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Netbet: a site with big bonuses for USA players

Up to $ 50 of bonuses offered on your 1st deposit

Working alongsiof professional sports real, Netbet is able to proviof you with an unparalleled Paris offer. On Netbet, you will find the best products and bonuses. There is something for every taste !

Bookmaker review

The online Paris site, Netbet, is not in its first hours of glory. Indeed, this Bookmaker East Available on the market For some time now, but has continued to attract an ever more growing number of online bettors. Its concrete promotional range is obviously a shock asset to unite the largest number of sports betting lovers.

To allow you to discover, in detail, the very promising services of the bookmaker, we have concocted you This very complete review. Our net Bet opinion is not to be taken with tweezers. Bet on your favorite teams and bet big on the best online dimensions will become child's play.

On this review, you will be entitled exclusively to our Netbet Reviews, not on the Netbet Poker section, which remains very popular, but on the Bookmaker Netbet.

This 100 % sport review will allow you to put your finger on all the advantages of the bookmaker. Netbet USA is one of the most respected American bookmakers, and it's not for nothing ... Here you will learn more about sports betting available, as on the best promotions.

Our return to the Netbet Reviews

Before going into site details, here is our full review on the interface and offers from Netbet in the first place. For this we have drawn an advantage and a bonus part, two non -exhaustive lists.

Netbet's advantages

Here is a first list of the strengths of this bookmaker:

  • The live bet: Key and classic feature, Netbet has decided to put an upper point in live bets, to be able to allow you to take advantage of your intuitions during a meeting. Each month, more than 25,000 lives are available!
  • Le streaming : Few bookmakers offers you the chance to be able to watch certain sports meetings live, and Netbet has decided to offer it to you. In addition to being able to follow a live meeting, this will allow you to make a better opinion on the meeting, and which, combined with the betting functionality, can prove to be formidable.
  • Transfers: Today, the accounts and the means of transfers are increasing, and Netbet offers you a whole slew, enough to find, without a doubt, your happiness.
  • The net bet sport: In total, more than 30 different sports and events are available, a real opportunity, especially when you know that competitions are also there.
  • L’application NetBet mobile : While many are content to ffa an optimized mobile site, Netbet goes up a gear, and offers you to download the application directly from the Play Store or the Apple Store.
  • Client service : It is normal to have questions during your customer experience, and, to be able to best meet your needs, Netbet invites you to reach them in four different ways, a real chance. You can reach them by email, by cat, by Twitter, where to find your answer directly in their FAQ.

Netbet's drawbacks

Despite many advantages, Netbet has some disadvantages here they are:

  • Not available 24 hours a day: Despite rapid responses and from several different channels, customer service opens at 8 a.m. and firm at 11 p.m., a large time slot, but no ultra-deployibility.
  • No phone number: Despite a real effort on customer service, you will be impossible for you to speak in an advisor.
  • No VIP club: Some bookmakers offer a VIP club for the most loyal customers, which is not the case Netbet. They prefer to reward their customers with netbet bonuses and regular offers.

The point of view of users on Net Bet

To give you other netbet opinions, we decided to question three customers of this bookmaker, who will give you at the same time their note:

  • Massoud 19 years old: "I started my experience with the Netbet site, and I'm very happy with it! The welcome bonus allowed me to get started well, and its interesting ratings allowed me to reach my first goal, that of $ 200, I recommend 5/5. »»
  • Hugo 26 years old: “It all started badly, with an error on my net bet bonus. Impossible to reach them by phone, which annoyed me a lot, but after long exchanges by email, I ended up being reimbursed as planned. But afterwards, my experience could greatly be improved thanks to their wiof selection of esports and gaming. Mixed experience, I would put the average of 2.5 / 5. "
  • Mélanie 42 years old: "Tennis fan, I was able to take full advantage of my experience thanks to the live bet and streaming, which allowed me to gain a lot thanks to my instinct. No real negative point, application that may deserve a little facelift, but that's it, 4.2 /5. »»

The Netbet platform

So that you can see more clearly on the different features of the site and how to use it, here is a first presentation of the different functions.

How does NetBet work?

