Redistribution rate: Guiof to choose the right casino game

Before choosing a slot machine, it is crucial to check certain parameters, such as the return rate. That said, paying attention to specific details will improve your gaming experience and increase your chances of winning.

While some players often think it's just a question of luck, it is important to know that your earnings depend on Your choice of game. This is why we offer you this Guide To find out more about the redistribution rate.

The 3 casinos in USA with the best return rates
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What is the redistribution rate (RTP Casino or TRJ)?

Did you know that each casino game has a Integrated advantage that promotes the house ? Although the size of this advantage varies depending on the title you play, it allows the Online casino to stay in business and make profits.

Anyway, casino customers can nevertheless try to generate more or less substantial gains, the secret is to choose the games that give you the best chance of winning and understanding that this advantage of the house is only true over time.

This is why you are told more in this article so that you are unbeatable on the redistribution rate, also called the reversal rate. Also note that you can find this rate in its abbreviated form RTP (Return to Player) or TRJ (player return rate).

What are the games with a high redistribution rate?

As you can imagine, these are the Slot machines who have The highest rate of Redistribution Casino online. In addition, it is not uncommon to see rates rising up to 99 %, which is very interesting for slot experts. Here are some examples of video slots:

  • 🥇 Book of 99™ of Relax Gaming - 99 %
  • 🥈 Hot Party Deluxe™ of Wazdan - 96.42 %
  • 🥉 Book of Dead™ of Play'n GO - 96 %

Indeed, for experienced slot machine players, one of the most important information on a casino game is its RTP. The value of slot machine redistribution rate will allow players to be able to assess, about, how much they can lose on a defined title.

How does the online casino redistribution rate work?

Each game of chance that you will find in a casino will be associated with a payment ratio. This is also called RTP (return to the player) and is essentially the long -term rate of how much money will be paid to the players divided by how it has been bet.

An RTP can have any value, but it is generally greater than 90 % for most casino games. The remaining percentage is Considered the advantage of the house, so if a game had a 90 % RTP, 10 % would be the homemaof advantage that this particular game would have in the long term.

Thus, for example, if 10,000 USAs were played on a game by a selection of players over a long period, the casino would expect Pay 9,000 USAs and keep 1,000 USAes.

The slot machines and other games are thus paramed with RNG software (generator of random numbers). This algorithm thus makes it possible to respect the RTP emitted by the supplier.

How is the RTP calculated of a casino game?

RTP is calculated using a simple formula as follows:

(Total money returned to players) / (Total money bet by the players) = RTP in %

The two factors involved in this formula are quite simple. the Total amount of Misé By players is the sum of each initial bet placed on the game during the period during which the RTP takes place. the Total amount of money returned To players is the net amount of all players' gains on the game during the same period.

While RTP values are most often associated with slot machine games, this formula can actually be applied to calculate the RTP value of Many casino games, including the Table games, the live casino, scratch games, virtual sports and other entertainment.

From the player's point of view, a simple way to refer to RTP values is to treat the percentage as the amount of money you can earn On 100 settings for example.

For example, if during an RTP, players place a total of 150,000 Paris USA on a game that won a total of 144,000 USAs, RTP value would be 96 % : 144,000 / 150,000 = 0.96 = RTP value of 96 %. This means that for each 100 frame that you bet on the game, you should win 96 USAs in return.

You can also Determine your own RTP rate for a given session On a casino game. If you are betting 200 USAs on a casino game and you regagen 168 USA, the RTP rate for this session will be 84 %: 168/200 = 0.84 = RTP rate of 84 %.

The 3 casinos in USA with the best return rates
1. Jackpot​CityA bonus of $ 1,600 + 200 free spins offered To play
2. 888 casino200 % up to $ 300 of exclusive bonuses To play
3. Jonny Jackpot$ 1000 and 100 free exclusive bonus spins To play

Difference between the RTP casino and variance?

The RTP and the Variance are two well -opposed things and yet these two factors influence the game. The rate of redistribution Casino will influence the long term while the variance will influence the short term. We must therefore understand what they consist of.

To understand the variance, you must first understand The concept of probability. Each event has a predetermined expectation. For example, when you launch a room, it's 50/50. So, if you bet on face, your hope of being correct is 50 %.

The same idea can be applied to the actions you perform by playing games of chance. When you have 13 against eight at the Blackjack table, there is a certain expectation of gain/loss to touch and stand up.

By doing some calculations, it is possible to determine whether it is better to shoot or stay 13 against the eight of the dealer. But what is important to note is that there are very few scenarios where thewaiting for an action is 100 %, and this, in both directions.

For slot machines, variance is also named volatility. There are 3 types of volatility:

  • Raised or high: the gains will be rare but very advantageous;
  • Average: the gains will be a little more frequent but lower;
  • Low: the gains will be very frequent but will not be high.

Unlike the RTP, the variance is not represented by a percentage. Here, variance gives you an idea of the possible frequency of your earnings.

How to know the redistribution rate of a casino game?

After all this information, you now know how we calculate a redistribution rate. Nevertheless, you certainly want to know how we can find this information with regard to a game!

Know that you can discover this rate directly on the game on which you want to evolve. Just go on The technical game sheet Then look at the details of the title. Perhaps you will have to look a little, but this rate will appear clearly!

You can also find this information directly on the platform of gambling and chance. Most casinos want to play the transparency card, so you will have this information directly under the conditions of use.

Casino games are all provided by a specific editor. They sign all their games, so you will know where to find the detailed technical sheet: On the publisher's official website. Enter the name of the game in the search bar then watch the details. Generally, you will find a quick technical description where the RTP is.

Difference between current rate and theoretical return rate

The current rate and the theoretical return rate are two statistics that proviof similar information, but take into account different factors. These two values depend on several factors.

The current rate is simple to understand since it is the Redistribution rate of a game. For example, if the rate of redistribution of a game is set at 96 %, this percentage will represent the current rate. The theoretical return rate is slightly different.

The theoretical return rate will depend on your bets and your earnings On several given games. Indeed, not all titles and players have the same RTP. Indeed, not all players impress and do not win the same gains.

Do casinos respect the redistribution rates imposed by law?

Commissions that have issued a license to operate play have the obligation to Set up the application of this minimum percentage. The process is the same for online casinos as for terrestrial casinos. They are all subject to regular tests by experts approved by the competent authorities.

All games are therefore dissected long, wiof and across to ensure that The redistribution rate follows the regulations. Online casinos being perfectly aware of what this represents, some make the results of the tests available to players for complete transparency.

Indeed, virtual casinos are due to their reputations. If a platform for gaming money and chance online does not offer the same rate of redistribution which is basic, given by the supplier, it would be a real shock and the casino would suffer strongly !

Is it possible to maximize your earnings with the Casino redistribution rate?

Whenever you go to a casino or play in an online casino, you must make sure you give yourself The best chances to maximize your feedback on any game in order to generate a gain.

This can be done by ensuring that you are playing games with The highest RTP (or the advantage of the lowest house). This will give you a better chance of trying to win throughout your session, of course, you will have to have the best combinations!

However, RTP should not be your only consideration, as you should also examine The variance of games. A high variance progressive jackpot machine with a 92 % RTP is certainly a better bet than a low -variance slot with a 99 % RTP.

You can still maximize your feedback by enjoying the Welcome Bonus, free towers, loyalty programs and other promotions that casinos can offer. Each of the above elements will be able to help you improve your net profit more.

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