NHL prognosis: we decipher every match for your sports betting

If you are just like us absolute fans of Ice Hockey, no need to ask if you follow the National Hockey League (NHL). Founded in 1917 In Montreal by representatives of the National Hockey Association, this league brings together the largest teams and the best hockey players in the world.

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It is currently maof up of 31 franchises, 7 of USA and 24 of the United States, the latest being that of the Golden Knights of Las Vegas in 2017. So that you can succeed in your NHL forecasts and try to win many gains thanks to the magic of the NHL prognosis, our Experts accompany you throughout the season!

The history of NHL: to know before making the right NHL prognosis

Before you start your NHL prono, and go into the details of the coming season, here is a quick summary of NHL's history, even if more than 100 years of history cannot be summed up in a few lines.

The first years of the competition are hectic to say the least: the number of teams varies during the first 25 years, and between the fire of the Wanderers skating rink which causes their disappearance, the 1919 Spanish influenza pandemic which cancels for the first times the Stanley Cup and the Great Depression of 1929 which financially weakens the franchises, Everything is not easy for the NHL !

Nevertheless, it still gains in post-war popularity, notably with several notable expansions, as in 1967 where six teams joined the League.

The arrival of competitor AMH (World Hockey Association) in the early 1970s revolutionizes the world of hockey, with the creation of other franchises, the presence of European players and the end of a minimum age to play, but does not annoy the NHL which will even end up engulfing this association.

To date, fans have been able to have the honor of seeing immense legends skate, such as Maurice Richard, Gordie Howe, Mario Lémieux, Bobby Orr ... and l'Incontournable Wayne Gretzky, considered the best player of all time and winner eight times from the Hart trophy, which rewards the player of the year.

The most titled team remains Montreal Americans with 24 Stanley cuts.

Discover the operation of the NHL championship

The system is similar to that found in the NBA, namely a regular season and play-offs. The first match will take place on September 26, 2021, and the last will take place on April 30, 2022. 32 teams compete, divided into two conferences and four divisions. The NHL was recently maof up of only 31 teams, but since this year, Seattle Krakens will be able to confront others.

The 16 best franchises are then found for the playoffs, with series of 4 to 7 games for each confrontation. Finally, the winners of each conference meet in the final to try to win the Stanley Cup early summer.

Note that the Stanley Cup is one of the most prestigious trophies in the world! You will understand, you will have to adapt your NHL sports betting according to this new calendar as well as the new measures applied for this exceptional season.


🌐 Association of the West

🌐 Association of the East

Edmonton Arizona Chicago Buffalo
Montréal Colorado Columbus New Jersey
Ottawa The Angels Dallas The Islanders
Toronto Minnesota Detroit The rangers
Vancouver San Jose Florida Philadelphia
Winnipeg St-Louis Nashville Pittsburgh
Vegas Tampa Bay Washington

Do you want to bet on the NHL 2022? A word of advice, choose a bookmaker specializing in ice hockey

First of all, you need to bet on the NHL in optimal conditions. If you can trust us about the NHL prognosis, know that your earnings will be more or less substantial depending on the sports betting sites. Therefore, it is best to register with an NHL bookmaker, especially one of the members of our TOP 3. ⬇️

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By making this choice, you will benefit from Best bonuses, but also more precise statistics on all teams. This last point is of capital importance as ice hockey is A resolutely statistical sport, like basketball. This is less the case with other disciplines (football, tennis, rugby).

Finally, you can sometimes follow live matches via a service the streaming gratuit. Ideal for refining your NHL 2021 prognosis, or your NHL 2022 prognosis!

How to bet on the NHL?

In this part, we absolutely want to explain to you how to bet on the NHL in the best way. It is possible to put the odds on your siof by following some expert advice, which we deliver to you now!

Choose the right bookmaker

One of the most important points to place Expert NHL Prognosis is to choose a quality bookmaker. Indeed, there can be a lot of differences between sports betting sites in USA and this can clearly optimize your NHLs on the NHL in the long term.

Some sites offer ratings much higher than others, as well as more complete catalogs with more selections.

Our experts have done all the work for you and have established a list of specialized hockey sports site where everything is optimized for betting on ice hockey.

Whether in terms of the quality of the dimensions, the selections or the bonus offers, you can enjoy the best. It is important to choose the right bookmaker to start on this type of sport.

