Women's football: Discover all the best of this female sport

Women's football is simply the practice of soccer May everyone know and appreciate, with teams maof up only of players, women.

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The first international meeting took place on May 09, 1881 in Scotland, opposing England and this same country. Since then, he has experienced considerable boom. Discover in our article all the information on this discipline which nowadays offers a lot of prediction opportunities!

Women's football: our specialists tell you about the women's football championships

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The history of women's football is very rich and has experienced a lot of twists and turns. To be able to bet women football, you absolutely have to become an expert in this discipline, knowing in particular all his hidden side!

Everything starts in England and Scotland in the 80sWhere women start playing football and creating teams. The first international match between these two nations marks the start of history.

Unfortunately, the meeting could not go to an end after an invasion of the field (4 to 5,000 spectators were present at Easter Road that day). But everything did not start well, because the press had a really negative tone on this first match, speaking only of physical differences and techniques compared to their male counterparts.

Until 1920, women's football experienced a real boom. However, many countries declare a ban for women to play football in leagues.

For instance The British Football Association prohibited this discipline from 1921 to 1971, or the Vichy in USA regime which also prohibited women from practicing football. Fortunately, mentalities then changed enormously.

Today, women's football is modeled on male football, with the implementation of various national championships, international, European or American cuts. FIFA and all member associations now fully support this practice.

The only shadow on the board comes from the fairly low interest in the media for this sport, even if we have been able to see things evolve especially during the last major competitions such as the last women's world cup in USA in 2019 which was widely disseminated and followed! Discover now All the biggest championships and the biggest competitions!

What are the biggest women's football championships

There are championships in all countries, around the world. But as for male football, some are much more interesting and they welcome the best players in women in particular. We will review these different competitions in this part.

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National Women’s Soccer League NWSL – USA

In the United States, this is the American professional league for female soccer. It was the largest championship in the country, which maof almost all the best American football players shine.

Created in 2012, this championship is maof up of 10 clubs and takes place each year. Generally, Top Players in the US start their careers here, and then go to Europe where women's football is even more publicized.

Here are some nwsl figures,

Best female :

  • 🥇 Sam Kerr with 69 goals;
  • 🥈 Jessica McDonald with 41 goals;
  • 🥉 Christine Sinclair with 40 goals.

Best prize list :

  • Thorns FC of Portland, with 2 titles and 3 finals;
  • Courage of North Carolina, with 2 titles and 3 finals;
  • FC Kansas City, with 2 titles and 2 finals.

Latest editions :

  • NWSL 2018-2019: Title for courage in North Carolina;
  • NWSL 2019-2020: Title for courage in North Carolina;
  • NWSL 2020-2021: canceled because of the world pandemic.

The championship takes place from May to November. It has a lot of opportunities to bet and it allows you to find real nuggets thanks to the training recognized in the female football league in the US. This is one of the most influential championships for world football for us!

Barclays FA Women’s Super League – Angleterre

The England Football Championship simply brings together the entire elite of English women's football clubs. You could say that it is The equivalent of the Premier League for women.

Moreover, many people call this competition Women’s Premiership or the Ladies Premiership. Clubs are affiliated with male clubs and have the same premises. There have already been 19 editions of this championship which has 12 professional teams.

Here are some figures from the FA Women's Super League :

Best prize list :

  • Arsenal with 15 titles;
  • Chelsea with 4 titles;
  • Croydon with 3 titles (before the years 2,000).

Latest editions :

  • FA Women's Super League 2018-2019 : Titre pour Arsenal ;
  • FA Women's Super League 2019-2020 : Titre pour Chelsea ;
  • FA Women's Super League 2020-2021 : Titre pour Chelsea.

This championship takes place between September and May. He sees promoted and descending teams in the second division. Some of the best players on the planet come in English clubs to shine on the European scene and participate in many competitions such as the England Cup, the League Cup, the Community Shield or the UEFA female league !

Division 1 Female Arkema - USA

The American Women's Football Championship is certainly one of the most watched on the planet as well. This is one of the countries where some clubs have understood that women's football had a lot of potential from a financial point of view.

A lot of money was therefore invested in recruiting and training young professional. Already 46 editions have taken place, with 12 teams that make up the League.

Here are some figures from Division 1 USA :

Best female :

  • 🥇 Laetitia Tonazzi with 223 goals;
  • 🥈 Sandrine Brétigny with 213 goals;
  • 🥉 Eugénie le Sommer with 208 goals.

Best prize list :

  • Lyon with 14 titles;
  • FCF Juvisy / Paris FC with 6 titles;
  • VGA Saint-Maur with 6 titles.

