World championship hockey prognosis: all about the 2022 edition

Lovers of Ice hockey prognosis No doubt already know this, but the biggest event of the season is fast approaching! Indeed, you can now prepare your prognosis for the world of ice hockey 2022 since the competition will be held From May 13 to 29 in Finland, in the cities of Tampere and Helsinki.

Holding from the title, can USA reissue its performance from last year? What are the teams to follow for your sports betting? In this article, you will find everything you need to answer these questions, including a rating comparator and Our best advice To succeed in your sports betting betting world championship 2022!

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Our free predictions on the world hockey championship

Before betting on the world hockey championship, you must choose your bookmaker

This is advice that also applies to other sports, but we recommend that you choose a bookmaker specializing in Ice Hockey. We have just selected for you the three best online bookmakers. By making this choice, you will be able to bet on the World Ice Hockey Championship 2022 with all the necessary information in your possession.

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It includes more precise statistics On players and teams in the running. You can notably consult the history of confrontations, live results, the number of goals scored and collected or the list of the previous edition. You will also have a cash out system and a wiof range of bets, with higher ice hockey odds on each match.

You will also receive a Welcome Bonus Valid on your first deposit when registering. This offer can obviously be used to bet on the world hockey championship. Other bonuses can be offered as you approach the tournament, such as free bets offered on USA's matches. If we add greater possibilities from Paris to pre-match and live, these three bookmakers therefore deserve your full attention.

Some details on the hockey world championship prediction: history and course

A little story never hurts when preparing your ice hockey prognosis World Championship ! Created in 1920, this competition takes place every year and is organized by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). So we should not confuse this event with the World Cup which follows the rules and calendar of the National Hockey League.

In this regard, the world championship is still taking place between April and May, namely at the same time as the start of the play-offs In NHL. Very often, the biggest stars are therefore not present: each year, the United States and USA are for example amputated with some of their best elements. You must necessarily take this parameter into account before preparing your Hockey world championship forecast on ice 2022.

The tournament brings together 16 pays Members of the elite division, that is to say the best national selections in the world. These teams are distributed in two groups of 8 during the preliminary round. Each team must then garner the points, and therefore the victories, against its seven opponents. The first 4 of each group then qualify for the final phase, with direct elimination matches in each round (quarter-finals, semi-finals and final).

As for the last two in the ranking, they will leave the Elite division During the next edition. This relegation system had simply been suspended in 2021 due to the consequences of the health crisis. The 2020 tournament had also been canceled, which means that the latest relegations took place in 2019. We should nevertheless attend to A return to normal this year. This is good news for bettors insofar as this specific format always reserves great opportunities for hockey predictions world championship ...

This year, the tournament is organized in Finland, In the cities of Tampere and Helsinki. The matches will be played at the Helsinki skating rink (8,200 spectators) and the Nokia Arena (13,455 spectators). Holding the title, USA will try to keep its trophy during the 2022 world hockey championship. One thing is certain, American players will not cross paths with their Russian and Belarusian counterparts: on February 28, IIHF has decided to excluof Russia and Belarus Due to the war currently raging in Ukraine. Relegated in 2019, USA and Austria are therefore drafted.

The composition of groups

Group A (in Helsinki) Group B (Tampere)
USA Finland
Germany United States
Italy Austria
Denmark Latvia
USA Czech Republic
Suisse Norway
Kazakhstan Sweden
Slovakia Britain


Discover below the list of world champion teams since 1920:

  1. Russia, USA (27 titles)
  2. Czech Republic (12)
  3. Sweden (11)
  4. Finland (3)
  5. United States (2)
  6. Great Britain, Slovakia (1)

The best dimensions available to bet on the favorite world championship

pays Cote Bookmaker
Finland 3.50
USA 4.00
Sweden 5.00
United States 9.00
Czech Republic 9.00
Suisse 13.00
Germany 17.00
Slovakia 31.00

Discover our winning prognosis for the World Hockey 2022

Our experts believe that the title should be played between USA and Finland, or the two finalists of the 2021 edition. To choose, we still advise you to bet on the victory of Finland. Victorious in 2019 and finalist in 2021, the Finnish selection will be able to count on the support of its audience this year. In addition, USA will be deprived of some of its best players with the start of NHL qualifiers and the Stanley Cup.

The other countries seem much less fit than the previously mentioned teams, even if a surprise is never to be excluded. Germany had notably maof a strong impression in 2021 with its fourth place. Like always, United States are also one of the favorites, despite the absence of NHL players. The Americans had won third place in 2021 by crushing Germany (6-1). Disappointing last year, Sweden will also be thirsty for revenge.

The types of betting to make a IIHF prognosis on the world championship

If you want to put the odds on your siof for each world championship hockey prognosis, you need to use the tools offered by online bookmakers. Your passion for this sport and the analysis of the different results are not enough: you must also favor certain types of sports betting!

The equal moneylines

Unlike football, you should know that ice hockey does not make room for the draw. Indeed, there will always be extensions to designate the winner! With the bet Moneyline, so you just have to bet on the team that will win the victory. The dimensions are not always interesting, but the risks are limited.

The total number of goals

With this bet, you will be able to bet on the Total number of goals scored by the two teams during the meeting. In ice hockey, this bet is easier than football, provided you have analyzed all the statistics maof available to you: history of confrontations, best attack, best defense, players in good shape, etc.

The Golder Bet

Finally, and we strongly recommend this bet for the world hockey championship 2022 prognosis in Finland, do not hesitate to bet on the player who will register At least one goal during the match. Trust your instinct and consult the scorer statistics of each team! Each country generally has a star player renowned for its success in front of the cages.

To not miss any game in USA, here is the calendar of the preliminary tour

Date Hour Lieu Team 1 VS Team 2
Friday May 13 19h20 Helsinki ice rink Germany VS USA
Sunday May 15 10h20 Helsinki ice rink Italy VS USA
Monday May 16 14h20 Helsinki ice rink Slovakia VS USA
Thursday May 19 18h20 Helsinki ice rink USA VS Kazakhstan
Saturday May 21 14h20 Helsinki ice rink USA VS Suisse
Monday, May 23 18h20 Helsinki ice rink USA VS Denmark
Mardi May 24 18h20 Helsinki ice rink USA VS USA

How to follow the World Hockey Streaming Championship

Finally, know that you can follow the World Hockey Streaming Championship for free on the sites ofUnibet and of Bwin, provided you register. These bookmakers will allow you to look Summaries of matches And to bet live via the live space. In addition to the 2022 Hockey Stream World Championship, it is possible to see TV matches on RDS and TSN Sport channels.

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Do you want to bet on other ice hockey competitions?

Find the advice of the best experts below:

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