Bet only on ratings that report

It’s quite logical, but few players think about it, indeed a lot persists in betting on very low ratings and teams that are too largely favorite in a match.

Placing hockey sports betting on dimensions at 1.1 is indeed not interesting at all. The risk/gain ratio is not to your advantage, because this sport reserves a lot of surprises, even when a favorite is emerging.

We advise you to target ratings that can really bring you and which can cover certain losses that will necessarily arrive.

No player, whether beginner or expert, can have a 100 %success rate, which is why it is absolutely necessary to aim dimensions adapted to your success rate. Our experts do not touch on the odds of less than 2, but each its strategy!

Play results with extensions included

What can be very interesting when you want to make an NHL hockey prognosis is to bet only on results with extensions included.

It happens very frequently in this sport that the teams are declining after regulation time, this type of bet allows to draw a draw And gives you a chance that your team wins during extra time or penalty shootout.

In addition to this, the dimensions with extra extensions are not much lower than the dimensions in regulation time. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of this security just to earn more money in the event of a gain.

On the long term, It will save you several times. However, do not hesitate to place a victory in regulation time on certain meetings all the same!

Know your level in hockey

It is very important to know your level and your knowledge related to hockey before developing a strategy and betting on this sport. Indeed, many American bettors are only counting on this sport but are actually specialists from another.

You have to succeed in being honest towards yourself and bet only on what you know.

Although you can also bet on the NHL just looking at the statistics, it is still important to bet according to your level, so as not to take unnecessary risks.

If your level is not yet up to it, do not hesitate to reread our article to soak up this league!

Manage your money / Bankroll

We will never say it enough, but the management of your bankroll is certainly the point to respect the most to place NHL prono. You must absolutely set a budget, bet fixed stakes according to your capital and respect them at any time.

Our experts always advise to place a maximum of 5 % of your bankroll by nHL ice hockey prognosis.

By acting in this way and managing Your money in the right way, you can remove the whole psychological siof and the fear of losing that handicaps most bettors in the country.

Whatever your bet, you will know that you can lose it, without jeopardizing your total capital!

Take an interest in the free nhl hockey bet

Often, the various bookmakers offer offers, including free bets to test the application or applications in particular. The Free Paris NHL have two large advantages. The first is first Pécunier. In the event of an error, there is no loss to the key, enough to play your NHL prognosis with the released spirit.

The other advantage of the free NHL hockey prognosis is obviously linked to the first, it is being able to play relaxation will push us to analyze and look seriously on ice hockey and NHL.

3 bookmakers in USA to bet on the NHL
1. Betway100% exclusive bonuses up to $ 300 on your first deposit To bet
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How to make a good NHL prognosis?

To make a good NHL prognosis, it is absolutely necessary to take into account several points, as do the experts of this sport. In this part we will deliver the secrets of a complete and quality analysis, which is used to increase your chances of victory.

Evaluate the teams before the season

Before the start of hostilities in the National Hockey League, we advise you to assess each of the franchises during pre-season games And during the Drafts and Mercato of off -season.

By analyzing the teams before the start of the championship begins, you will have ahead of the bookmakers and you can detect interesting dimensions.

To do it, nothing better than following NHL news Through American newspapers, but also to follow pre-season meetings.

If you are really interested in it, you can get a lot of information that will help you a lot at the start of the regular season, while many bettors only discover the franchises.

Know the issues of the meeting

NHL meetings often present completely different issues. Whether at the start or end of the season, different reasons may mean that one of the two teams, or both, be forced to win.

This can indeed be A match that counts For the qualification for the playoffs, for the title of division or even in front of a direct competitor at the start of the season.

It should also be noted that different teams are rival, whether at the sporting level, but also in the stands.

This is the case with Boston bruins and Montreal Americans, who are the two franchises that have met the most in the history of the League and who have a lot of stories behind them. You have to take into account the challenges to bet, it can change the situation!

The history of matches

Before betting, you must also consult the history of the previous meetings of the two competing teams. Indeed, this will give you a real overview of the franchise shape And how they are before apprehending the next match. Previous statistics are often very useful for making hockey sports betting.

Our experts advise to watch the history of matches between the two teams to find out if recurring scores arrive, or if one of the two is the other black of the other.

