MMA prognosis: win your bets with our combat experts

MMA, also called Mixed martial arts In American, was born in the mid-90s. This sport, which mixes the techniques of several combat sports such as boxing, struggle and jiu-jitsu, has come close to media banish and remain prohibited in certain parts of the world .

However, many progress is emerging. For example, for a few years, MMA has been authorized in USA. Therefore, you will see here how to maximize your earnings by performing the bon Sports prognosis on the MMA.

The best books to bet on the MMA
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Our free forecasts to bet on MMA

Saturday March 26, at 4 p.m. (10 a.m., H.C.) Prognosis Martinez vs Warrington: IBF title, featherweight

Bookmaker MMA: Discover our free comparison

We will start our article by presenting our list of the three best books to place an MMA sports betting.

This list was created after hours of comparison and analysis from our experts, it is offered for free to all our American readers!


We absolutely have to offer you the Bookmaker Betway among this list of the best bookmakers to make sports betting on MMA in USA. Indeed, this is one of the best known sites in the country for sports betting in general, but it is also a real expert in this sport. Partner of many football clubs, this is one of the market leaders and we understand why!

Here are the advantages of :

  • Possibility to touch up to $ 300 bonus USA from your first deposit;
  • Present for more than 10 years on the market, the site has a lot of experience;
  • A high quality mobile application, available on iOS and Android.

We greatly advise you to discover this site if you want to place MMA bets, it is happy with thousands of players around the world for several years and is clearly one of the pioneers! UFC and fighting sports are very well represented on Betway.

Spin Sports

Our team had already presented Spin Sports in a complete review on our site. This is one of the most reliable MMA prognosis sites that we have met and has become in the space of a few years one of USA's most popular bookmakers. You will quickly understand why by discovering the advantages offered by Spinsports.

The advantages of

  • A free bet offered to new players up to $ 200 USA;
  • Unwavering security with in particular an SSL encryption which protects your data 24 hours a day;
  • Boosted dimensions available on a lot of events like MMA.

The forecasts are very simple on this platform. In addition to offering a fairly complete catalog, a lot of à la carte sports, you will have access to very useful features for modern bettors. We understand why American and Quebec players are constantly telling us about this site!

PowerPlay Sports

It is a site that deserves to be even better known than it is. PowerPlay Sport has undeniable assets that are recognized through everyone in gaming and its popularity continues to grow in the country. On this very modern site, bettors can place MMA prono with ease, with many advantages to the key!

Here are the advantages of :

  • A welcome offer to receive $ 250 Freebet USA;
  • The presence of all sports in the site's catalog, with a wiof variety of selections;
  • Ribs available above most bookmakers, making it possible to optimize your earnings as much as possible.

It is also possible to play online casino on PowerPlay, players appreciate this platform not only for its advantages, but also for its diversity in entertainment. Hours of games are possible and the assurance of being able to bet on the MMA during each event. This is clearly the rising star in the world of online bookmakers!

Know everything about competitions to make your MMA sports betting

On our site, we want to share with you as many MMA sports bets as possible. Our experts have selected several competitions on which they deliver detailed analyzes to allow you to optimize your earnings to the maximum.


The Bellator MMA, formerly called the Bellator Fighting Championships, is the second organization mixed martial arts in America. This organization was created in 2008 by Bjorn Rebney. If the company has only 135 fighters, it offers the main weight categories of Flyweight (57 kg) in Heavyweight (120 kg).

The Bellator offers the particularity to organize tournaments To designate the pretender number to the belt. The stars of the Bellator MMA are now Vitaly Minakov, Liam McGeary, Andrey Koreshkov, Will Brooks, Patricio Freire and Marcos Galvão.


L’UFC is today the most Big organization of MMA. Indeed, the UFC has 400 fighters and organizes events around the world.

If the UFC was born in Las Vegas in 1993, it regularly crossed the border to offer fights in USA. American stars of the UFC organization are called Georges St-Pierre, Patrick Cote and Rory Macdonald. The Bookmakers offer bets On the UFC with each event. You can bet on the fight winner, the winner of each round, the duration of the fight.

L'Invicta FC

L'Invicta Fighting Championships or Invicta FC is an American organization of mixed martial arts. Its particularity is to welcome only female athletes. If the Invicta FC was born in 2012, it quickly became a major organization in North America.

