Handicap / Asian handicap bet: all about these bets

You have exceeded the status of experts in terms of online sports betting but you want to benefit from an additional challenge. What would you say to measure yourself at the Asian disability bet, also known by the term "Asian Handicap", by our English-speaking friends? This Paris type may seem quite complex at first glance, but you will see that we will bring you the necessary explanations! You will discover the principle of these bets, which will be accompanied by a simple example. We will also try to evaluate the popularity rating of these bets with Asian disability with players!

Our best books for bets in disability

To take advantage of the best offers from Paris in Handicap et Paris with Asian disability, you have to play on the best books. To avoid a long search, we have selected for you the best special disability platforms:

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Handicap sports betting: the principle

If you master perfectly basic online sports betting, and you are sure of the result of a match, in this case, try the Sports bet in disability ! You will have to issue a simple sports bet, that is to say to choose the winner of the match, but not only! Indeed, you will have to add a level of difficulty to your bet to benefit from much more advantageous dimensions! The Paris with classic handicaps Are maof by adding a goal gap to your prognosis. We are going to explain to you what this corresponds to through our example below!

The handicap bet: the example

Do you remember the 2019 Champions League final, which opposed Liverpool to Tottenham? Well know that like a good number of players, we also bet on the outcome of the meeting at Bet in USA.ca! We have of course opted for a Looks like handicap on Betway, undisputed leader in the matter. In view of the issue of the meeting, there was money to be made! We therefore proceeded as follows: bet on Liverpool which wins with a handicap of 1. Result of the match: 2-0 and a beautiful rating of 3.80 in the bag of our experts.

Our advice to win at Paris Handicap

If you want to try your luck on a Online sports betting at Handicap, you will be able to go solo, or trust your bookmaker! Indeed, these are very often good advice, since they will inform you of the probabilities of gain of your bet by giving you significant ratings, which will speak of themselves! On the other hand, if you want to go solo, know that it is important to take into account three criteria: knowing the room for maneuver of your team, understanding the issues of the match and opting for a bet on the outsider in disability!

The principle of asian disability bet

One of the sporting disciplines on which the Asian handicap bet Rage, it's football! Here, the handicaps will never be whole numbers, but rather decimals, or even fractions, which will either be added to the team which will be the weakest, or deducted from the team considered to be the strongest. You should know that on these bets, a victorious team is counting on a match on which it will be halfway apart or more. This is a so -called "clear" victory, while a victory with a quarter of a difference will be a so -called "limited" victory, which means that you will not win all the earnings.

An example of a Asian handicap bet

To better understand this type of bet, here is our Explanation of Asian handicap. PSG meets Bordeaux in Ligue 1 match! PSG is widely given favorite, the dimensions on simple victory are not advantageous. If you see a wiof PSG victory, you can for example bet on PSG -1.75. This means that if you bet $ 100, $ 50 will be placed on PSG -1.5 and $ 50 will be on PSG -2. 3 cases then arise:

  • PSG wins the match with 3 or more goals: you win the entire bet.
  • PSG wins the match with 2 goals apart exactly: you win half of your bet (PSG -1.5) and are reimbursed for the other half (PSG -2)
  • Bordeaux wins the match, draw or lose the match of a goal: you lose your bet.

Our opinion on the betting for disability / Asian handicap

The Handicap / Asian handicap bet is very interesting because it allows you to bet on unbalanced matches on which it was not interesting to bet at the origin. Indeed, it allows you to take advantage of attractive ratings when you think that a match is one -way, or to insure the blow when you think that a team will resist more than it was planned.

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