Also, you should be interested in Last five meetings Carried out by the two franchises, to find out exactly in which dynamic the players are. Most selected bookmakers offer this type of statistics.

Become a specialist in the various Paris markets

To place a good prognosis on the NHL, you absolutely have to become an expert in the markets and the catalog offered by the bookmakers. You have to Know what it is possible to bet To be responsive at any time and not miss any opportunity.

Whether at the level of the goalscores, Paris score exact, you can find by analyzing the match of pretty blows to do!

Nothing better than Frequently consult the available selections On the different NHL meetings to be able to impregnate this and become a specialist over time.

This part is often overlooked by American players who remain fixed on their achievements and who only bet on the selections they already know.

Keep an eye on the injuries

During your NHL analysis, you must absolutely find out about Potential injuries who touch the teams. This can have a colossal influence on the outcome of a meeting, simply because an absent player can have an influence on the entire team of the team. Obviously, if he is a player can get used to playing, it is not the utmost importance.

In order to know injuries or absences, you must consult the news of the NHL as regularly as possible, but also Pre -game team compositions.

Some players can injure themselves during training, during a match or even have physical embarrassment just before the game. You have to be very attentive!

Know the place of the meeting

The place of the NHL match is very important! Indeed, fans of the different franchises are of real help when they are at home and can clearly give a Additional motivation to players.

Most stadiums are closed and this is clearly conducive to electrical atmospheres. Hockey may be a sport that is played on the ice, but the stands are on fire!

You can know this information generally about the details of the meeting, from your bookmaker or on a sports information site. You will also see that most teams playing at home in NHL are favorite At the level of the rating, as it can make the difference.

The types of bets to bet on the NHL

Now that you have all the tips for preparing and making a good free NHL prono, we want to present the main bets that are available on the American Bookmakers market in this part.

Le moneyline

This is the most played prognosis in USA, indeed, it is the American version of a simple bet on the winner. This one has only two outcomes, team A or team B, simply because the extensions are included.

The Golder Bet

You can obviously bet on scorers during the American championship meetings. These NHL hockey forecasts require a good knowledge of the championship, but can be very interesting.

Many players score dozens of goals every season, if you analyze the percentage of success of the attacker N ° 1 Faced with the opposing goalkeeper, you can find great opportunities.


This ice hockey bet allows you to Find the number of goals that will be scored During a third time or an entire meeting. Generally, several options are offered by bookmakers and you only have to choose if there will be "more" or "less" than this proposal.

It is a well -used bet, because the NHL is often rich in goals and the deductibles are formidable in attack.

Paris 1 X 2

The 1x2 bet is also widely used in the country, this time, it is about bet on the result of the match at the end of regulation time. Extensions are not included, this means that you can also bet on the draw. Obviously, the dimensions are higher than on the Money Line, since there are three possible outcomes.

Winner Breaper NHL

This time, it is a long -term bet that is used in the strategy of many American bettors. It simply allows you to place a Building on the end winner of the NHL And this, from the start of the competition.

If you have done a good analysis of the franchises before season, you could find who will win the championship and touch a good rating, and succeed in very fruitful NHL forecasts!

NHL prognosis for the 2022 season

For the next NHL 2021/2022 season, our experts already wish to give you their ice hockey prono, in order to guiof you on the winner potential.

The last season ended in the best way for Tampa Bay Lightning which won the Stanley Cup after high quality playoff.

They came to the end of the Indomitable Montreal Americans in a very fast series where there were 4-1. Despite the exceptional season of Colorado avalanche, that was not enough for them to get the title.

Here are the favorite teams under the title:

  • Colorado Avalanche at 6 of the side;
  • Las Vegas Golden Knights at 7.50 side;
  • Tampa Bay Lightning at 8.50 side.

We believe that this year should succeed in the avalanches of Colorado. The team showed a lot of strengths in the previous season and should use the experience acquired to go further in the next Playoff. Our prognosis will therefore turn to Colorado Avalanche wins the Stanley Cup, without hesitation!

Our predictions by section for the regular season

Our experts have analyzed the 4 teams who are most likely to access the play-offs to try to win the Stanley Cup. This is why we share you Nos pronostics To help you best in your future Paris.

West section

The Colorado Avalanche is at the top of its section followed by the Golden Knights of Vegas and the Wild of Minnessota. These 3 teams are largely at the top of the ranking. Fourth place is, however, tighter. The duel will be between Blues of Saint Louis and the Coyotes d’Arizona.

