Win Roulette: strategies that really pay

Roulette is, and has always been, a mysterious game. Due to its chaotic history, the many legends that feed the grandeur of the one we call the Queen of Casinos fascinate players (and also people who do not play)! But ultimately, what really helps to tame the online roulette ? Are there any magic methods to earn money through this game? In this article, we deliver advice that will prove to be essential to improve roulette.

Choose your favorite roulette carefully!

If you are just starting in the field of roulette, know that the variants do not offer the same chance of gains to players. Indeed, if you are a beginner or intermediate, it will be largely preferable to subscribe to American roulette, European roulette or English roulette. Flee the American roulette like the plague and if you come across a Mexican roulette, run even faster!

Indeed, these last two have an extremely high house advantage and even if adrenaline is in place when you rub the two games, you risk losing a lot in a very short time!

Indeed, American roulette has two zeros and its Mexican neighbor, three! On 37 boxes, the probabilities of ruining yourself if you do not master your game perfectly are huge. If you want to take a moderate risk that is more lucrative, opt for others.

Management of your budget, the first winning strategies

This is advice that we will not stop repeating. A real winner is a player who is able to stop when necessary. Playing over your means will only bring you tiles and can lead you on the slippery and very dangerous slope of addiction.

The solution ? Define before playing a budget to spend for a given time of time (it's up to you to see if you want a daily, weekly or monthly budget). Stay in this sum and never go beyond it, even if you are convinced that "the next one is the right one".

Recover your earnings before replaying

Do not wait to garner thousands of euros before recovering your earnings. The best thing is to set up an amount of earnings to win. For example, you start to play with 50 $, you can deciof to leave the table as soon as you earn 70 or 100 $, so you make a capital gain.

The reasoning to be avoided at all costs is to think that the wind has just turned and that your luck will not leave you. As they say "a yours is better than two, you will have it". It is better, when you have reached your remedy, cash and go home. So you will enjoy your new fortune much more!

Use martingales (if authorized)

Martingales are special stake systems calculated to infallibly increase your bankroll. They are not always allowed because they work! However, be careful, as they can also be dangerous. Some require to double its bet each time, which you win or lose. So you will need a huge starting capital and a good dose of patience to hope for a nice gain! Please note, this method is reserved for experts, because even if the Martingales weaken the homemaof advantage, maximum bets and a limited budget can be right for your good strategy!

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If you are looking for more information on the game of roulette, learn everything from the Queen of Casinos thanks to our guide!

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