The Grand Schical

As an loved one of tennis, you necessarily know what the famous competition consists of. On the other hand, for those who know nothing about it, a small summary point is essential.

A player who wins the Grand Chelem means that he managed to win the victory during the four major tennis tournaments that are: the US Open, the Australian Open, Wimbledon and Roland-Garros.

Thus, carrying out the Grand Chelem is a major stake and a real feat for players, but also for sports bettors who can enjoy a tournament with issues really superior to those of fixed tournaments. So let's not waste more time and let's go together to discover this competition rich in adrenaline.

General culture point

As we have explained above, winning the Grand Sch in tennis consists in illustrating during the four major international tournaments organized by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

The championship begins from January with the Australian Open and continues until the last week of August with the US Open in New York. Here is the planning of the festivities:

  • The Australian Open is organized each year in Melbourne and begins the third week of January. The meetings are organized on a hard surface, the plexicushion. So this is the first organized tournament of the season! It brings together the best tennis players of the moment, as well as a handful of young talents. Among the biggest exploits maof during this competition, we mainly retain the three consecutive victories of Djokovic in 2013!
  • American tennis internationals, also called Roland-Garros tournament, are organized in Paris from the last week of May on a clay area. One of the most important events in this tournament was undoubtedly the victory of the Spaniard Rafael Nadal in 2014 which managed to dethrone, 100 years later, the title holder of the greatest number of victories. Indeed, the previous record had been awarded to the American Max Decugis with 8 victories to his credit in 1914. Bravo the artist!
  • The Wimbledon tournament is organized in London and begins the last week of June. The matches are played on lawn. It is the oldest tennis tournament ever organized since it started in 1877. The American Pete Sampras and the American Roger Federer are the two tennismen to have won the most titles during this tournament.
  • The US Open is organized in New York. Meetings are starting the last week of August and are organized on a hard surface, the disaster. The season ends with this last tournament. At the record of the record of the number of titles won, we find, once again, the legends Federer and Sampras.

Grand Slam forecasts

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