Colossus Bets

The least we can say is that the supplier is well worth its name! We do not know if the founding team of the company had an excess of zeal by trying to to bring good luck Or if she was completely safe! If we had to define Colossus Bets in a single adjective, it would be original! The publisher did not want to do like everyone else and therefore turned to a niche. What is it ? We will see him right away!

Who is Colossus Bets?

It is a very young supplier who is not cold in the eyes. Colossus Bets was born in 2012, with the firm intention of completely standing out from the offer offered by most competitors.

Far from traditional Paris offers, the Colossus only offers "Paris-Jackpot"! In a weekly way, the publisher involves $ 10,000,000 on all sports betting sites that house the Colossus Bets solution. It is therefore all the bettors of all the partners who compete for this huge kitty! On the other hand, do not believe that it is a total lottery!

To get the jackpot, you have to bet on the exact score on European football, very often on a dozen matches. You will understand, the challenge is still in size! If by chance the prognosis is good for several bettors, the sum of 10 million is shared. If, on the other hand, no bettor finds the exact result of the designated matches, the kitty is put into play the following week.

Colossus Bets offer

The offer of Colossus Bets is very simple, not traditional bets like simple or multiple bets, but very atypical bets, only in pre-match. Colossus Bets does not offer live Paris.

To win, you have to bet on the exact score (or the match winner) on three to fifteen games in total. The prices are not all the same depending on the number of games on which we bet, but the smallest kitty is, all the same, $ 2,000!

Colossus Bets partnerships

Very popular in Europe, Colossus Bets is British, but accepts the bets of players around the world (apart from the United States). And fortunately for us, Americans, because it would be a shame to deprive yourself of this magnificent opportunity! Note that the giant has already implemented its “colossus” bet attached by its original offer and the partnerships are already numerous with quality operators. In all, the company employs around 50 sports experts to be able to offer the Colossus each week! We hope of course that the company will extend on many sports operators, because it is a real more than sports betting sites can offer their players, in the sense that the Colossus does not trample the competition, but Harmoniously completes!

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Do not stop at a single supplier! Be curious and discover many others!

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