Croupier poker: Discover this beautiful job

If online casino games make you dream, the job of a croupier is probably for you! Indeed, the Croupier -also called donor -occupies a place of choice in gambling establishments and chance! Contrary to what many players might think, the crumbling job is not just about distributing the cards or turning the cylinder of a roulette! It is, in reality, a profession that requires very great rigor as well as a great seriousness. Not to mention the interpersonal skills and many knowledge relating to the world of games of chance that you will be asked to acquire to occupy this profession. So, if becoming a croupier interests you, you have clicked on the good article.

How to become a dealer in USA?

Unlike other globe countries, there is no compulsory training or a national title of dealer in USA. Indeed, the casinos have the task of recruiting and training their staff themselves. For example, in Quebec, there is an organization responsible for setting up training programs taking place several times a year: the Casinos Society. To apply, players must the various human resources services directly from casinos. It is important to specify that becoming a croupier does not require any level of study or special diploma in USA. On the other hand, the applicants will have the obligation to present a virgin criminal record and must, of course, be of age to occupy the position.

A job not easy that it seems

If the job of dealer can make players dream, it is important to be aware that it is a profession that seems much easier to practice than it seems! Indeed, being a dealer requires many knowledge in the field of games of money and chance. In addition to mixing and distributing the cards, the dealer must also explain the rules of the game for which he is responsible for customers, but also monitor the players so that they scrupulously respect the Casino regulations. The dealer must also best animate the games so that the players enjoy playing! A really difficult exercise. In addition to these constraints, the croupiers are particularly exposed to stress and fatigue. They must, in fact, manage certain whims of players, work on evenings and weekends, most often standing, all for a salary between 30,000 and 47,000 dollars per year.

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Do you want a career in poker?

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