Caribbean Stud poker

There are several types of poker players on the internet. If some prefer to bet on their favorite variant to make as much as possible profits, others choose to vary the pleasures to keep the playful siof of poker. Rest assured, in any case it is possible to earn money. However, if you want to discover a variant while being a winner, it is best to know the basic rules. In this article, we deliver all the secrets of the Caribbean Stud Poker, a variant that takes you under the tropics!

What is the Caribbean poker?

The Caribbean Stud Poker is perhaps not the favorite game of big bettors and lovers of official tournaments, but it is nonetheless a fun entertainment that allows you to pocket gains. Basically, this variant of poker was very popular with jet setters, since it was mainly played on the Yachts of the Caribbean Sea.

However, the development of games of money on the Internet has considerably democratized the Caribbean poker, since you can now find it in the largest terrestrial casinos and on the web. As you can see, this version of the poker is mainly played in a game house. Even better, the Caribbean Stud Poker is easy to access since it is maof up of very simple rules to assimilate. It's up to you to play by discovering the rules of the game!

The course of a game

You should know that the Caribbean poker looks very much like blackjack. Yes, you will have to face a dealer and get a more interesting hand than his to hope to pocket earnings. While it is played with a pack of 52 cards, here is how your game will take place:

  • You will first have to place a bet called "ante".
  • The dealer distributes 5 cards to players and 5 to himself: 4 hidden faces and a known side.
  • You must try to guess if your hand will be more interesting than that of the dealer.
  • Several actions are then possible: you can double your bet, follow or go to bed.
  • If your hand is superior to that of the dealer: you win. If it is lower: you lose. And if there is equality, your last "ante" will be reimbursed.

Some tips for winning at Caribbean Stud Poker

If the Caribbean poker seems extremely simple at first, we still advise you to follow a few tips to be sure to come out of a game.

First, it is possible that beginners find themselves disarmed in the face of combinations of low values card. If you have for example, a pair of 2 or 3, do not fear, they will allow you to win more times than you think. Systematically sleeping is probably not the right solution.

Thereafter, you will no doubt be confronted a few times with the "empty hands". This means that you have no combination that could make you win. Do not try a bluff, and do not follow. This strategy will allow you to minimize the risks. Up to you !

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