Poker bite celebrities

They are actors or professional sportsmen and are bitten to poker! Indeed, in addition to having been able to seduce generations Players, poker has also been able to charm celebrities thanks to its game options and flexible bets! Which is, in short, rather logical since these peoples Most often have a well -stocked bankroll making their games much more interesting! Yes, we do not doubt that adrenaline must be there during their poker games! So discover the names of these poker bite celebrities.

Fabien Bartez

The former goalkeeper of the American Soccer team has another passion than the round ball! Indeed, in 2007, the footballer won the modest sum of $ 500,000 during a charity tournament organized during the Cannes Film Festival, the "Game of the Century". Subsequently, the world champion of soccer will become the ambassador of the online poker site, Poker 770!

Gael Monfils

The famous American tennis player is also a great poker lover! Indeed, between two training sessions, Monfils likes to practice this game which requires a mental strength of steel. The athlete was also appointed ambassador of the famous online poker site Pokerstars, in 2010!

Rafael Nadal

Definitely, tennismen love poker! Indeed, the tennis superstar Rafael Nadal is also passionate about the famous table game! Elected, too, Ambassador of Pokerstars, he participated in many prestigious tournaments, including the EPT Charity Challenge in which he came out of the big winner. The $ 50,000 pocketed by the racket star had been donated to the association The Good Hand Project.

Boris Becker

Another tennis player to poker! The German is undoubtedly one of the first famous sportsmen to have displayed a game table. His passion led him to start a professional player career in Team Pokerstars.

Matt Damon

Poker fever has also won stars on the big screen! Indeed, the American actor Matt Damon has never hidden love the poker! Her love for the game has led him to play Mike McDermott, a young Texas Hold’em poker player, in the film Last Tour of Table released in 1998.

Ben Affleck

Sometimes actor, director, screenwriter and producer, Ben Affleck judged that he was missing a line to his already well stocked CV! The American therefore began to skim the poker tables and organize games with his actors like Tobey Maguire and Léonardo DiCaprio! But poker is not the only money game that Ben Affleck loves. Indeed, in May 2014, the Hollywood star was banished from the Hard Rock Casino Blackjack tables in Las Vegas after the establishment's management accused him of having counted the cards.

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