The Poker Culture

If modern poker was born in the rear rooms of ill -famed bistros and the Saloons of the American West Coast, it has today returned to popular culture. It's very simple, poker is today on TV, Internet, cinema and in the paper press. Indeed, the early 2000s saw a wave of new players invading the rooms poker Land casinos and online poker rooms. People and young prodigies drew media attention and popularized the Texas Hold’em poker variant in USA and the rest of the world. The American poker star Daniel Negreanu is now a multimillionaire and his popularity equals that of the stars of the small screen or sport. We invite you to discover below the whole of the poker culture that surrounds this card game like no other. Good reading !

Emblematic players

Since the explosion of the popularity of poker, the game has international stars that have enjoyed a reputation that still seemed unimaginable before the 2000s. These poker wonders have not maof their ranges in shady bars but on platforms online poker and the WSOP World Championships in Las Vegas. Here we present to you the most gifted players of their generation who enrich the culture of poker every day with legendary victories ... Do not fail to take advantage of our file devoted to celebrities of poker -bit and the sexiest players!

Poker in popular culture

Adrenaline climbs, the intensity of the face to face the table, the bluff, the genius and resounding failures are the ingredients that make a good poker film. Films on poker do not date today! From the 1960s, major actors like Steve McQueen, Robert Redford and Paul Newman interpreted inveterate players ready every time to crush their opponents on poker tables. In this section, we also present the poker on a small screen with the best and worse TV shows devoted to poker. We will also come back to the top songs devoted to poker, as well as the best poker books. Enrich your poker culture with poker betting in These are the items you will find:

Films Poker

Poker books

Poker songs

Emissions TV

Poker documentaries

Poker fans

Poker players

Poker is a casino game that has developed in recent decades. This emerging interest has resulted in the birth of films, books, programs or other documentaries. Celebrities are also very interested in this game.

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Culture Poker

Film Poker

Poker is today present in all media: on the Internet, on TV, in the paper press and in the cinema. We invite you to discover the best movie films devoted to poker game. Get comfortable ...

Poker books

Well, if you landed on this page, it's because you like to read. At least, that's what we presume! If this is not the case, do not flee to the simple reading of the word "book". Yep, if reading will be akin ...

Poker players

Poker is today everywhere: in the cinema, on television, in magazines and of course online. The game has real international stars which owe their renown to their performance on the tables ...

Celebrities of poker fans

They are actors or professional sportsmen and are bitten to poker! Indeed, in addition to having been able to seduce generations of players, poker has also been able to charm celebrities thanks to its game options ...

Poker songs

What could be better than putting yourself in condition for its poker game than by listening to the titles devoted to legendary game! Poker betting in decided to make you sing and dance until the end of the night ...

Emissions TV

In recent years, poker has squatted the waves of many television channels! Whether in the United States or Europe, the famous table game has been devoted to many TV shows of all ...


The world of poker fascinates more and more lambdas players and spectators. And you are lucky, because the Internet is full of documentaries dedicated entirely to the famous card game. Therefore, we decided ...

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