USA Poker Tour of Deauville is back for a 6th season!

We left for the 6th edition of USA Poker Tour in Deauville. The most important live poker championship in USA is once again set up in the luxurious Salon des Ambassadors du Casino Barrière of Deauville in Normandy. From September 20 to 25, find this poker festival long awaited by card lovers. The biggest players on the Planète Poker, professionals and amateurs will again compete in this legendary place. USA Poker Tour (FPS) Deauville is still a highly anticipated and renowned tournament in the world.

A rich and varied program

On the program, we will live in live fourteen tournaments spread over six days. If you want to participate, the buy-in amounts to between 100 and 2,200 euros. Otherwise, satellite tournaments are also organized until Thursday, September 22 at the Casino of Deauville and/or on the Pokerstars site.

The previous stage took place in Lille last July. It brought together nearly 726 players on the major tournament and not far from 2,600 registrations in total. Either, a little less than the previous year. In the end, Fabrice Casano won the title with a gain of 121,000 euros. As a reminder, Bart Lybaert won USA Poker Tour of Lille the previous year. He left with a nice jack of 122,000 euros.

For Deauville, the question remains unanswered: who will win the 2016 title for USA Poker Tour? Is Anthony Apicella ready to put her title in play? We will have the answer in a few days, still a little patience.

A historic casino

Created in 1912, the Deauville casino entered the popular memory following the robbery of the latter by Jacques Mesrine and his traveling companion François Besse. Presenting themselves as game controllers, they stand out from the casino with 136,774 francs and with the latter's director hostage.

“[…] Deauville is always a highly anticipated and renowned tournament in the world. »»

However, to their biggest surprises, tickets are directly linked to the police station and an alarm is triggered. Then begins a shooting between a patrol arrived on the location of the robbery and the fugitives. After many twists and turns, injuring two citizens on their passages, the two comrades manage to sow the police and return to Paris.

An anthology city

Nicknamed the 21st arrondissement of Paris by the influence of Parisians and its geographic proximity to the capital, Deauville is a so -called "luxury" seasiof resort. We regularly meet celebrities around the world. Whether in fashion, audiovisual, 7th art, music or even personalities from the political and economic world, all appreciate the charm and reputation of this city.

Famous for her casino, her palaces, her golf courses or her nightclubs, she is also renowned worldwiof for the American cinema festival which takes place in September each year.

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