The MVP - "Most Valuable Player" - from the NBA

Bet on the NBA offers a multituof of opportunities to win money. Yes, because the best championship of the world of basketball is full of markets on which it is possible to place a prognosis. Of course, you will be able to win very simple bets on the winner or the best scorer in a match. But if you want to vary the pleasures and add a little more suspense to your bets. We have the solution !

It is now possible to place your money on the MVP of the season. Yes, you know, it is this trophy that gratifies the best player in the NBA. The best in all this is that the ratings of bookmakers are really interesting. It's up to you, but we already have some tips to help you win your prognosis.

What is a MVP?

Every year, the MVP trophy rewards the best NBA player during the regular season. More commonly called " Most Valuable Player This title is generally awarded by journalists. However, a ballot has been awarded since 2010 by supporters on the Internet since 2010. The NBA player who gets the most points, obviously wins the trophy.

Offered to the big winner, just after the end of the regular season, the MVP trophy includes several criteria for its allocation. Generally, it is the individual statistics of the players, the assessment of its franchise, but also the media and marketing character that are taken into account.

Last year, Oklahoma’s leader Russell Westbrook was appointed MVP of the regular season. He succeeds Stephen Curry who had won him twice in a row. Also discover the most titled NBA players in the history of the championship:

What are the types of Paris available?

On online bookmakers, several types of bets can allow you to place your bet on the future winner of the MVP trophy. However, we recommend that you use the "winner" bet that allows you to bet at Long-Terme. Clearly, you have to bet on the future MVP before the season begins. If you will only have access to your earnings at the end of the regular season, the ratings will be much higher. In addition to this title, other possible bets are available to you throughout the NBA season:

  • The MVP of the finals (rewards the best player on the NBA final).
  • The MVP of All-Star Game (rewards the best player in the match between the selection of the West and the East).
  • The best defender of the year.
  • The rookie of the year (rewards the best player who has maof his first season in the NBA).

Our tips for winning your prognosis

If you too want to guess who will succeed Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook, while pocketing a beautiful chest, you will have to focus on your analyzes. Indeed, betting on the long term presents risks, but can be very lucrative if you make good observations. We therefore advise you to look:

  • The quality of the workforce of a deductible.
  • Players' statistics during the season.
  • Individual statistics during the meetings if you wait for the start of the season before betting.
  • The physical and mental form of the player in question.
  • The dynamics of the franchise and its calendar.
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