League of Legends World Championship: How to bet in USA in 2022?

If you like to bet on the electronic sport, there is a very good chance that you know the famous game Sport lol. This is indeed one of the titles most followed by bettors, but also fans of video games. In this article we will make you discover in detail the League of Legends World Championship competition, and deliver our prognosis for this year.

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All about League of Legends World Championship

In this part, you will become a real connoisseur of this tournament and this game. Before you can bet, you must absolutely know the principle, the history and the format of this international competition. Let's go !

Details on the game

The League of Legends game, called lol by fans and regulars released on October 27, 2009 on computer, on Windows and Mac OS X platforms. The editor Riot has developed this game and the AS left in free-to- players to players.

The game sees confronting Two teams of five players which must defend their own base on a map. Each player controls a character among the 153 that exists, each of the characters in the game have unique skills and capacities and can evolve by gaining experience over the games.

There are actually six classes, namely tanks, combatants, assassins, mages, shooters and supports. Players can buy objects to be able to improve their capacities. Each character has an initial attack as well as 5 specific skills.

Each party is unique thanks to the accumulated resources, which are reset to zero to each new match. The view is an isometric perspective, that is to say in view of high, it should be noted that it is a very strategic video game!

The beginnings in esports

In 2012, it simply became the n ° 1 game in the gaming world, whether in Europe or the United States. Millions of players compete every day In the multiplayer moof and it is very logically that several Esport competitions have emerged around the world.

Today there are 12 major leagues, which are seasonal, with the Summer Split and the Spring Split, with two champions per year. These leagues simply make it possible to win titles and qualify for international competitions.

It was the game that brought together the most spectators in streaming, with a Pic at 44 million viewers in 2019 During the League of Legends World Championships. It is also possible for fans to follow their favorite teams directly in the arenas where competitions take place.

As in a football match, thousands of spectators come to attend tournaments in real life, with songs, atmosphere and electric tension. LOL is now clearly a reference in terms of esports and brings a lot of opportunities to bettors!

Tournament format

Created in 2011, the League of Legends World Championship has already seen 10 editions take place. At the start, there were 8 participating teams in 2011, then 12, 14, 16 and finally 22 in 2017.

Now, annually, 22 teams compete in Worlds To win the prestigious Summoner’s Cup of 32 kg, but also a cash price that can go up to several million dollars. This is simply the major event for the various professional teams in Lol, the NBA final was watched less than the World Lol final, with 100 million spectators, including 44 million simultaneously.

The teams are first divided into two groups of 5 team compounds for the Play-In Stage and four groups of 4 teams for the Main Event. 18 teams are qualified directly for the Main Event And 4 teams can qualify thanks to the Play-In Stage.

In each group during the competition, the first two places are qualifying. All qualified teams are found in the final phase and compete in quarter-finals, semi-finals and then in the final. These are direct elimination confrontations, with a possible extension in the event of equality.

History of tournaments

Now that you know how this tournament works, our experts wish to share with you the history of the largest event League of Legends that exists, namely the World Lol Championship! To be able to bet on this competition, you can help yourself with old results, in order to know the trend as well as future favorites.

  • 🏆 LoL World Championship 2015 : SK Telecom T1 winner (South Korea), 3-1 final against Koo Tigers;
  • 🏆 LoL World Championship 2016 : SK Telecom T1 winner (South Korea), 3-2 final against Samsung Galaxy;
  • 🏆 LoL World Championship 2017 : Samsung Galaxy winner (South Korea), 3-0 final against SK Telecom T1;
  • 🏆 LoL World Championship 2018 : Invictus Gaming winner (China), 3-0 final against Fnatic;
  • 🏆 LoL World Championship 2019 : Fun Phoenix winner (China), 3-0 final against G2 Esports;
  • 🏆 LoL World Championship 2020 : Damwon winner (South Korea), 3-1 final against Suning;
  • 🏆 LoL World Championship 2021 : In progress.

The most titled team is that of Koreans SK Telecom T1 And of course, The best nation is South Korea, which has already won 6 editions since 2011.

There is only the European team of Fnatic Who managed to win an edition, it was the very first that took place in Sweden in Jonkoping in 2011. The arrival of Asian teams means that it is now they who literally dominate tournaments, even if certain European stables like G2 ESports often arrive in the last square.

Pronostic World Championship 2021

Placing a prognosis on this type of event is not always easy, especially when you are not aware of all the teams. To help you bet online, our experts reveal their best advice to you.