Latest editions :

  • D1 Female USA 2018 2019: Title for Olympique Lyonnais;
  • D1 Female USA 2019 2020: Title for Olympique Lyonnais;
  • D1 Female USA 2020 2021: Title for PSG.

From August to June, it is possible to follow and bet on this female football championship. This is the league which welcomes some of the best teams on the planet, which very often go to the end of the famous female champions league. It is for this reason that the best world players do everything to join some of these teams, such as Lyon, or now PSG!

Female Bundesliga - Germany

The German football German championship is also called the Frauen-Bundesliga or more officially the Flyeralm women Bundesliga.

Appeared in 1990 thanks to the DFB, this championship is played out each year with 12 amateur and professional teams. The Germans love football and do not hesitate to follow the female of their heart club, until they follow them on the go to bear them with the fervor that we know!

Here are some figures from the female Bundesliga:

Best female :

  • 🥇 Inka Grings with 353 goals;
  • 🥈 Birgit Prinz with 325 goals;
  • 🥉 CONNY POHLERS with 301 goals.

Best prize list :

  • FFC Frankfurt with 7 titles;
  • FFC Turbine Potsdam with 6 titles;
  • VFL Wolfsburg with 6 titles.

Latest editions :

  • Bundesliga Female 2018 2019: Title for Bayern Munich;
  • Bundesliga Female 2019 2020: Title for VFL Wolfsburg;
  • Bundesliga Female 2020 2021: Title for VFL Wolfsburg.

From August to May, you can bet on the female Bundesliga. 132 games are played, with a lot of opportunities, because some teams shine in this league.

It should also be noted that others can be relegated to 2. F.Bandesliga each year! Large clubs like VLF Wolfsurg rank in the best world teams and manage to attract big names in football.

What are the biggest women's football competitions

Apart from the national championships, there are as for male football, several international or European competitions, whether for clubs or nations, which make a lot of noise. Our experts will present the biggest female competitions to you!

Women's Football World Cup: the unmissable event!

This international competition is the major event in this sport. The Women's Football World Cup takes place every four years, as for men.

Organized by FIFA, after qualifications, 24 national teams have faced each other in an exceptional tournament since 1991. This is an opportunity to find the best players in their own nation to win the title that all hope in a career: the prestigious Women's Football World Cup.

Here are some figures from the Women's Football World Cup:

Best female :

  • 🥇 Marta Vieira (Brazil), with 17 goals;
  • 🥈 Birgit Prinz (Germany), with 14 goals;
  • 🥉 Abby Wambach (USA) with 13 goals.

Best prize list :

  • USA with 4 titles;
  • Germany with 2 titles;
  • Norway with 1 title.

Latest editions :

  • 2011 Foot Foot World Cup 2011: Title for Japan;
  • 2015 Foot Foot World Cup 2015: Title for USA;
  • 2019 Women's Foot Women's World Cup: Title for USA.

There are only four nations in the winner of women's football. No other team has managed to win this unique competition. If you want to bet live women's football, no doubt that you have to follow this, incredible opportunities and anthology matches take place, players shine in full day during this planetary event!

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Jo Football Women: an impressive competition!

The Jo Football Women is also very followed and awaited by all fans of the discipline. Unlike boys, it is generally the best players who are aligned during this competition, which makes it exceptional.

There have currently been 7 editions, where 12 participants are fighting to win the gold medal for women's football Olympics. Every 4 years, you can find predictions Jo Foot Female.

Here are some figures from the Women's Foot Olympics :

Best female :

  • 🥇 Cristiane Rozeira of Souza Silva (Brazil), with 14 goals;
  • 🥈 Christine Sinclair (Canada), with 11 goals;
  • 🥉 Birgit Prinz (Germany) with 10 goals.

Best prize list :

  • USA with 4 gold medals, 1 silver and 1 bronze;
  • Germany with 1 gold medal and 3 bronzes;
  • USA with 1 gold medal and 2 bronzes.

Latest editions :

  • 2012 Foot Women's Olympic Games: USA winner;
  • Women's 2016 Women's Foot Olympic Games: Winner Germany;
  • Women's Foot 2020 Olympic Games: USA winner.

It is still the USAs that dominate the Football Football generally football. They take place every time during the summer Olympics. We advise you not to miss this event that punctuates the calendar of the best female football nations. Most clubs have no concern to lend their players and you will have something to benefit from the competition!

UEFA women's champions League: the cream of European clubs!

It is the most famous club competition in the world and especially in Europe. You can follow the Female LDC each year, to see the best European clubs compete for the famous cup with big ears.

As with boys, UEFA has organized this competition since 2001 for women. 62 teams qualify through their places in the league or during the qualification phase.