No doubt, the Netbet USA website is smelling good sport! Indeed, you will discover on the bottom of the lobby a green lawn as well as a soccer ball. What put you in the bath from your first seconds of navigation. The Netbet sports betting site is available in7 languages including English and American.

In addition, the various sections present on the Net Bet interface were perfectly organized in order to make you benefit from a very intuitive navigation. And if you like online casino games, go to Netbet Vegas with its arcaof and chance games. Your netbet connection will be facilitated thanks to the rather intuitive interface of the site. When you visit the platform for the first time, you will just as easily find the button "Netbet Connection».

How to register on Netbet?

Once convinced of Netbet's efficiency, do you want to be accompanied to register? This is exactly the object of this part, where we are going to support you step by step:

  • Go to the Netbet website, or click ICI To get there directly.
  • Click on the SUCCESS button, which is either in the middle of your screen, or at the top right of your screen.
  • Find a nickname and a password that are accepted by the site (number of characters, type of character, etc.)
  • Return the requested information, the name The first name and the date of birth of course, but also a copy of an identity document, proof of residence, and many other essential documents for the opening of an account. The number of documents is explained by security that Netbet wishes to highlight.
  • Then drop the amount you want to take advantage of the Welcome Bonus (A part entirely devoted to registration is available below in this review).
  • Once all these steps are made, you can take advantage of the whole site, and all its features.

Play on NetBet with mobile application?

The bookmaker also planned everything for bettors in motion! A netbet mobile version is now available on smartphone or a tablet. Winning a kitty can be done at any time since betting live can be a way to validate a lot of bets on Netbet Mobile. You will have the choice to download the application, or if you are a more occasional player, to play directly on Netbet.com Mobile.

Of course, if you are not comfortable with new technologies, do not hesitate to download the operator's software from its site, or to play in flash on its games (which we will see in a moment) . For this, go to the Play Store, ou l'Apple StorE to acquire it in one click. The application is obviously available in several countries, including USA, USA, USA, or Belgium.

The bookmaker offers you net bonus

As stated in the introduction of this article, the bookmaker offers interesting netbet bonuses. Indeed, as soon as you register, the bookmaker offers you a welcome bonus of 50% on your first deposit, all, capped at $ 50. So, if you choose to deposit the sum of $ 100, the Netbet Bonus will make you benefit from an additional $ 50. This welcome offer allows you to automatically credit your account to bet much more!

1. NetbetUp to $ 50 of bonuses offered on your 1st deposit To bet

In addition, if you deciof to place your bets on Netbet via your mobile, the bookmaker will offer you a "netbet promo code" bonus of $ 10 for your first bet. Added to this is a 50% cashback bonus on all your losing bets if a goal is scored in the last five minutes of a Premier League meeting. The Netbet Bonus really benefit the playability of online bettors. We can therefore say that The promotional aspect of Netbetsport is rather interesting.

Everyone can have a different netbet opinion, but the betting team in USA can guarantee that this is one of the best deals on the market.

Find out on which net bet sport you can bet

The quantity and quality of sports on a bookmaker has become a primordial selection criterion. Here is the long list of all the sports offered by Netbet:

⚽ Football 🎾 Tennis Pronostics Open the Australian & pronostic Roland-Garros) 🏀 BasketBall 🎮 Virtual sports
🕹️ Sport 🏐 VolleyBall 🏒 Ice hockey ⚾ Baseball
🤾 Handball 🏓 Table tennis 🎯 darts 🏉 Rugby to XV
🏉 Rugby to Xiii 🏈 American football 🏏 Cricket 🚲 cycling
🎱 billiards 🩳 MMA 🏎️ Formula 1 🥊 Boxing
⛳ Golf 🥅 Futsal 🦘 Football Australia 🥇 Olympic Games
❄️ Winter sports 🏑 Floorball 🍀 Football Gaelique ☘️ Gaelique Hurling

In addition to all these sports, Netbet invites you to bet on horse or levy races, as well as events that do not depend on sport, as politics (American election for example), or Various awards, as the title of the best actress, or the best director.