Section Nord

The Maple Leafs are at the top of their section. Winnipeg jets as well as Edmonton's Oilers also proviof their places for play-offs with a comfortable number of points. Fourth place should return to Montreal Americans.

Section Centrale

The Lightning of Tampa Bay, the Hurricanes of Caroline as well as the Florida Panthers provided their place to be part of the 16 teams of the play-offs. If the Predators of Nashville Continue on their launch, they should not have any problems to qualify.

East section

Very largely in the lead, the capitals of Washington, the New York Islanders and the Pittsburg Penguins have validated their access to the play-offs. even though Bruins of Boston The most likely to get fourth place, it will be necessary to monitor the philadelphia flyers as well as the New York Rangers.

What are the statistics of Paris NHL?

To best know the future NHL teams and scorer meetings, you must first know what happened previously. To remedy this, here is a summary table of the last ten NHL seasons.

Year Winner Finalists score Titre Top scorer - final phase Top scorer - main phase
2020 / 2021 Tampa Bay Lightning Montreal Canadiens 4 – 1 3ème Nikita to Cheburov
  • Russian
  • Tampa Bay Lightning
  • 8 buts 24 passes
Connor McDavid
  • American
  • Edmonton Oilers
  • 33 buts 72 passes
2019 / 2020 Tampa Bay Lightning Dallas Stars 4 – 2 2nd Nikita to Cheburov
  • Russia
  • Tampa Bay Lightning
  • 7 buts 27 passes
Leon Drais
  • German
  • Edmonton Oilers
  • 43 buts 67 passes
2018 / 2019 St Louis Blues Boston Bruins 4 – 3 1er Brad Marchand
  • American
  • Boston Bruins
  • 9 buts 14 passes
Nikita to Cheburov
  • Russian
  • Tampa Bay Lightning
  • 41 buts 87 passes
2017 / 2018 Washington Capitals Vegas Golden Knight 4 – 1 1er Evgeny Kuznetsov
  • Russian
  • Washington Capitals
  • 12 buts 20 passes
Connor McDavid
  • American
  • Edmonton Oilers
  • 41 buts 67 passes
2016 / 2017 Pittsburgh Penguins Nashville Predators 4 – 2 5th Evgeni Malkin
  • Russian
  • Pittsburgh Penguins
  • 10 buts 18 passes
Connor McDavid
  • American
  • Edmonton Oilers
  • 30 buts 70 passes
2015 / 2016 Pittsburgh Penguins San Jose Sharks 4 – 2 4th Logan Couture
  • American
  • San Jose Sharks
  • 10 buts 20 passes
Patrick Kane
  • American
  • Chicago Blackhawks
  • 46 buts 60 passes
2014 / 2015 Chicago Blackhawks Tampa Bay Lightning 4 – 2 6th Tyler Johnson
  • American
  • Tampa Bay Lightning
  • 13 buts 10 passes
Jamie Benn
  • American
  • Dallas Stars
  • 35 buts 52 passes
2013 / 2014 Los Angeles Kings New York Rangers 4 – 1 2nd Anze Kopitar
  • Slovenian
  • Los Angeles Kings
  • 5 buts 21 passes
Sidney Crosby
  • American
  • Pittsburgh Penguins
  • 36 buts 68 passes
2012 / 2013 Chicago BlackHawks Boston Bruins 4 – 2 5th David Krejci
  • Czech
  • Boston Bruins
  • 9 buts 17 passes
Martin St Louis
  • American
  • Tampa Bay Lightning
  • 17 buts 43 passes
2011 / 2012 Los Angeles Kings New Jersey Devils 4 – 2 1er / Evgeni Malkin
  • Russian
  • Pittsburgh Penguins
  • 50 buts 59 passes

In addition, here is a table with the victory and defeat statistics of the teams depending on if they play at home or outside. This summary allows you to see more clearly on result habits. We learn in particular that once APPERRIVATED in overtime, it is often the team outsiof who wins the meeting,A surprising statistic.