Here are some figures from the Champions League Female :

Best female:

  • 🥇 Ada Hegerberg (Norway), with 53 goals;
  • 🥈 Anja Mittag (Germany), with 51 goals;
  • 🥉 CONNY POHLERS (Germany) with 48 goals.

Best prize list :

  • Olympique Lyonnais with 7 titles;
  • FFC Frankfurt with 4 titles;
  • VFL Wolfsburg with 2 titles.

Latest editions :

  • 2019 women's Champions League: Olympique Lyonnais winner;
  • Champions League 2020: Olympique Lyonnais winner;
  • Champions League 2021: FC Barcelona winner.

Since its creation, only eight clubs have won this European tournament. The American club in Lyon is by far the most capped in the LDC. This is clearly the most anticipated meeting each year, which gives rise to a lot of female LDC forecasts. We invite you to follow the competition more closely!

The best women's football players

We want in this part to present the best female football players that exist. These top players are real examples and they make exploits in the clubs through which they pass. They are also idols in their respective countries and raise crowds during international competitions.


Called Marta simply in the world of football, at 35, it is simply the player with the most experience in the feminine sphere.

Currently in the Orlando Priof club, she shone in particular in Brazil, Sweden or the US during her career, but especially with her national selection. She is the best manager of the Football World Cup with 17 achievements.

Megan Rapinoe :

The 36-year-old American is the United States star. Often on the front of the stage for his exploits at the Sounders in Seattle, Sidney FC or Olympique Lyonnais and now in Ol Reign, it is a very committed woman Who is talking about her outsiof the field.

Twice winner of the World Cup, Olympic champion, and female golden ball in 2019, she is one of the icons of women's football.

Samantha Kerr :

The Australian striker is almost no longer to present. At 28, this is a real female star. For a long time between Australia and the United States, she landed in Europe in 2019 to sign at Chelsea WFC, where she becomes the best paid player in the world.

She finished in her first year, a best broker in the Women’s Super League with 21 goals and 8 assists. She is one of the most impressive women to see playing on a field.

ADA is a such aserberg :

The 26 -year -old Norvègienne is clearly the best player of her generation and can even be world football. The native of Molof has completely Exploded in 2014 when he arrived at Olympique Lyonnais And is even sacred best UEFA player in 2016.

She then won the Ballon d'Or in 2018 and managed to be the best LDC manager in 2019-2020 with 53 goals in 51 games. Unfortunately an injury is currently excluding it from the land, but it is a safe bet that it will be back!

As you can see, these big names in women's football are among the world's largest clubs. If you like this sport in general, you will necessarily take pleasure in seeing these USAors evolve!

What are the best female football teams?

You are certainly wondering who are the best teams in women's football, our experts will give you all those that will take to bet on the best results.

Obviously, over time, some clubs or selections improve, or invest more in women, that's why, like all other sports, you still have to follow the news!

United States :

It is clearly the nation that dominates world women's football. The US take everything in their path and bring out the best players on the planet of their country.

4 times world champions, 8 times champions of the Concacaf, 4 times gold medals at the Olympic Games, it is clearly the most capped nation in the history of this sport. Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe, Christen Press, Carli Lloyd, all football stars are present in this team. It is clearly a galactic nation, almost unbeatable!

American football team :

The American women's football team is Currently ranked 5th in the FIFA ranking. The Bleues are very followed, like their male counterparts, however, no international competition has yet been won by this nation.

With players like Eugénie Le Sommer, Wendie Renard and many others, women's football American team from Corinne Diacre is eagerly awaited! Indeed, the Bleues team is clearly one of the best teams on paper.

Olympique Lyonnais :

In recent years, this has simply been the Best female football club. With 7 champions leagues won and 14 division 1 titles in a row in USA, the team crushes everything in its path.

It must be said that its president, Jean Michel Aulas, immediately saw an opportunity in women's football and has invested much more money than other clubs. Now, in USA, other teams like PSG is starting to invest to recruit women! Maybe the end of a reign?

FC Barcelona :

The Catalan club has recently put a lot of money on the table to set up a high -quality women's football team. Thanks to its recruits and training, the FC Barcelona won the female Champions League in 2021And could become one of the largest European clubs.

With 6 Spanish championship titles, 8 Spanish cups and a Spanish Super Cup, the Blaugranas are currently the 1st club in the women's football ranking. So this is one of the teams to follow carefully.

VFL Wolfsburg :

Wolfsburg's wolves are a formidable team. They maof a Tripped championship, cup and LDC in 2013. Twice winner of the female Champions League, and 5 times finalists, this is the best German club.

Players like Anna Blasse, Jill Roord, Lotta Cordese, or Pauline Bremer are part of the workforce. Be careful at Bayern Munich who has been disturbing VFL's plans for a few years!

Positive opinion of American players: 100%.
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