In addition to all these sports, many competitions are also accessible from the site. There are obviously the classics, such as the World Cup, the European Cup, the African Cup of Nations, The Champions League, the Premier League, the Bundesliga, Ligue 1, series A, La Liga, the Six Nations Tournament, Roland Garros, NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB but not only!

Much less known competitions are also offered by Netbet, like the Ethiopian Premier League of Football, the Zambian, Indonesian, or Rwandan championship, but also the Lebanese or Taiwanese basketball championship, lots of small competitions, which few bookmakers represent, and which can be real nuggets with a little upstream research.

What are the possible types of Paris on Netbet

Having interesting ratings, and a wiof choice of sports is very interesting, but to take full advantage of it, it is obviously necessary that the types of Paris offered are interesting! Here are some of the types of bets available on Netbet:

  • The Pari Simple: As its name suggests, it is the easiest type of bet, and easiest to understand. To do this, simply choose a dimension on an event and bet on it. If your prognosis is made, you pocket you an amount equal to the product on your siof your stake. For example, if you deciof to bet $ 100 on a dimension at 1.90, you will earn $ 190 (100 x 1.90 = 190).
  • The combined bet: This is the most common way to gain a lot with a low bet. This type of bet will allow you to choose several events on different matches, and to multiply the odds between them to reach a very interesting total rating. Thus, if you bet $ 100 on a dimension at 1.80, 1.5, and 2.5, you will earn $ 675 (100 x 1.8 x 1.5 x 2.5 = 675). However, if only one of your selected ratings is losing, your whole ticket falls into the water.
  • Multiple bet: Also called system bet, this is the least widespread, and yet the surest solution to win money with a lower risk. To do this, you will have to select between 3 and 8 selections on different events, and indicate how many of them will have to be good. The bookmaker will automatically generate several combined bets, and the more correct selections there will be, the more money you will win!
  • The goalship bet: It is one of the sure values of sports betting, and one of the darling of bettors. It allows you to choose the player who will score a goal during the meeting, with several possible variants, such as the double chance scorer, the scorer in a precise period or half-time, the scorer combined with one of the two winning teams, And many others, the choice is immense. It is valid on several sports, including football, but also on ice hockey for example. Variants exist in other sports, such as rugby, where you can designate the player who will register a test, basketball or you can indicate the performance of a shooting player, rebound, or in the passes, or even In American football, or you can choose the player who will write a touchdown.
  • They seem them to take exactly: Obviously more risky than the others, the exact bet is very interesting for its very high ratings. It allows you to give the scoring in advance that there will be at the end of the match, half-time, or a quarter. It is especially widely used in football, or goals are sometimes not very numerous, but also in ice hockey, with this time monstrous dimensions, unlike basketball or rugby, two sports or the number too high points makes the bet score exact impossible, and unavailable. There is also an exact score variant for tennis. It is indeed possible to define the number of games there will be in the match or in the set, as well as the exact score in set, at the end of the game.

What netbet bonus payment methods do?

To credit your player account and withdraw the benefit of your bets, Netbet provides you with many payment methods. Indeed, you will be able to make a deposit or a withdrawal using a Bank transfer, a credit card like Mastercard and Visa, just like with Skrill, Neteller and Webmoney electronic wallets.

You can also credit your Netbet account using a Prepaid ticket of Ukash and Paysafecard type, or simply use the E.CARD electronic card specially designed by Netbet. If you are a winner, don't fear! All the best sites use these payments online so that your money is safely placed. Thus the choice of payment methods is vast to place your sports bet.

Note that the use of certain means of payment - known as alternative means - may make you benefit from specific netbet coof - more commonly called "Coof Promo Netbet». Less expensive, more practical, operators like Netbet promote the use of these new means of paying on the net. A little extra that can make a big difference. To summarize, here is a summary table, of all the deposits and withdrawals authorized by the Bookmaker site:

Transfer Valid for a deposit Valid for a withdrawal Removal time
VISA ✔️ ✔️ Within 72 hours
MasterCard ✔️ ✔️ Within 72 hours
PayPal ✔️ ✔️ within 48 hours
Paysafe ✔️ Impossible withdrawal
Skrill ✔️ ✔️ within 48 hours
Neteller ✔️ ✔️ within 48 hours
ecoPayz ✔️ ✔️ within 48 hours
Trustly ✔️ Impossible withdrawal
Instantly ✔️ ✔️ within 48 hours
Bank Wire ✔️ ✔️ Within 5 days
Sides ✔️ Impossible withdrawal
Webmoney ✔️ ✔️ within 48 hours
Eutler ✔️ ✔️ within 48 hours
Giropay ✔️ ✔️ Within 24 hours
Much Better ✔️ ✔️ within 48 hours
QIWI ✔️ ✔️ within 48 hours

No additional fees is applied to deposits, and withdrawals are therefore free.

