The different types of betting

What types of bets are the most profitable? This is the question in the million American dollars! The objective of our bettor guide is to make your money. On a simple bet, it's quite doable. However, as soon as you spice up your choice a little more, by opting for a more risky bet, the stake of the match will increase in the same way as the sums of money you can win.

This is a fact, online bookmakers innovate every day to offer you remarkable services. This is also the case for sports betting. Now you are no longer just forced to select the result of 10 sports games to win. Your possibilities of earning money are much larger.

Here is an inventory of the bets available on sports betting sites. Use them according to your level, for a guaranteed victory.

  • Simple bets : You will have to select a sports meeting to bet on the final result. For sports like soccer, you have 3 possible outcomes. For others like tennis, there are only 2 outcomes on which to bet. The simple bet is the most basic bet. So start serenely by placing your money on this type of bet online.
  • The bet draw : A strategic bet to discover.
  • Combined bets : You will have to resume the terms of the simple bet to accumulate on the same coupon, several sports meetings. The ratings will multiply between them to offer you a much higher potential gain than the average. Be careful, because an error can cost you dearly.
  • Live bets : Even if they come in several forms, live bets are a good way to vary the pleasures. Indeed, you will be able to wait for the course of the sports meeting to place the best possible bet. The odds are evolving according to game situations, which offers you many possibilities to make money.
  • The betting first goalscorer :Again, the objective of this bet is understood with its simple statement! Indeed, bets on the first scorer consist, for the bettor, to try to guess who will be the first player to mark the first point of the meeting. This bet can be very interesting for bettors if they deciof to bet on a very heterogeneous team. Indeed, it will then be much easier to determine who among the team's favorites will be the most likely to mark the first point.
  • The double-chance bet :Bet completely for beginners in the world of sports bet, it will be less exciting for confirmed bettors, but still allows you to build up safe and progressive gains. The principle of double-chance bet is childish. It consists in betting either on the victory of one of the teams, as well as on the equality between the two opponents of the meeting.
  • Bets on the exact score : You must find the exact result of a sports meeting. If your probabilities of winning may seem random, there are many tips for winning these forecasts. In addition, the minimum rating of an "exact score" will be 6 on an online bookmaker.
  • Paris on scorers: As its name suggests, you will have to select the player who will mark during the meeting. The opportunities to earn money are increased tenfold, just as your earnings will be. This bet calls for a good analysis of events.
  • Asian disability bets / disability : If the ratings of favorites are sometimes very low, disability bets allow you to increase them. Indeed, a team will be able to leave with a disadvantage to catch up. These bets are very effective when your trust index is 100 %.

    The Handicap betting family incluof Paris with classic handicap and Asian handicap betting. For this second category, the approach will be exactly the same with two exceptions: the bettor will not be able to bet on a draw and disabilities of ¼, ½, or ¾ are possible. Thus, the Asian handicap bet is more difficult to predict than its classic version. Therefore, the dimensions set for this kind of betting will be much more advantageous.

  • Double-chance bets : Do not hesitate between two teams, and select both. Yes, it is possible to choose several results on an online bookmaker. Even if the dimensions remain low, we have some techniques to offer you to stimulate your earnings with this bet.
  • Long-term bets :Who will be the big champion of your favorite competition? You can guess, long before the start of this event, placing bets on the long term. If you block the money of your bet on the bookmaker, during the final outcome of the competition, the earnings you can win are much more substantial than for other types of bets!
  • Betting on half-time and end of the match :To hope to win money on half-time and end of the match, you will have to try to guess the result of the game at the end of the 1st half, but also that of the end of the match. This bet can be very dangerous for players since they will make their bets profitable only if the two forecasts prove to be winners. In short, a real expert bet!
  • The Paris Scorecast :The Paris Scorecasts are a summary of two other types of bets: the bet on the first scorer as well as the exact bet. Thus, if you want to place a bet scorecast, you will have to try to guess the name of the player who will mark the first point of the meeting, as well as the final score of the competition. The bet scorecast is therefore a rather complex bet to place which will be able to bring you juicy sums of money in case of good predictions thanks to its very attractive dimensions.
  • Paris Heinz: The bets Heinz are multiple bets which allow you to train 6 forecasts from which 57 Paris will be formed: 1 sextuple combination, 6 quintuple combinations, 15 quadruple combinations, 20 triple combinations as well as 15 double combinations. To win gains on this bet, you will have to place at least 2 correct Paris. This kind of bet is more expensive than a simple multiple bet. However, it will allow you to recover part of your initial bet if several of your forecasts are correct, and not all of your bets, as required by multiple bets. For more information about the bets Heinz, it's happening here!
  • American bets : American bets have many similarities with Paris Heinz. Indeed, it is still a multiple bet for which you will have to place 5 forecasts. This time, 26 Paris will be created: 1 quintuple combination, 5 quadruple combinations, 10 triple combinations, and 10 double combinations. Once again, you will be able to make your bets profitable if at least two of your forecasts are winners. Of course, the amount of your earnings will depress your correct bets. Suffice to say that if you manage to win all your bets, the chest will be yours!
  • The surebet : All about this technique.
  • Le Valuebet : Explanation of the calculation and this method.

The world of sports bet has developed today in an incredible way. For the beginner bettor, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate. We therefore take stock of the different types of bets that you will face during your career career.

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