Situation % victory % defeat
Home team 53.7 % 46.3 %
Outdoor team 46.3 % 53.7 %
Home Team Win in regulation time 55.5 % 44.5 %
Outdoor team is gaining in regulation time 44.5 % 55.5 %
Home Team wins in overtime 44.6 % 55.4 %
Exterior team wins in overtime 55.4 % 44.6 %
Home Team wins at penalties 51.7 % 48.3 %
Exterior team wins in penalties 48.3 % 51.7 %

Need an NHL prono? Discover our favorites below and the best odds available

Specialized bookmakers give you the opportunity to place an NHL sports bet on the winner of the competition. Each team has a high rating So it’s a complicated bet. However, you just need to regularly follow our NHL Expert prognosis to reduce risks.

Indeed, you will be aware of the latest info thanks to this section devoted to NHL hockey prognosis.

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  • Colorado Avalanche - 5.00 Sur Betway
  • Vegas Golden Knights – 8.50 sur Betway
  • Carline Hurricanes - 11.00 on Bet99 Sports
  • Washington Capitals – 15.00 sur Betway
  • Tampa Bay Lightning – 8.00 sur Bwin

To finish, do not hesitate to consult the list when establishing your NHL hockey prognosis

Finally, we have gathered on this page the records that forged the legend of this championship, which will certainly be useful for each prediction of Hockey NHL is a winner! And if that does not help you for the forecasts, it is your general culture that will come out of it!

The most successful teams 🥇

  • 1 - American Montreal (24)
  • 2 - Toronto Maple Leafs (13)
  • 3 - Red Wings Strait (11)
  • 4 – Boston Bruins et Chicago Blackhawks (6)
  • 5 – Edmonton Oilers et Pittsburgh Penguins (5)

The legendary matches of NHL 🔥

Here are some iconic matches in the history of the NHL:

  • Toronto St Patricks vs QUBECC BULLDOGS YOU'S 1 FEGIREMIED 1920: This match seems to be very distant, and neither of the two teams exists today under the same name (the Saint Patrick of Toronto are called the Maple Leafs of Toronto today, while the Bulldogs of Quebec have disappeared). But this meeting is known, because Joe Malone, a Bulldog player, scored 7 goals in a single meeting, and allowed his team to win 10 - 6, a record. Joe Malone also has the record for the number of goals scored in a period, 4, a performance he achieved 3 times, in each third time.
  • Boston Bruins vs Toronto Maple Leafs of February 8, 1976: More recent, this confrontation is also the scene of a prolific record. Indeed, Darryl Sittler broke the record of the most prolific player, being involved out of 10 of the 11 goals of his team which won 11 - 4 against the Bruins. During the meeting, he scored 6 goals, but also delivered 4 assists.
  • Blackhawks VS Bruins du 25 novembre 1942 : The confrontation of the current teams of the Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins gave rise to the goal of the youngest player in the history of the NFL. Bep Guidolin, 16 years old and 350 days scored the 2nd goal of his Boston team, and allows them to return to 3 -2 in the game to finally leave on a parity score 5 -5. He will beat a few days later New record, that of the youngest player to reach 5 points, by delivering 3 assists and scoring two goals, again against Chicago, at 17 and 34 days.
  • Quebec Bulldogs vs Americans of Montreal of March 3, 1920: Fans of Americans still alive (if there are still some) will remember their whole life in this match. Indeed, Montreal wins part 16 - 3 and therefore registers more than 15 goals in one game, a record unequaled since.
  • Sabres of Buffalo VS Maple Leafs Toronto du 19 mars 1981 : Buffalo was on fire during this meeting, and crushed his opponents 14 - 4. But the record for this part takes place at a very precise moment in the meeting, during the second period, because 9 goals were registered by the Buffalo, Against 3 for Toronto. Gilbert Perreault three times, Derek Smith, Ric Seiling, Craig Ramsay, Andre Savard twice, and Danny Gare all participated in this big Buffalos festival.

The greatest winners of the Hart (best players) trophy

  • 1 - Wayne Gretzky (9)
  • 2 – Gordie Howe (6)
  • 3 – Eddie Shore (4)
  • 4 – Howie Morenz, Bobby Orr, Bobby Clarke, Mario Lemieux et Aleksandr Ovetchkine (3)

The greatest winners of the Vézina trophy (best goalkeepers)

  • 1 - Jacques Plante (7)
  • 2 - Bill Durnan Et Dominik Hasek (6)
  • 3 - Ken Dryden (5)
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