Don't you like Christmas movies? Iron the cult scenes of poker!

You have fed up to stuff your "grinch", and others "mom, I missed the plane" every Christmas? Are you desperately looking for an opportunity to escape Christmas songs and you become nauseous when you talk to you about chestnut turkey? Don't say more, you are probably allergic at Christmas! And we have precisely the remedy you need! All you have to do is lock yourself in your home, order to eat for the next few days to avoid crowds in stores, and follow our list of movies to watch!

My name is bond, James Bond

The James Bond would not be what they are if the game did not hold a very special place in each of the films. We have selected "Casino Royale" to delight you, since it is poker. And in general, real poker players do not infiof their favorite game by trying in Baccara or roulette.

"The James Bond would not be what they are if the game did not hold a very special place in each of the films. »»

In Casino Royale, the bad guy is the figure, a vile banker who takes the least advertiser operations of terrorism to heart. He brings together the players around a game of good old Texas Hold’em and of course, our British hero Monsieur Bond takes part. Why ? The goal is to destroy the bank account of the figure and prevent it from taking the escaped powder. And as if by chance, James Bond is chosen by the Queen's services to win the tournament. The scene takes place in Montenegro, a country of wealth and opulence par excellence on the old continent. The entry fee of the poker part costs the trifle of $ 10 million.

With such a buy-in funded by the British crown, we understand why the money is accompanied by an agent responsible for monitoring the smooth running of operations (the role is held by the sublime Eva Green).

If you are a real poker player, you will understand why the final hand of the committed part is very little credible, but what do you want! The scene is however very entertaining, and even young players will understand the issues!

Ocean’s Eleven

If you have not yet seen this masterpiece, catch up very quickly! It’s an anthology saga that you absolutely have to know! With a casting that brings together more stars per square meter than the Toronto festival, it is impossible to miss it.

The summary is very simple. A certain Danny spent a few years in the shaof and he wants to set up a high -flying burglary when it was released. Its target? The three terrestrial casinos of Terry Benedict, who "stole" his wife. The amount of the loot is rather motivating, since it amounts to more than $ 150 million! Danny knows that he cannot get there alone and asks his old friends to help him in his business.

The poker scene is now as cult as the film itself. Indeed, Danny (Georges Clooney) plays against his acolyte Rusty (camped by Brad Pitt) on a very complicated hand. Rusty, who thinks of knowing his friend by heart, tries to push Danny in his entrenchments to force him to reveal his game. The rest, it's up to you!

In time

This film, whose original title is "in Time", makes you think about many ideas. It lasts almost two hours, but let's be honest, we do not see them pass! It must be said that in addition to the plot full of twists and turns, exceptional actors make this masterpiece exceptional and unavoidable. We find Justin Timberlake in the main role, Amanda Seyfried in the supporting role and Cilian Murphy as a good villain of the film.

The poker game played in the film is magnificent, since the issues are not financial, or at least not only. You know the saying " Time is money »? It's not just a vague idea in this film. Time is truly money, and going to the tilt amounts to dying, purely and simply!

For this, the film's poker scene is all the more breathtaking, and in addition, the hands played are relatively realistic! To find out if Justin-Will survives this game of poker, look quickly "in time"!

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