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Mr Play Sport: our opinion on the young American bookmaker

100 % up to $ 200 offered

Mr Play Sport is a brand new bookmaker in USA! Will it be up to American bookmakers? Our team conducted the investigation!

Bookmaker review

The MR Play brand was created in 2009, with the MR Play casino, but the sports betting part dates from 2019. Since then, this Bookmaker maof a name for himself, especially in the countries of northern Europe, such as Germany, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, or the United Kingdom. It has the distinction of offering raised ratings in the English Premier League for Football, and in the NBA (American first division of basketball).

Our opinion on the Bookmaker Mr Play

Before going into detail on the services of the site, here is our opinion, with the strengths, and the weak points of the site.

The strong points

  • The number of languages: Mr Play offers many different languages, and in particular many English derivatives, depending on the country. In total, you can find the site in American English, English in England, English in the United Kingdom, Arabic, German, and Spanish.
  • The casino part: At the start only a casino, Mr. Play kept from this period a very wiof choice of games and publishers, enough to find the one that suits you without.
  • The wiof range of sports: In total, Mr. Play offers around thirty different disciplines, but especially hundreds of different competitions. Very supplied in football, basketball, or tennis, it especially has the particularity of being specialized in ice hockey, a rare specificity in the world of sports betting.
  • Client service : Mr Play decided to make a point of honor to honor his commitments as well as possible and to satisfy his customers, and that shows! You can them 7 days a week and almost 24 a day thanks to its questionnaire on its site, a luxury that few bookmakers can afford to have.
  • The welcome bonus: It is not uncommon for bookmakers to offer up to 100 % of your first deposit, but that it can go up to $ 200 remains an exception in this environment.
  • Money transfer means: Whether for deposits, or for withdrawals, Mr Play offers many possibilities. In total, around twenty ways to deposit or withdraw money that is possible.

The weak spots

In terms of defect, we can note some black dots, here are ours:

  • L’application mobile : Even if there is a version suitable for mobile, nothing can compete with the ease of use of a mobile application. Even if the creation of an application would be in the small papers, this remains for the moment a defect.
  • The cash out: This very practical feature is apparently not available (or at least we have failed to access it), shame.

The point of view of users on Mr Play

So that you can make your own opinion, you must first obviously test this bookmaker for yourself, but in the meantime, here is the return of three players interviewed:

  • Simon 18 years old: "Rather happy with my experience, I wanted to embark on sports betting, and my friend Maxence advised me Mr. Play for his wiof choice of Paris for basketball and hockey, and on that, nothing to say. However, the obligation to go to the site on my phone without application makes the experience less cool. »»
  • Jules 22 years old: "I have already tested many bookmakers, and Mr. Play did not disappoint me, and on the contrary surprised me a lot. Its welcome bonus is exceptional and I was able to recover $ 180! »»
  • Etienne 49 years old: "It was my son who told me about this betting site, and I'm very happy with it. Expert in football, I was able to find all my favorite competitions, and much more! Follower of cash out, I am however a little disappointed that it is not proposed. »»

La plateforme Mr Play Sports

Now that you have the opinion of several people, here is everything you need to know about MRPLAY, and to start, let's look at its operation, registration, and the mobile application.

How does MRPLAY work?

The site is very instinctive and therefore very easy to use. At the top of the site, you will find a casino part, a live casino part, a scratch cards part, a promotions part, and a sports part. For the rest of the explanations, we will only focus on the part that interests us, that on sport.

In the sport part, you will find five tabs:

  • A "best offer" part: In this part, you will find all the meetings currently live. Within this game, you can only select the sports you want, to see what you prefer to see.
  • A part "My favorites": In this part, you will find all the competitions, the matches, and the favorite teams. To do this, you must select the ones you prefer or who make you earn the most, to have access more quickly.
  • A "Strengths" part: This is the same category as better offer, but this time with future best games to come. Again, you can select the sports you want.
  • A "horse race" part: Unsurprisingly, you will find in this category, everything that happens and what is live for horse racing. This time you can sort them by country welcoming the race, practical to have a direct view of your favorite circuits.
  • A “Mr Play Bataille” part: Here you will find all the information on your current tournaments currently. To find out more about this, we advise you to read the part on the bonuses, presents below in this review.

Beyond the upper part, you can choose the event of your choice with the Sports listed on the left of the site. In each of them you will find the competition of your choice classified by country the welcoming, then once inside, you will find all the matches currently offered by the Bookmaker website.

