Paris live: how to win online

Unlike other forms of bets, Paris live are reserved for experienced players. Live Betting has appeared on sports betting sites not so long ago and has been crazy since.

It must be said that this is certainly the Type of Bets Who will keep you as close as possible to sports entertainment, with a strong adrenaline climb generated by your money in play! Here we will explain to you how to master lives live.

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Our tips for finding the best site in Paris live

As you will quickly see, live bets can be very remunerative. If all online bookmakers have now understood the interest of offering a offre live To their members, certain platforms are more complete than others.

This is reflected in particular by a range of more extensive Paris live, specific bonuses, a fluid interface or even generous dimensions. Discover below the best books of the moment to bet live:

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What is a live bet?

"The live bet is to bet on a sporting event that has already started, while offering you fluctuating dimensions depending on the course of the match."

Also known as live betting, the live bet is to bet on a sporting event that has already started, while offering you fluctuating dimensions depending on the course of the match. The live bet allows you to bet on many game facts and therefore brings together most of the other types of bets: final result, scorer, number of goals etc.

Do you already consider yourself an online sports betting expert? Despite everything, a small development is essential! When it comes to Live Betting, you will therefore have to bet on the result of an ongoing sporting event. The main challenge of live sports is the fact that the fluctuation of the odds will depend closely on the evolution of the result of the match.

Unlike other types of bets which are subject to fixed dimensions, you must here benefit from The fluctuation of the dimensions And detect the right opportunities to seize live, which will not be an easy task! Know that the most represented sports in this type of bet are football, tennis and basketball.

An example to better understand how to bet live

To allow you to better understand the functioning of live sports betting, we decided to give you a concrete example, that of a Ligue 1 match between Paris Saint-Germain and the Girondins of Bordeaux. Before kick -off, the dimensions for a simple bet were as follows:

  • 1.21 For a PSG victory;
  • 5.50 For a draw;
  • 8.50 For a Bordeaux victory.

You are convinced that the capital's club will win at the Parc des Princes. However, you do not place any bet before the match because you believe that the PSG rating is not sufficiently interesting.

After 15 minutes of play, PSG is led 2-0 on its lawn to everyone's surprise. The odds are therefore no longer the same and arouse your interest:

  • 2.70 For a PSG victory;
  • 3.80 For a draw;
  • 4.20 For a Bordeaux victory.

You deciof to place 100 USAs on the PSG victory. This is a simple delay in ignition in your eyes and the level gap seems too large between the two teams. Two scenarios are presented to you:

  • PSG wins the match : You win 100 x 2.70 = 270 USA.
  • PSG loses or draws : you lose 100 USAs.

Techniques to maximize your earnings with Live Betting

In the space of only a few years, Live Betting has become An essential option On online bookmakers. This success does not mean that live bets are simple to succeed. To tell the truth, it is even the opposite! Many players come up against the difficulty of having to find The right prognosis instantly. This specificity of the live bet can however be controlled through several interesting techniques.

live betting

First of all, you need to make sure you bet on the right bookmaker. The live space is available on most Paris sites, but is more or less satisfactory depending on the platforms. Insofar as you will have to make your forecasts in just a few seconds, you need to adopt A certain sense of detail. Before betting direct, we advise you for example to check whether the dimensions are updated with relevance and if the live space turns out to be fluid.

According to our experts in live betting, the most popular sports betting sites remain Betway et Spin Sports. Thanks to the streaming offer offered by these bookmakers, you can even follow certain live matches, which will allow you to place your bets with more elements in your possession.

Save the honor

This technique is to bet on a match in which A team leads widely to the score Without having conceded the slightest goal. You are not going to bet on the future winner, but rather on the team that has not yet marked. You can thus place a “over 0.5 goal” bet on this team 20 or 30 minutes from the final whistle.

As a general rule, the team that leads 3-0 or 4-0 tends to relax at the end of the match while its expiatory victim of the day always wishes to save the honor by scoring at least one goal. By betting a few tens of minutes from the end of regulation time, you also have the assurance of taking advantage of the best dimensions.

Example : Real Madrid leads 5-0 against Getafe. There are 20 minutes to play and the Madrid coach released his executives (Benzema, Kroos and Modric) in anticipation of the Champions League. You have the intuition that the opposing team will save the honor and therefore deciof to place 50 USA on the rating "more than 0.5 goals for Getafe" which rises to 2.70.

Equal parts

This technique is to bet on A team carried out, but which seems much superior to his opponent of the day. It turns out to be very useful in the event that the big favorite finds itself led after a few minutes of play, even at halftime.

If you are convinced that the team stung in their priof is capable of overthrowing the steam, this bet will allow you to enjoy a higher rating on a match which was considered as unbalanced before kick -off.

Example : The Hertha Berlin opened the scoring against Bayern Munich just before half-time. The match takes place at the Allianz Arena and you do not doubt a single moment of the ascent to the Munichois display board in front of their audience. You therefore place 50 USA on the victory of Bayern whose rating is 2.00. This was only 1.15 before the start of the match.


