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When you deciof to bet on major sporting events, you must know a minimum of the sport on which you want to bet, but also the bet that will benefit the most compared to your knowledge, your means and your analyzes of the meeting. To find out which Types of betting You have to place according to these criteria, you have to know a maximum! It is for this reason that we present to you today the double-chance bet. You will be able to add it to your list of essentials to be able to use it when you judge it appropriate.

Discover the best books to bet on the double chance bet

The pari double chance Today is offered on a large majority of bookmakers. Nevertheless, the ratings for this type of bet vary enormously. So be sure to play on the best platforms to earn maximum money:

1. Betway100% exclusive bonuses up to $ 300 on your first deposit To bet
2. BwinA bonus of 100 % up to $ 200 To bet
3. Bet​99 Sports100 % exclusive bonus up to $ 600 To bet

What is the double-chance bet, what is it?

Please note, this bet is not necessarily available on all sports, or all meetings. The bookmaker that offers the double-chance must make sure to limit your chances of winning so as not to break and without annihilating your hopes of success. The calculations are complex, and it would be too long to explain how the bookmaker decides or not to add the pari double-chance On this or that match of such or such sport. The fact remains that this bet is easily explained by itself. You have a double-chance to win. Either on the victory of a team or a player, or on equality. At least, if your favorite team does not win, you can limit the damage by betting on equality. It is very important to specify that the rating will be not very interesting on a double-chance bet. In question, the high probability that your bet will be realized. Also note that this type of bet is available both on a half-time or end-of-match result.

  • Example : You want to bet on Atletico Madrid against Real Madrid. On this derby, you think that Atletico Madrid will not lose the match. So go to the best bookmaker for paris double chance, Betway, and play on a Colchoneros victory/draw. You will spend a beautiful 1.80 rating if Atletico does not lose its match!

How to use the double-chance bet?

This bet takes great success with players, which is not to displease bookmakers. Even if they are not available all the time, they are still largely represented on the sites of sports betting operators. If you see one available on the meeting on which you had planned to play, do not rush. Give yourself a few moments of reflection to assess your chances of earnings and look carefully if the rating is really interesting on your favorite site. Do not hesitate to compare the dimensions using a comparator to best optimize your bet!

Our opinion on the double-chance bet

It all depends on the context of the bet and the analysis you will meet on which you have planned to play! If you are almost sure that one of the outlets is completely fanciful, then prefer a pari double-chance Rather than a simple bet, you will gain more in change. Yes, the dimensions remain relatively low, but patience is one of the best qualities of a bettor. It is better to play small and win proportionally, than to grill all your budget without thinking and to have to wait to be able to play again. We would therefore advise the double-chance bet to beginner bettors, or the eternal prudent who put their capital with sparing and in an extremely thoughtful manner. As we have advised you above, if this bet interests you, take the time to take a look at a rating comparator To make you as much as possible! Good luck !

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