This success is explained by the quality of its fights and by Its free broadcast Live streaming on the Internet. Since 2013, the Invicta FC has been broadcast on TV in Pay-Per-View and has to face the UFC competition which welcomes many fighters in its organization. The height of happiness for bettors, online bookmakers offer bets on the Invicta FC.

ONE Championship

The ONE Championship is a MMA organization based in Asia. Launched in 2011 by entrepreneur Chatri Sityodtong, she quickly became the number 1 organization in Asia. Championship fights are broadcast in 75 countries and on the ESPN TV channel.

The most popular fighters of the One Championship are called Shinya Aoki, Bibiano Fernandes, Ben Askren, Roger Gracie, Brandon Vera, Jadamba Narantungalag and Jens Pulver. He is possible to bet On one championship fights on American bookmakers.

How to make sports betting on MMA?

This part will be useful if you want to bet on the MMA of yourself, deliver your own analyzes and optimize your earnings as much as possible. Our team offers you the best tips to start placing MMA bets.

The different organizations

First of all, you need to know the context for which the fight takes place. It is important to know the Different MMA organizations which can exist. Know that fighters can have more or less motivation during a fight and it can simply come from the competition in which he participates.

Here are the different MMA competitions:

  • One Championship ;
  • Bellator ;
  • UFC ;
  • Cagewarrior ;
  • Invicta FC.

The different organizations are managed by different instances and the rules can therefore change from one to the other. It is essential to know them to be able to bet in all conscience and to know the context in which the fights take place. The first point for a good Perfect is therefore to know the different organizations!

Choose a reliable bookmaker

You should never rush to quickly place an MMA prognosis on any site. Players must carefully select the bookmaker MMA That they will choose, simply because a good sports betting site will optimize its long -term earnings and change the situation. We want to explain to you now how to choose a good bookmaker:

  • Compare the available dimensions On the various bookmakers and discover which one offers the best dimensions on the MMA to optimize its earnings;
  • Choose a site that offers the most interesting bonuses in terms of amount but also conditions, from registration to loyalty;
  • Select the most specialized operator in MMA And which offers the most events and competitions, so as not to miss any opportunity.

Rest assured, we have done all this work for you and our team managed to select three bookmakers that will suit you perfectly to bet MMA. You should not go blindly, because it can compromise your chances in the long term.


It is impossible to bet on the MMA in the best way without knowing this sport and without interested in it. This is an environment where a lot of news and capital information fall every day, which can each time influence the outcome of a fight.

This is why you should consult as much as possible sites specialized in MMA news to find out the latest information before placing your MMA prognosis.

Although most of these sites are in English, you can use a translation tool to get ahead of other players.

Capital information may be for example to know what state of form are the fighters, but also if have personal concerns or even rivalries that take shape over the days. News are used a lot to bookmakers to fix the dimensions, you must slip into them to detect the right opportunities.

The best books to bet on the MMA
1. Betway100% exclusive bonuses up to $ 300 on your first deposit To bet
2. BwinA bonus of 100 % up to $ 200 To bet
3. Bet​99 Sports100 % exclusive bonus up to $ 600 To bet

The type of betting

Several types of bets exist on the UFC, it is impossible to imagine betting on this sport without knowing the possibilities available to you. You can place your bet by finding the right opportunities if you know exactly what is possible.

Your analysis of the fights will take another dimension by really leaning on the types of MMA Paris.

Here are the possible bets at MMA:

  • Number of rounds : It is a question of betting on the number of rounds which will take place during the fight, before a KO or a TKO took place and that the match is arrested for victory of one of the fighters. These dimensions are generally quite high, but can be very interesting, especially when one of the athletes usually finish the fight in a round;
  • final winner : It is the most common and easiest bet to place, it allows you to find who will win the fight, whatever the way (by decision of the judges, KO, TKO). It is a bet with only two exits and the dimensions are therefore necessarily lower.

Above all, you shouldn't embark on this adventure with your eyes closed, you have to prepare the ground and arrive in the ring or in the cage with all the weapons available to you.

Thanks to all these tips, we hope that you will become an expert and that you now understand how to bet on the MMA. So, Bet on Mixed Martial Arts In the best way without delay!

top bookmakers
1. Betway100% exclusive bonuses up to $ 300 on your first deposit To bet
2. BwinA bonus of 100 % up to $ 200 To bet
3. Bet​99 Sports100 % exclusive bonus up to $ 600 To bet
4. Uni​bet100 % up to $ 500 on the 1st deposit To bet
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