Alpine ski ski championships

The ski has great popularity in USA. Indeed, it must be said that we are lucky to have many ski resorts across the country! But in addition to like to practice this discipline, many of us take advantage of our passion to try to pocket as many gains as possible on sports betting sites! Among the most popular competitions of "skiophiles", we find, of course, the world alpine ski championships! In this article, we present the competition to you in a few lines and put predictions at your disposal to help you win ever more money on your bets.

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Sunday February 17, 2019 at 11 a.m. Alpine ski ski winner prognosis: 2019 world championships

General culture point

The world ski ski championships are a ski competition that was born in 1931 thanks to the International Ski Federation (FIS). This competition is distinguished from the Alpine skiing World Cup because, unlike the latter, the world championships reward skiers on a single test in which each nation can only align four runners, although the world champions are not affected by this rule.

Between 1931 and 1939, the championships were organized every year. Following the Second World War, they only stand in pairs years and can be replaced by the Winter Olympic Games if necessary. But the FIS decides, once again, to modify the current format of the competition in 1985 by choosing to organize the championships only in odd years.

The world championships therefore currently take place in the odd years. The winter sports station that will welcome the participants is appointed by a vote within the FIS. Each skier participating in the championships can be engaged in six different events:

  • A descent test established since 1931
  • A slalom test established since 1931
  • A handset test established since 1932
  • A giant slalom test established since 1950
  • A super-G test established since 1987
  • A mixed team test established since 2005

The three skiers who will have managed to shine in the various tests will be awarded a gold, bronze or silver medal. It is important to emphasize that the results are in no way taken into account in the general classification of the World Cup.


By totaling nearly 277 medals, including 92 titles, Austria is the country that largely dominates the history of the championships. In second place in the podium in terms of nations, we find USA which totals 184 medals including 61 gold medals, 66 silver medals and 57 bronze medals. USA then ranks third with 126 medals won, including 42 titles. USA, meanwhile, ranks 9th in the charts by totaling 26 medals including 13 gold medals, 7 silver medals and 6 bronze medals. Among the best athletes in the country, we find John Kucera and Erik Guay who particularly distinguished themselves in the descent test in 2009 and 2011. On the female side, the prize list is even more impressive thanks to the prowess of legendary talent who are Lucille Wheeler, Gerry Sorenson, Nancy Greene, Betsy Clifford, Kathy Kreiner, Kate Pace, Mélanie Turgeon or Anne Heggtveit. To find our forecasts for the world alpine ski championships, it happens here.

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