How to register on MRPLAY?

If you want to take the plunge and register on MRPLAY, here is the procedure to follow:

  • Go to the tab inscription Mr Play.
  • Then click on register.
  • Return in turn every information that will be requested in complete safety, your name, first name, date of birth, user name, pseudo, password, address, email address, etc.
  • You are now registered, and once you have maof your first transfer, you can take advantage of the whole site.
  • Do not forget to take advantage of the welcome bonus, which has a deadline (14 days), and other conditions (more information at the bottom of this review).

Play on Mr Play with mobile application?

It is always practical to be able to play and bet from your smartphone, and Mr Play offers you this possibility thanks to his optimized site.

There is no mobile application for the moment (this should happen in a few months), but in the meantime you can bet with the same features from your mobile, because the site has been adapted to this format.

To access it, simply go to your Internet research browser, type www.mrplay.com, to access the site. You can then connect, allow your browser or not to hold your personal information, and especially to put this site in favorite to be able to access it without difficulty.

The bonuses that Mr Play offers you

Today, the bonuses have become an omnipresent distinctive sign and each bookmaker hopes to get their competitors on this specific point.

Mr Play is no exception and here is a summary of possible bonuses on their site. Let us remember all the same that each of the bonuses mentioned are likely to evolve over time.

1. Mr Play Sport$ 200 offered when registering To bet

What is the welcome bonus?

Mr Play's welcome bonus is both clear and very advantageous for registrants. The bookmaker offers you 100 % of your first deposit, up to $ 200 ! This bonus, however, has some conditions, here they are:

  • Players who decided to choose Paypal, Neteller, Paysafe, or Skrill are not eligible for this welcome offer.
  • Your first deposit must be between $ 10 and $ 200. This offer must be strictly reserved for the first deposit, and it is reserved for once per household.
  • To recover them you will have to play the sum at least 9 times, and within 14 working days. Each of the bets for bonuses must be greater than or equal to 2.00. If you deciof to play a handset, each selections must be at least 1.40.
  • Handicap betting (except disability 3), Paris without drawing, forecast Paris and Tricast, higher and lower bets, disabled/drawn and indecisive bets, bets with collection function, free or risk -free bets are All invalid to be eligible for the bonus.

What are the regular bonuses?

Regularly, Mr Play offers ephemeral bonuses. Here is a short presentation of those currently visible on the Bookmaker website:

  • Play boost : Thanks to this offer, you can win up to 77 % more. This offer has no limited duration at the moment.
  • Enter the Battle of Punters : This offer is a competition between players, which allows the winner to pocket a large sum. Once on the application, select a tournament, and join the race. Each of the tournaments has specific rules, and the entry is free, so you have nothing to lose by entering it.
  • Premier League Match Day Battles : This offer is also a competition, this time specialized for the Premier League. You have to bet at least 5 times, and the one that has won the most points can hope to win a jackpot. The first in this ranking will win $ 300, and it is the first twenty in the ranking that will be winners.
  • Euro Elite Battles : This tournament is like the one on the Premier League, but this time focuses on European football competitions, the Champions League, the Europa League, and the Europa Conference League.

On which sports Mr Play offers you to place your bets?

Mr Play offers many sports, but above all many competitions. In football in particular, the bookmaker allows you to bet on the biggest international competitions such as the Champions League, the Europa League, the African Cup of Nations, the Europa Conference, the World Cup, etc.

Even for national competitions, Mr Play is not to be outdone, and hundreds of competitions are available in more than 35 countries, in England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Italy, Spain, USA in USA , in Algeria, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ghana, Greece, Hungary, India, Iran, Israel, Lebanon, In the Netherlands, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, USA, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

To make you a full summary, here is a table with sports and competitions available on this bookmaker:

