Exact score: the type of bet that guarantees you big odds

The sports betting sites available in USA offer different forms of bets according to your forecasts. If you have assimilated betting to beginners, it is time to attack you The upper level To seize all the opportunities present online!

With the bet on the exact score, you can notably benefit from the highest dimensions. This Type of Bets However, is quite perilous and it is advisable to know all the specifics before you start. With this in mind, our guiof will explain everything you need to know to find the score exact you match.

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The best books for an exact bet score

If you want to bet like a professional, you need to put the odds on your side. This involves playing on the best platforms of the moment and, in this case, to find the bookmaker score exact which most meets your expectations.

In particular, you must favor operators who offer diversified types of bets, generous bonuses, but also the best dimensions on the market. Here is our selection of the best books to make an exact score prognosis:

Our selection of favorite bookmakers in USA - September 2022
1. Betway100% exclusive bonuses up to $ 300 on your first deposit To bet
2. BwinA bonus of 100 % up to $ 200 To bet
3. Bet​99 Sports100 % exclusive bonus up to $ 600 To bet

The concept of bet on the exact score

The concept of Bet on the exact score Finally turns out to be quite simple to assimilate. This can also seem surprising insofar as this type of bet remains very difficult to succeed. As its name suggests, the exact score is to properly guess the end result of a sporting event.

You must therefore both find the gross result (Victory of Team 1, draw or victory of team 2) and the number of goals / points scored by each of the two teams. We usually find this type of bet on team sports whose final score remains quite minimal: ice hockey, football and rugby. However, this is the exact 100 football score that is the most widespread on online bookmakers.

The exact betting bet can thus be declined in several forms:

  • The exact score after regulation time;
  • The exact score by including any extensions;
  • The exact score at halftime;
  • The exact multichoix score with three possible results instead of one;
  • The exact score adapted to other sports (example: the number of sets won by each of the two players in a tennis match).

Many players can testify, this type of bet is quite complex since you have no guarantee to find the score exact 100% fiable. If we take the example of football, the possibilities and the choice of score are extremely numerous in one match. Many games can upset the outcome of your bet. Online bookmakers still vary their offers, to the delight of bettors around the world.

“Besides, Spin Sports is the bookmaker recommended by our experts for the quality of its odds. »»

Besides, Spin Sports is the bookmaker recommended by our experts for the quality of its odds. These are always generous as soon as it is an exact bet. If the chances of winning are low enough at first glance, you should know that The minimum rating for a bet on the exact score is 6.00. Thus, the gains for this type of bet are much higher than for other forms of bets.

How to find the exact 100% reliable score?

The exact bet score has no guarantee since you are never immune to an unexpected play. However, you can rely on concrete elements to minimize the risks and increase your chances of gain. Here are some criteria to take into account when preparing your right score prognosis:

  • Official compositions : Ideally, it is best to wait an hour before kick -off to place your exact bet. It is indeed at this time that the team compositions are revealed. A last minute package or a tactical surprise concocted by one of the two coaches can upset your prognosis. For example, the absence of the top scorer will necessarily have an impact on the final result.
  • The context of the match : We do not play a friendly match, a championship match or a direct elimination match in the same way. Likewise, some teams have a fairly strong rivalry while others are more comfortable at home than outside. You must consult the latest information around the meeting to better understand the issues.
  • Statistics : If the world of sport will never be an exact science, some data will still be useful for your online bets. Digital bookmakers allow you to consult numerous statistics on each match: the history of confrontations, the number of goals scored and collected, the results at home and outside, the classification etc.
  • The facts of play : This criterion is valid if you want to place an exact bet on a match that has already started. Many elements can tip the meeting in one direction or the other: a particularly effective style of play against the opposing team, a player in mixture, a red card, a goal against the course of the game, an electric atmosphere, A failed opportunity etc.
  • The competition : Each sport has its own specificities, but this also applies to competitions in the same discipline. To take a concrete example, Ligue 1 is renowned for being a fairly closed championship, with on average few goals scored per game. Conversely, the Bundesliga is distinguished by spectacular matches rich in goals.

An example to bet on the exact score

To allow you to better understand how the exact 100 reliable score works today, we want to bring you an example. We chose an MLS match between the Montreal Impact and the Toronto FC. Here is how the dimensions are presented for an exact bet:

Impact Montréal - Toronto FC

You deciof to bet 100 USA on the victory of the Montreal Impact against Toronto FC on the 2-1 score. Three scenarios are presented to you:

  • The impact wins on the score of 2-1 : You win 100 x 9.50 = 950 USA.
  • The impact loses or draws : you lose 100 USAs.
  • The impact wins on another score than 2-1 : you lose 100 USAs.

Our tips for finding the exact 100 reliable score today

If the chances of winning an exact bet are fiest That in the case of a simple bet, there are still several tips to remedy it. This will allow you to optimize your chances of earnings, but above all to consider a much more substantial jackpot In case of good prognosis.

To start, it is always possible to make your initial bet making by placing three bets on the exact score during the same match. For example, if you bet at least 2 USAs on three different scores with a dimension of 6.00 each, your minimum gain will be 12 USA, which remains greater than the 3 bets that you have placed.

Some bookmakers also offer to place an exact multi -multi -bet bet by focusing on three potential results instead of one. This solution can be very useful if you doubt your prognosis and want to limit the risks.

In addition, you can also bet on several games at the same time to increase the amount of your potential earnings! Indeed, if you place a Combined bet On two exact results, you can win at least 72 USA since the minimum rating of this type of bet is still 6.00. The calculation is as follows: 2 USA (bet) x 6.00 (1st rating) x 6.00 (2nd rating) = 72 USA!

Advantages and disadvantages of the exact betting

  • The highest ratings
  • Concrete elements to succeed
  • The specifics of competitions
  • The possibility of choosing several results
  • The ultimate challenge for a bettor
  • The most risky bet
  • The predominance of the luck factor
  • A few sports available only
  • The need to play small bets

Our opinion on bets on the exact score

The score exact is an interesting type of bet, although dangerous. You are never immune to an unexpected play fact, which means that the exact 100% reliable free score does not really exist.

Faced with this uncertainty, the dimensions are logically higher and allow bettors to make big gains in the event of a good feeling on the result of a match. We still advise you to favor the small bets On this type of bet. The exact score is ideal for players who are looking for more fun and adrenaline, but it is better to avoid drawing a lot from your bankroll.

This type of bet must therefore be used with parsimony And for special occasions. If you have analyzed a match and your information tends to a particular score, you can try your luck with a small bet. Conversely, it is better to go to a simple bet if you doubt the outcome of your prognosis!

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