March Madness 2022: All about the NCAA championship

CompetitionNCAA 2022
HourlyMonday April 4, 2022
Our prognosisGonzaga victory
Cote3.25 (Make 100 USAs and win 325 USA)

Our prognosis

Gonzaga victory
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A historic competition

Created in 1936, the NCAA Basketball Championship celebrates its 83rd edition this year. It is therefore an even older competition than the NBA, the first edition of which took place in 1946. The NCAA opposes American universities teams, these being divided into three divisions. The first division is the most publicized and is regularly broadcast on television.

Some rooms fill up to 10,000 spectators per game. Most NBA American players have passed through the NCAA, hence the interest in this university competition. In recent years, however, The best players There are no longer a very long time in NCAA: instead of the usual four years corresponding to their university course, they now prefer to join the NBA at the end of their first year.

The progress of March Madness

The final tournament From the first NCAA division takes place in March and still arouses real enthusiasm in the United States. We are talking about March Madness - translation La Folie of Mars - to qualify this event. the March Madness 2022 is scheduled from March 15 to April 4 and will bring together 68 university teams: the 32 winners of the tournaments of each conference as well as the 36 teams designated by the NCAA selection committee.

The final phase of the NCAA takes place in Several distinct stages. To start, the First Four allows you to sort between the 8 teams considered to be the weakest. At the end of this preliminary tower, the remaining 64 teams are distributed in the four regional tournaments with direct elimination: west, east, south and midwest. The 4 winners then find themselves on the occasion of the Final Four With, as a highlight, the grand finale!

Favorite teams for the 2022 edition

This year, the semi-finals and the final of the Final Four will take place on April 2 and 4 at Caesars Superdome from New Orleans. Even before the start of March Madness, some teams are already given favorite to reach the last square. It must be said that the regular season maof it possible to identify first certainties as to the victory chances of each team ...

The Bulldogs of Gonzaga have notably flew over the West Coast Conference and can therefore start dreaming of the first university title in their history. Last year, the bulldogs bowed in the final against Bears of Baylor. The task promises to be complicated for the title holder. Indeed, the Bears have lost their best player, Jared Butler having left for the NBA on the siof of the Pelicans of New Orleans. The start of March Madness 2022 on March 15 will obviously identify other armed teams for the final victory!

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