L'Invicta FC

Invicta FC is an organization of Mixed Martial Arts Unique in Son Genre. Indeed, the Invicta FC was founded by two women Shannon Knapp and Janet Martin. This organization has maof the radical choice to offer only fights between female athletes. This original idea was born in the minds of her creators in reaction to the takeover of the Strikeforce organization by the UFC.

Indeed, the company Strikeforce offered fights between women and had in its ranks the Olympic champion Ronda Rousey. UFC president Dana White who was opposed to fighting between women did not want to welcome Strikeforce fighters in the ranks of the UFC. The Invicta FC has therefore filled a void and hired Strikeforce fighters. If the UFC has changed policy and now organizes fighting between women, the Invicta FC has not lost its popularity. We invite you to know everything about the valiant athletes of the Invicta FC to bet well.

Bets on the contenders for titles

Since its launch, the Invicta FC has only organized 16 events. Indeed, the Invicta FC organizes on average fighting every two months. If you want to bet on an Invicta FC match, the ideal is therefore to consult the upcoming event calendar on the organization's website.

Currently, the organization has a hundred fighters distributed in 6 different categories. The Invicta FC has in its ranks 3 fighters in 70kg, 18 fighters in 65 kg, 22 fighters in 61 kg, 26 fighters in 56 kg, 26 fighters in 52 kg and 20 fighters in 48 kg. These fighters compete in 3 -round games of 5 minutes to progress in the classification of contenders in the title.

The number 1 contender obtains the right to face the defending champion to win the belt. It should be noted that the Invicta FC applies the same rules as the other MMA organizations. Elbows, knees and other strangulation is therefore allowed. It is obviously forbidden to pull the hair from your opponent or hit the crotch.

In terms of Paris on the Invicta FC, American bookmakers love women and offer several bets on matches. It is therefore possible to bet on the winner, the victory method or the duration of the match.

Bets on the fights for the belt of the Invicta FC

For the time being, the Invicta FC has 6 reigning champions. Brazilian Cristiane Justino nicknamed Cyborg in 66kg, the American Tonya Evnger in 61kg, the American Barb Honchak in 57kg, the Brazilian Livia Renata Souza in 52kg and the Japanese Ayaka Hamasaki in 48kg.

The fights between a champion and a suitable for the belt take place in 5 rounds of 5 minutes. It should be noted that the fights generally go until the end of the 5 rounds due to the excellent endurance of the fighters compared to their male counterparts. Bookmakers offer several types of betting on the Invicta FC, so you can bet on the future champion, the type of victory, the duration of the match.

You can find in our guiof the best sites to bet on the Invicta FC. Good luck !

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