Value Bet: All about the method and how to use it

The dream of all sports bettors is to manage to place predictions that they will be sure to win. Unfortunately, have the assurance of being able to enjoy a Pari Sure and without risk is just an illusion. However, there are a few methods that allow you to place your bets with a calculated risk in order to maximize your chances of winning gains. This is for example the case of Valuebet. So we took care to explain to you in our guide, in detail, this infallible technique in this article in order to allow you to take advantage of it.

Bookmakers to make the best valuebets

Finding the best Valuebets is not an easy task. It requires having good knowledge in the world of sports betting, but also to play on bookmakers offering very beautiful dimensions. For this, we maof a selection of sports betting sites which offer the highest ratings on the market:

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The Valuebet, what is it?

The Valuebet technique consists in betting on a meeting whose ratings were overvalued by the bookmaker. In other words, if during a meeting, one of the teams has a rating of 1.05, but was evaluated at 1,87 by the bookmaker. Building on this team therefore amounts to making a Valuebet.

Although this technique most often bears its fruit, it still requires very good knowledge in the field of sports betting. Indeed, with this method, you must be able to assess, yourself, the probabilities of victory of the team or the player you want to bet. You will therefore have to be perfectly aware of all the parameters that can come into play during the meeting. For example, if you deciof to test this method on a horse racing, you will have to try to define, yourself, the probabilities of victory of each horse in the running. You will therefore have to rely on many criteria To form your prognosis. Once you have a precise idea on the question, you will have to compare your estimates to those of bookmakers to see if you can, or not, take advantage of a Valuebet.

How to take advantage of this method?

To be sure to find you in a situation of Valuebet, you will have to apply a simple calculation:

VALUEBET = (Coast x 100) / by the probability of the expected result.

If the result you get is greater than 1, you have a good Valuebet.

  • Example : You deciof to bet on a meeting involving a team A to a team B. Thanks to the information you have about the two teams, you think that team B 87% chance of winning on team A . The rating in favor of this team is 1.9. This is therefore to calculate: (1.9x100) / 87 = 2.19. The result is greater than 1, so it is a Valuebet. Betway is the recommended bookmaker to make your Valuebet, thanks to its high odds.

The limits of this method

As we said above, the Valuebet method can be very advantageous for your bankroll. On the other hand, it is important to note that this Sports betting probability calculation also presents its limits. Indeed, as we said above, you will have to make sure to have a perfect knowledge of the team or the player you want to bet to be able to use it as well as possible. So, if you are starting your adventure in sports betting, we advise you to gain experience in this area before you start to attack the Valuebet.

Our opinion on the ValueBet technique

The Valuebet technique is very interesting because it makes it possible to make very beautiful profits in the long term. However, it requires having very good knowledge in the world of sports. To put it in place, it is indeed necessary to take into account the information that the bookmakers neglect. So be sure to train on different sports, following our experts for example!

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