In the case of a live bet, the surebet is to do Several forecasts On the same fact of play. The goal is to place several bets and be a winner every time! The fluctuation of dimensions on the live space lends itself particularly well to the elaboration of a surebet.

Depending on the course of the match, you will be able to make two opposite forecasts on the same fact of play, with a dimension equivalent or proportional to your initial bet. You just have to have your eye and seize the opportunity when it comes to you ...

Example : the world n ° 1 NOVAK DJOKOVIC faces n ° 69 of the ATP Jérémy Chardy ranking. After a few minutes, you deciof to place 10 USAes on the unexpected victory of the American whose rating amounts to 23.00. Against all expectations, he won the first set against the Serbian. The rating for a Djokovic victory then goes to 3.00 and you deciof to place 5 fraud on this prognosis. Two scenarios are presented to you: either Djokovic wins and you are reimbursed for your two bets (5 x 3.00 = 15 USA), or Chardy wins and you win your first bet (10 x 23.00 = 230 USA).

Advice for betting live

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After approaching with you the most relevant techniques for betting live match, our experts want to share some useful tips on Live Betting. These tips will in particular allow you to optimize your chances of earnings.

Follow the match live

Ideally, it is best to watch the match you want to bet live. What does it matter if you were in front of your television, at the stadium or on the streaming service of your bookmaker! You can also follow the course of the match in a textual way, but this solution may make you miss out certain things.

By following the match live, you will be able to analyze the elements likely to switch the meeting in one direction or the other: a goal against the course of the game, a bad coaching, an ineffective style of play, a player in mixture, a red card, an electric atmosphere, a missed opportunity etc. This will help you enjoy the variable dimensions that are available in the live space!

Gestulation of la bank roll

Betting live requires making decisions quickly. With this in mind, you must make sure that you have enough funds to take advantage of opportunities who present themselves to you. If you realize at the last moment that you do not have enough money to place your bet, time to recharge your account and the dimensions may have already changed.

It is therefore necessary to keep a substantial sum on your account, in particular in the event of establishing a overbet. Of course, this does not mean that you must exceed the weekly or monthly limits that you have set yourself.

A good internet connection

This may seem obvious, but you must have a good internet connection to take advantage of the live betting. Playing on the best live Paris site is not enough! You must have optimal comfort and perfect organization if you want to put the odds on your side.

The ratings of live space are constantly evolving over the match. Just one Light latency To let spin a higher rating, or even a bet you want to place but which is no longer topical due to a new fact of play.

Errors to avoid to succeed in live sport live

As an introduction, we insisted that live bets were intended for experienced players. If Live Betting gives a new dimension to the world of sports forecasts, it is quite perilous for those who do not yet master all its subtleties.

Beginners have in particular tend to commit The same mistakes During their first bets. In order to avoid these few inconveniences, we have decided to list the most frequent errors!

Bet live at the start of a half-time

In most group sports, The first 5-10 minutes Each half-time especially allow the two teams to set up and get observed. It is therefore preferable to avoid betting during this period of time and taking advantage of it to think about your future forecasts.

On the other hand, you are free to make a decision if ever a goal is scored at the start of the match or just after returning from the locker room. The ratings will evolve in a radical way, enough to seize great opportunities online.

Temporal lag on diffusion

This error is above all maof by the bettors who follow the match in streaming, whether on the site of their bookmaker or elsewhere. If you do not have a real time broadcast, you will experience serious difficulties in betting live. A discrepancy of only a few seconds can be fatal for your forecasts.

In this situation, Two solutions present to you : lower the quality of the images displayed or find another streaming link. If you cannot solve the problem, it is better to refrain from placing live bets.

Do not follow the match live

It is essential to follow the match on television or streaming. If you do not have access to one of these two options, you can rigorously consult a textual direct updated every minute and embellished the most relevant statistics.

If you don't follow the match, it will necessarily be difficult to fully enjoy the live space in your bookmaker. We do not recommend placing a live bet if you are unable to analyze The course of the meeting.

Our opinion on live bets

The Paris live are a magnificent offer that online bookmakers have developed. Thanks to this service, bettors can take advantage of ratings much higher than before the start of the match. Depending on the course of the meeting, the ratings evolve and allow you to seize great opportunities.

In addition, the live bet has experienced a meteoric rise and now brings together most sports. So there is something for everyone! Ditto with regard to the types of available bets: final result, number of goals, scorers, disability etc. If you watch the match at the same time, the sensations will only be increased tenfold!

Be careful however, there are a lot of factors to take into account to hope to make a flawless. Also, know that the euphoria of live bets can be DEVASTANCE at the financial level, at least if you cannot control your emotions!

The live bet sometimes rests more on an intuition than on a thoughtful analysis. The rapid decision -making is necessarily translated into a lack of perspective and you must therefore keep a minimum of your head cold to go out victorious of the live betting.

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