Davis cutting prognosis: our advice for betting on the 2021 edition

The Davis Cup is one of the unmissable events of the year for all tennis lovers. Indeed, this is an international competition that is played by team and which is reserved for the best male tennis players. Inevitably, we could not miss this major event!

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So you can rely on our pronostics tennis To place your sports betting throughout the tournament. We also have some useful information to give you the new format of the Davis Cup…

Before betting on the Davis Cup, let's take stock of the history of competition

The Davis Cup is none other than The most prestigious of international competitions male tennis. The competition was created in 1900 by Dwight Davis and has since been managed by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

At the time, this tournament was called International Lawn Tennis Challenge And then only opposes the United States and Great Britain. It was not until 1945, the year of the death of Dwight Davis, that the competition was renamed by the name of its creator.

Tennis being an individual sport, the collective nature of this competition contrasts with the other major tournaments (Wimbledon, Australian Open, Roland-Garros, US Open, etc.).

Since 2019, date on which The new format From the Davis Cup has been adopted, the 18 best national selections in the world are divided into 6 chickens of 3.

The different countries have a period of ten days before the launch of the competition to choose their combinations of players. This task therefore goes to the captains, who are responsible for choosing their players for the simple events as well as for the double events.

The matches then take place by drawing. The new formula of this tournament is far from unanimous among players: Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer have for example expressed their dissatisfaction compared to the fact that this competition takes place over a single week at the end of the year.

The record of participants in the Davis Cup took place in 2010, with nearly 133 nations concerned. In terms of the charts, the Palme d'Or returns to United States With 32 titles out of 61 finals disputed. Next comes Australia with 28 victories to its credit on 47 contested finals, including 4 won in duet with New Zealand under the name of Australasia.

Behind, we find the United Kingdom with 10 finals won out of 18 played and USA with 10 finals won out of 19 played. Before the implementation of the new format, the Canada had never managed to climb in the Davis Cup final. The American selection managed to defeat this curse from the first edition of the new tournament in 2019, unfortunately with a defeat in the final against Spain.

Discover the calendar of the 2021 edition to prepare your Davis Cup forecasts

With only 130,000 spectators, the first edition of the Davis Nouvelle Formula Cup had not met with great success in 2019. The Kosmos group, a new owner of the competition, therefore decided to make some modifications in consultation with the International Federation of tennis.

Canceled in 2020 due to the health crisis, the second edition will take place From November 25 to December 5 In three European cities: Madrid (the only host city in 2019), but also Turin and Innsbruck.

In addition, the matches will take place at the best of the three sets (two single and a double). While waiting for the start of the tournament, we reveal below the composition of the groups as well as the important dates to know when to prepare your Davis Cup forecasts!

The composition of groups

The group stage brings together 18 national selections : The 4 semi-finalists of the previous edition, the 12 teams from qualifying as well as the 2 countries invited by the International Tennis Federation.

The teams are distributed in groups of 3 and only 8 of them then access the direct elimination phase: the first 6 and the 2 best seconds.

Group A Group B Group C
Russia Kazakhstan Britain
Equator Sweden Czech Republic
Group D Group E Group F
Croatia United States Serbia
Australia Italy Germany
Hungary Colombia Austria

Important dates


Thursday, November 25, 2021

  • USA - Czech Republic (in Innsbruck)
  • Croatia - Australia (in Turin)
  • USA - Sweden (in Madrid)

Friday, November 26, 2021

  • Spain - Ecuador (in Madrid)
  • United States-Italy (in Turin)
  • Serbia - Austria (in Innsbruck)

Saturday, November 27, 2021

  • Russia - Ecuador (in Madrid)
  • Kazakhstan - Sweden (in Madrid)
  • USA - Great Britain (in Innsbruck)
  • Australia - Hungary (in Turin)
  • Italy - Colombia (in Turin)
  • Serbia - Germany (in Innsbruck)

Sunday, November 28, 2021

  • Spain - Russia (in Madrid)
  • Kazakhstan - USA (to Madrid)
  • Czech Republic-Great Britain (in Innsbruck)
  • Croatia - Hungary (in Turin)
  • United States-Colombia (in Turin)
  • Austria - Germany (in Innsbruck)

quarter -finals

The quarter -finals will take place from Monday November 29 to Thursday December 2 in the cities of Madrid, Innsbruck and Turin.


The semi-finals will take place on Friday December 3 and Saturday December 4 in Madrid.


The final will take place on Sunday, December 5 in Madrid.

Discover our Davis 2021 cutting prognosis with the best odds available

Throughout the tournament, we will not fail to offer you Prognosis Who can help you in your sports betting! In their predictions, our experts will notably inform you of useful statistics on each match and the bonuses offered by online bookmakers.

In the meantime, you have the opportunity to bet on the future winner of the competition. This option is generally available on most sports betting sites. Here are the best odds available on favorite teams:

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Title holder, Spain is the favorite team of our Davis 2021 Cup winner prognosis. The presence of Rafael Nadal is a major asset, knowing that the matches organized in Madrid will take place on clay.

Unhappy finalist in 2019, Le USA Can still come to upset the plans of the Spanish. Over the past two years, Denis Shapovalov and especially Félix Auger-Aliassime have gained a lot of experience on the biggest tournaments. Behind these two selections, the Serbia of Novak Djokovic and the Russia of Daniil Medvedev are also to be monitored closely.

The best online bookmakers to make a Davis cutting prognosis

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Unlike other major tournaments (Roland-Garros, Australian Open, Wimbledon, US Open, Masters), the Davis Cup is not always present on sports betting sites.

If you want to bet on this competition, you must therefore choose your Bookmaker on line. By making this choice, you will also take advantage of several notable advantages to better prepare your Davis Cup forecasts.

To start, a welcome offer will be available when registering, generally in the form of a bonus on the first deposit or a first bet refunded.

This welcome bonus can obviously be used on tennis. Other promotions will be offered to you during the major events of the season, such as the Davis Cup final.

You will also find the types of bets best suited to this sport as well as tools designed to make your life easier: detailed statistics on each match, a cash out of the whole competition and a live space to bet live .

The advice of our experts to bet on the Davis Cup

While waiting for the start of the tournament, our experts have some advice to give you to properly prepare your Davis Cup forecasts. This observation applies to each sport, but you must take into account the specifics of tennis before betting on the competition of your choice.

The playing surface

This year, the Davis Cup is organized in three cities. The playing surface will not be the same in Madrid (clay), Turin and Innsbruck (hard). You must therefore find out about the playing surface of each match and on The preferences of each player before validating your forecasts.

The balance sheet of the season

The new Davis Cup formula is organized at the very end of the season. Some players have just lived a trying year While others have played little. Do not hesitate to consult the list of the biggest tournaments as well as the ATP ranking.

Types of betting

The best online bookmakers give you access to the types of Paris best suited to tennis: the bet on the number of points, the bet on the number of sets, the single bet, etc. In addition, the Live bet is particularly useful when it comes to making a tennis prognosis.

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Do you want to bet on tennis?

Take advantage of the advice and forecasts of our experts:

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