Qualified teams

To place a World Championship 2021 prognosis, you absolutely have to know the qualified teams for the tournament. For this, you can consult our opinion on those that should be able to get out of the group phase in particular. We will make a summary of the 22 teams that will compete during this edition.


First, here are the qualified teams for the Play-In Stage, the first team of each group will be qualified for the main event. The second will meet in the final of the dams and the third and fourth are found in the semi-finals of the dams. Only the 5ᵉ team of each group will be directly eliminated.

Group A
Red CanidsInfinity Esports PEACE Hanwha Life Esports LNG Esports
Group B
Cloud9Galatasaray Esports Beyond Gaming Unicorns of Love DetonatioN FocusMe

There will therefore be a total of 4 teams qualified among these 10 teams, who can then participate in the Main Event!

main event

Here are the 16 teams already qualified for the Main Event Lol Championship 2021:

Group A
FunPlus PhoenixRogue Flag key Team qualified during the play-in
Group B
100 ThievesT1 Edward Gaming Team qualified during the play-in
Group C
PSG TalonRoyal Never Give Up FnaticTeam qualified during the play-in
Group D
Gen.GTeam Liquid MAD LionsTeam qualified during the play-in

Have you already spotted your favorites and the teams that will end in the first 2 places of each group of this hand Event lol? Our experts already know them, we will also explain everything to you in the following our prognosis!


Our experts have drawn up a list of teams that will absolutely have to follow during the competition and on which you can place World Championship 2021 forecasts. The ratings being quite interesting in this kind of events, they could offer you a good number of opportunities !

The teams to follow:

  • Edward Gaming, you can bet on Betway ;
  • FunPlus Phoenix, you can bet on Betway ;
  • Flag key, you can bet on Betway ;
  • Edward Gaming, you can bet on Betway ;
  • LNG Esports, you can bet on Betway.

Although no long -term bet is possible in Esports competitions, you can follow our favorite teams throughout the event and bet on the matches.


The team of the moment is clearly Edward Gaming, with a correctional inflicted on Fun Phoenix in the LPL final, the players Scout and Viper have shown all their talents And will be in the race for world champion.

Speaking of this, the title holders, Damwon (DWG Kia), will necessarily be in the leading roles. Their players are simply the best in their posts in the world, including the mid showmaker and the Canyon jungle.

Other teams like Fun Phoenix who generally dominates cards, LNG which could be a Suprise with Its Tarzan leader who is the best current jungler In the world, or Fnatic who has achieved good recruitment, could claim this title. It is clear that these few teams will be followed and should bring some betting opportunities LOL World Championship 2021.

🎮 Pronostic League of Legends World Championship 2021 : Edward Gaming wins the tournament

Best bookmakers for betting lol world championship 2021

Even if you have the best advice in the world to be able to place a World LOL 2021 prognosis, it is absolutely necessary Do not neglect the selection of your Bookmaker Esports.

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This can actually make the difference in the long term, because many offer much more interesting advantages than others. Here is how we advise to select a Paris e-Sports site.

  • 🤑 Compared to the bonuses offered : The best bookmakers can offer welcome bonuses, regular promotions or a loyalty system that will frequently boost your balance;
  • 😱 Compared to dimensions : by comparing the market dimensions and selecting the site that offers the best, you will necessarily have better potential gains and this may be very beneficial in the long term;
  • 🎮 Compared to the catalog : Obviously, if you are a fan of E Sports in general, or League of Legends World, the operator you have to choose is a specialist in this area. Be careful not to be mistaken, you could miss a lot of opportunities.

We offer you all these tips in a completely free way, so that you can live these LOL World Championships with even more chills. Obviously, we have done the job for you and we have selected bookmakers that bring together all these criteria, so that you just have to have fun and bet on League of Legends!

How to bet on the winner World Lol in 2021?

Now that you absolutely know everything about the League of Legends tournament, you certainly want to seize the opportunities and follow the advice of our experts?

As we stipulated above, no long term bet on The winner LOL World Championship 2021 is not possible, but you can bet on each of the tournament meetings.

Here is the approach to follow:

  • Proceed with a registration on one of the best eSports bookmakers, as Betway or Bwin ;
  • Make a first deposit and touch a welcome bonus;
  • Go to the "ESPORT" section then "League of Legends";
  • Select the "World Championship" competition;
  • Click on the match that interests you and select a winner;
  • Inform the amount of your bet;
  • Validate the Bet Esports! 💲

Even if you are a beginner on the Paris Esports League of Legends, you should have no problem placing a Building on your favorite team.

We highly advise you to follow the advice of our experts and play on the favorite teams of this edition. What are you waiting for to get started on the Worlds?

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