Sport Main competitions Other accessible competitions
Horse races English competitions
  • Lingfield
  • Wolverhampton
  • Southwell
Scottish competition like Musselburgh
tennis Grand Chelem tournaments
  • Roland garros
  • US Open
  • Open the Australia
  • Wimbledon
Other ATP or WTA competitions
  • Adelaiof tournament
  • l’ATP Challenger Forli
  • NBA
  • NCAA
  • ABA League
  • EuroLeague
  • NBL (Australia)
  • NBB (Brazil)
  • CBA (Chine)
  • NBL (Czech Republic)
  • Finnish championship
  • American championship
  • German championship
  • Men Super League (Iran)
  • Super League (Israel)
  • LKL (Lituanu)
  • Energy Basketball League (Pologne)
  • VTB United League (Russie)
  • Extraliga (Slovakia)
  • KBL (South Korea)
  • Turkish Championship
Football NFL NCAA
Car race All Formula 1 circuits /
Football Australia AFL /
baseball MLB
  • Korean championship
  • Japanese
Boxe & Beauty Combat UFC /
Cricket Indian Championship Big Bash League (Australie)
  • Tour of USA
  • Tour of Flanders
  • Italian Tour
Various races
golf Various courses Various courses
Lifting race Perry Barr (English race) Various races
  • Champions League
  • NHL (American championship)
  • Bundesliga (German championship)
  • Spanish championship
Ice Hockey
  • NHL (American championship)
  • Champions League
  • Extraleague (Belarus)
  • Western Hockey League (Canada)
  • Extraliga and Liga Chance (Czech Republic)
  • The metal league (Danemark)
  • Mestis et Finland SM League (Finlande)
  • Del 2 (Germany)
  • Optibet Hockey League (Lettonie)
  • The Elite Series (Norvège)
  • Polish Hockey League (Pologne)
  • VHL and KHL (Russia)
  • 1. Liga and extraliga (Slovaquie)
  • SHL, Allsvenskan et Hockeyettan (Suède)
  • NLA and NLB (USA)
Rugby to xv
  • Top 14 (American first division)
  • Super League (English first division)
  • Six nations tournament
NRL (English second division)
Billiards Championship League The Masters
volleyball Middle European League
  • Belgian Championship
  • Brazilian championship
  • Championship League (Championnat Finlandais)
  • Bundesliga (German championship)
  • A1 Women (Women's Greek championship)
  • Championship Italy
  • PlusLiga (Polish championship)
  • Superleague Women (Russian female championship)
  • V League Women (South Korean Women's Championship) Turkish championship
Water polo world Cup
  • Champions League
  • Championship Italy
  • Euro League Women
  • American election
  • Best sporting personality in the BBC
  • Cinema reward
  • Golden Globe
ski Slalom Masculin of Zagreb Zagreb female slalom
    10 Km d’Oberhof masculin
  • 4 x 7.5 km relay for the World Cup
7.5 km the Oberhof Féminin
Cross -country ski Women's ski tour 15 km Mass Start /

Sports and competitions are likely to evolve over time. Also, a lot of sport has a gaming / eSport part, another specialty of MRPLAY. The scene Sport Pure is also represented, with many competitions on several different games.

What are the possible types of Paris on Mr Play?

Once your discipline and your match have been chosen, you must then choose the right type of BET, to make your investment as well as possible. So we maof you a small selection of some of the bets available on Mr Play:

  • The Pari Simple: It is the most common and easiest to use solution. Just choose a single selection on a match and then bet the amount you want. You then win a sum equal to your Multiplié by the rating of the event. For example, if you bet $ 100 on a dimension at 1.8, you will win $ 180 (100 x 1.8 = 180).
  • The combined bet: This type of bet is the most used solution by players. It consists in adding several selections to earn more money. But unlike simple bets, it allows you to gain larger gains, because the odds are multiplied with each other. So, if you choose dimensions at 1.80, 1.50, and 2.10, and you put $ 100, you will win 567 American dollars (100 x 1.80 x 1.50 x 2.10 = 520). However, if one of the selections is losing, the whole ticket falls into the water.
  • Multiple bet: Subseed solution, and also called system bet, it allows you to earn a lot of money at a lower risk. To do this, simply select several selections on several different games (between 3 and 6), and to select how many good games minimum will have to be good. The bookmaker then generates bets combined with all the possible combinations of your selections, the more winning matches, the more money you will win.
  • They seem them to take exactly: Risque, the exact bet allows you to enjoy a big advantage: very large dimensions. You can hear the exact selections indicating the exact end result of a match. Not available in all sports, you can enjoy it in football, tennis, or ice hockey. It is also possible to bet the exact score that there will be at the end of the first half.
  • The goalship bet: Again, it is not valid on all sports, but gives a beautiful alternative to classic bets. Very popular in ice hockey, rugby, but especially in football, it consists in choosing a player, or a duo of player who will register more or less goals during the meeting, a half, or a Precise period of a match. In basketball, it is possible to bet on the performance of a player, on his number of points, rebounds, assists, or several combined data.

What payment methods MR Play uses?

