself. During your CRAPS game, you must start by observing the bets of the opposing players. The goal here is to place similar stakes on your opponents by placing small sums of money. After 4 Paris of this type, then comes the moment when your fifth bet will be higher. You will launch your dynamic of victories thanks to the information you have collected at the table.

  • Sharpshooter

There is a myth that surrounds CRAPS game in terrestrial casinos. According to some players, it would be possible to control the drawing of the dice thanks to a remarkable dexterity. Thus, many bettors train fiercely to succeed in launching the dice they want. Of course, there are many simpler strategies to assimilate.

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