American roulette and English roulette: what is your favorite version

It is hypnotic and seems to have always existed. The roulette To a fairly agitated story, and that's good, because without that, it might not have met the success she is experiencing today! And like any adventurous, this game left its footsteps in the head and the heart of those she crossed on her way. All the players necessarily remember the first time when this "lady" gave them back with her frantic dance.

And as the diversity of cultures means that each of us does not have the same conception of entertainment, everyone has adapted the rules of roulette to their own sauce.

Mexican roulette

This variant is specially developed for burned heads or players looking for strong adrenaline peaks. If you know the general rules of roulette, you know that it is zero that makes all the chili of the game! Hold on, because roulette in the land of sombreos in account ... 3!

For novices that do not understand why a zero is so dreaded, a reminder of the rules. Whatever number you are betting, if the roulette stops on zero, you lose your bets. Unlike other versions that we will see later, you will have no chance of recovering it.

American roulette

In the same spirit as Mexican roulette, zero makes you irreparably lose your bets on the carpet, without possible return. Less radical than its Mexican neighbor, American roulette is not the most advantageous for players either. Indeed, the two zeros that adorn its dial are a little too numerous for players who just want to play without taking too many risks.

For the anecdote, the roulette is from USA, and it crossed the Atlantic to set up in America. With our European ancestors, roulette initially owned two zeros. Many players have gradually abandoned the game which was much more advantageous for casinos than for bettors. So, the new American roulette quickly forgot the double zero for a different dial that we will see right after.

The Americans were windy of this ancient rule and decided to replace it on the territory of Uncle Sam.

European roulette

You will certainly have understood, the level of decreasing risk, European roulette is that which presents the least risks, but which is nonetheless exciting! It is also called American roulette, and has only one zero! It’s the most advantageous of all! The cylinder has 37 numbers, which multiplies your bet by 36 if you find the right number!

Be careful, according to the local rules in force, if the roulette ends unfortunately on the only zero, either your bet returns entirely to the dealer, so to the casino, or your bet is "prison". Here, you will have the choice: either you resume half of your bet, or you try a "quit or double" by putting the full "hostage" for the next round. It is, depending on the situations, a very large asset (since the homemaof advantage falls to 1.35 %) or a serious handicap (if you are in the middle of a martingale, for example).

You will understand, if you have tasted the pleasures of roulette, we strongly advise you to try all the available variants, just for the priof of having done it!

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