How to deposit on Netbet?

To deposit on this bookmaker, here is the procedure to follow, explained by us, step by step:

  • Go to www.netbet.com Then click on your account at the top by right.
  • Return your username and password to access your Netbet account, or register if it is not already done (more information at the start of the article).
  • Click on your wallet, then on The Place button
  • Choose a payment method accepted by the site, then choose the amount, which must be a minimum of $ 10.
  • You should receive this amount in a few moments, so you can take advantage of the whole site.

How to withdraw on Netbet?

To withdraw, the process is slightly different, here is what to do to withdraw money from your Netbet account:

  • Go to Netbet Then click on your account at the top right.
  • Return your username and password to access your Netbet account.
  • Click on your wallet, then on The Remove button.
  • Choose a withdrawal moof validated by the site, then choose the amount you wish to withdraw (it is possible not to want to withdraw your entire amount acquired on the site).
  • You will receive your money between 24 and 72 hours, depending on the withdrawal moof you have selected.

What about the quality of Netbet customer service?

Need help on the Paris of Netbet website? No problem ! You can count on the Bookmaker customer service to fly to your rescue. Using an online form and a live cat, you can the agents of the Netbet site 7 days on 7, from 8 a.m. to 00:00.

So do not hesitate to take advantage of it in the event of problems concerning the rules of the game, the conditions for obtaining a Coof Bonus Sans Depot Netbet, the world of gaming, netbet Android compatibility, legislation or of course, addiction and dependence.

Netbet Casino part

Netbet is not just Bookmaker. Indeed, you can add the Online casino From NetBet to all these services offered! A bunch of online and chance games await you to entertain you otherwise. Discover a selection of exceptional casino games such as slot machines, roulette, blackjack, or Baccara games. Netbet Poker also offers the most strategists, high -level online poker tables in an immersive universe.

Everything is good to make your bankroll fatty with the Casino Netbet Casino games, you can even try them for free and without registration before you start!

1. NetbetUp to $ 50 of bonuses offered on your 1st deposit To bet

Netbet: frequent questions

As there are regular questions about each of the bookmakers, we decided to anticipate them, and answer four of them, common.

✅ What are the sports available on Netbet?

Netbet offers many sports and competitions. In total, almost 30 sports are offered, as well as special events, such as individual awards, politics, or gaming.

If you want to know more about it, the whole list is available on the site.

✅ In what language is available Netbet?

Today, bookmakers must offer a site in several languages, and that, Netbet has understood this. This is why you can use the interface in seven different languages, American and English of course, but also German, Greek, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish.

✅ What are the currencies accepted by Netbet?

In addition to offering a wiof selection of transfer methods, Netbet offers you to invest in several different currencies, the American dollar of course, but also the Brazilian real, the pound sterling, the euro, the Romanian currency, the dollar American, and the American franc.

✅ How to Netbet?

Being able to communicate regularly with your bookmaker is a real , and Netbet offers you several channels to have the answer to your questions. First there is the FAQ, but also a live cat, an email, and a so that you can talk to them at any time.

The opinion of the editorial staff on Netbet: 4.9/5.
To bet

General info

  • American Players are accepted
  • Nom: nett
  • Internet address: www.netbet.com
  • Online since: 2001
  • Jurisdiction: malta games authority
  • Languages: 10

Bonus info

  • Bonus maximum : –
  • Bonus first deposit : 100€
  • Bonus Match: 100 %
  • Minimum deposit : 10$
  • Bonus counter : –

Payment options

Take advantage of your $ 100 bonus on Netbet!To bet