Before explaining to you with detail how to deposit and withdraw on the site, here are the different transfers options accepted by the site, which we have summarized in this summary table:

Transfers Accepted for deposits Accepted for withdrawals
AstroPay Card ✔️ ✔️
Ban ✔️ ✔️
Bank Wire ✔️ ✔️
Transfer ✔️ ✔️
EasyEFT ✔️ ✔️
ecoPayz ✔️ ✔️
Entropay ✔️ ✔️
eps ✔️ ✔️
Eutler ✔️ ✔️
Giro Pay ✔️ ✔️
iDeal ✔️ ✔️
Instadebit ✔️ ✔️
interac ✔️ ✔️
Maestro ✔️
MasterCard ✔️ ✔️
Muchbetter ✔️ ✔️
Neteller ✔️ ✔️
PayPal ✔️ ✔️
Paysafecard ✔️
Skrill ✔️ ✔️
Instantly ✔️ ✔️
Trustly ✔️ ✔️
VISA ✔️ ✔️
Zimpler ✔️ ✔️

All minimum withdrawal and expenses are at least $ 10.

How to deposit on MRPLAY?

To deposit money on your MRPLAY account, nothing could be simpler, here are the steps to do one by one:

  • Click on Your MR Play account At the top right of your screen. If you are already connected to enter your username and password, and if you are not yet, create an account now, following the procedure to follow a little higher in this review.
  • Click on the button To file, then choose the means of deposit you want, from the present list, which you can also also find in the summary table of possible means of transfers on MRPLAY.
  • Choose The amount you want to deposit On your account, which must be a minimum of $ 10.
  • The sum should arrive in a few seconds, and you can take advantage of it from the entire site.

How to withdraw on MRPLAY?

To withdraw money, manipulation is not more complicated, here is the procedure to follow:

  • Click on your Mr Play account at the top right of your screen. If you are already logged in your username and password, and if you are not yet, Create an account From now on, following the procedure to follow a little higher in this review.
  • Click on the button Remove, then choose the means of withdrawal that you prefer from the list offered by the site. You can find this same list just above, in the summary table.
  • Choose The amount you want Remove from your account, and which must be at least $ 10.
  • The sum will arrive on one of your accounts in less than a week, and often less according to depends on the means of transfer used.

What about the quality of MRPLAY customer service?

Mr Play is very attentive to his customers, and has implemented its service "C.A.R.E", the acronym of Customers Are Really Everthing, which means "customers are really all".

For this, they suggest you them from their site directly. Their service is available 7 days a week and 8:00 a.m. to midnight, almost continuously!

It is an online response service, which in exchange for your name, your first name, your email address, allows you to select a subject, andExplain your questions or complaints in a dedicated space.

Mr Play's partie casino

Creating in 2009, Mr Play Sport was not born until ten years later, in 2019. The reason? It is that it all started with A casino part, and it was only after Mr. Play has become a respected bookmaker. So you can still enjoy this part today, and also win money in the online casino, ideal for waiting during sports meetings.

The casino part Mr Play is very supplied, and it contains Over 1000 different games, of several dozen different publishers !! In addition to all these slot machines, Mr Play CASINO offers you a live casino service, which allows you to play your favorite but live games.

In this category, you can find roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, and many other games.

In addition to all this, you can enter the world of online casinos Maof in MR Play with an advantageous welcome bonus, and 100% of your first deposit offered up to $ 200.

1. Mr Play Sport$ 200 offered when registering To bet

MRPLAY: frequent questions

🌍 What are the languages available on Mr Play?

In addition to English and American, Mr. Play offers several languages, and has the distinction of being available in several types of English. Discover here the different languages offered by the bookmaker…

Is MR Play legal in USA?

The young bookmaker is of course available and legal in USA, as well as his bonuses. Discover here the countries where Mr Play is not available ...

🧐 Is there a MR Play mobile application?

There is no mobile application for the moment, but the bookmaker still offers you the possibility of taking advantage of its optimized site for mobile phones. Discover here the advantages of using Mr Play Mobile

To bet

General info

  • American Players are accepted
  • Nom: Mr Play Sport
  • Internet address: https://www.mrplay.com/sport/
  • Online since: 2017
  • Jurisdiction: malta games authority, andited kingdom games committee
  • Languages: 6

Bonus info

  • Bonus maximum : 200$
  • Bonus first deposit : 200$
  • Bonus Match: 100 %
  • Minimum deposit : 10$
  • Bonus counter : –

Payment options

Take advantage of your $ 200 bonus on Mr Play Sport!To bet