The Alpine Ski World Cup

Each year, the alpine ski cup brings together several thousand faithful who came to applaud their athletes. However, the enthusiasts of ski alpin Do not all have the same way to endure the colors of their flags! Indeed, when some people like to move to be at the heart of the competition, others prefer to follow television retransmissions from home, when others support their champions by betting on the net! At betting in, we allow you to win as many gains as possible on your bets by providing you with lots of predictions!

General culture point

The Alpine Ski World Cup is an international ski competition organized every year by the International Ski Federation (FIS), since 1967. This competition has been different from the Winter Olympic Games or World Championships alpine skiing since she rewards skiers on the whole of a season, and not on a single race.

We owe the creation of this special Alpine ski world cup to American Serge Lang, reporter for the American sports daily the team. The competition has since been organized each year since January 05, 1967. If the majority of the events are organized in Europe, others also take place on the North American and Asian continent. For example, races have been organized in Argentina, Australia and New Zealand.

During the Alpine skiing World Cup, the five usual disciplines (descent, slalom, giant, super-g and combined) are represented in equal races, with the exception of the handset. At the end of each event, the first 30 competitors receive a number of points ranging from 1 to 100. In addition, the winner of the general classification of the World Cup and the winners of each discipline (with the exception of the handset since 2011 ) Receive a crystal globe designed by Joska of Bodenimais, a company based in Zwiesel in the south of Germany.


Skiers who hold the record for the number of awards broken are the Swedish Ingemar, with 86 victories to his credit, and the American Lindsey Vonn on the siof of women who totaled nearly 75 victories. The Austrian Hermann Maier talls the Swedish with nearly 54 wins. Then comes the Italian Alberto fell with his 50 victories. On the women's side, there is also an Austrian on the second step of the podium in the person of Annemarie Moser-Pröll who managed to win 62 victories. Next comes the American Vreni Schneider and its 55 wins on the clock.

As for the classification by country, the Austrians squat the first step of the podium for both men and women. We then find USA and Italy on the siof of men respectively classified in 2nd and 3rd position and the same nations, but with the reverse classification, for women. However, USA does not have to be ashamed of its performance since it appears in 8th in the ranking. But women illustrate themselves more during competition by reaching 7th place in the same ranking. So we look forward to finding the Alpine skiing World Cup this year to see if the Americans will disturb themselves enough to go up their place!

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