To win the poker: abandon your superstitions

Do you have some habits before you start a poker tournament? You are surely one of the superstitious players who trust their beliefs or their favorite objects! Between the grigris or even the lucky hands in the poker, it sometimes happens that superstition prevents you from carrying out a good part. You must then think of abandoning these habits to use your situation in hand!

The most common superstitions in poker

In poker, many players rely on their qualities and strategies learned upstream of a tournament. Nevertheless, some opt for a somewhat different method by using fate and their superstitions. Here are striking examples that can easily be found around poker tables, but also with online players:

  • Religious belief : Some poker enthusiasts strongly believe in divine power and do not hesitate to recite a prayer, to burn a candle or to carry out a certain ritual before a tournament.
  • Le grigri : It is a widespread superstition around poker tables, but also in everyday life. If some players believe to have a favorite clothing, others never participate in a tournament without their clover at eighty or their lucky charm.
  • The lucky hand : Some players are obsessed with the possession of a specific hand in poker, because they have surely already won with it. Besides, other players believe that some hands will bring them bad luck!
  • The Cycle of Luck : This belief was popularized by Patrick Bruel. For these players, there would be series of luck or unlucky which will therefore influence your results during poker tournaments.

"If you cannot forget your rituals and if they prevent you from participating in poker tournaments, you must quickly remedy this situation. »»

Superstitious, but sometimes not lucky

And you in all of this, are you a superstitious poker player? Rest assured, even if you have a few beliefs, you will not be a bad poker player. In fact, superstition stems from a feeling of anxiety. In itself, it is used to overcome a stressful test. In view of this situation, your brain will seek to overcome stress by giving you the impression of mastering chance.

However, your superstition can be a problem. It is not your belief, but rather the frequency of your superstitious character that could incluof risks. Indeed, you can close in a certain "psychological prison". For example, before a tournament, you will feel obliged to perform this or that ritual. So avoid refusing a game of poker because you forgot your lucky charm!

Master this behavior in poker

Finally, some players realize their superstitious behavior. This is already a first step towards abandoning this attitude. Indeed, we advise you to establish an assessment of your behavior to determine your degree of superstition.

If you cannot forget your rituals and prevent you from participating in poker tournaments, you must quickly remedy this situation. Remember to change your habits and repeat your experiences several times without your favorite objects. Sometimes a superstitious player will not play in full possession of his means and will therefore be disadvantaged during a game of poker. Think about it!

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