Glossary of words used in poker

Online poker is a science. It’s a bit like a matter that we learn in school. When you try to read, understand and speak a new language for example, you necessarily need a dictionary. In the case of poker, it's the same thing. The poker team is betting in has concocted a glossary of the important terms of the discipline.


Acting : Designates a player who plays comedy to hiof his game.

Add-on : Possibility offered on some tournaments to buy additional tokens. This option is generally possible for a limited time during the tournament.

A-game : Designates the perfect way of playing a player.

All-in : Bet all of his carpet on a blow.

American Airlines : Nickname to designate the pair of aces.

Ante : Compulsory bet paid by the players present at the table before the distribution of the cards. The goal here is to speed up the tournament by increasing the bets.


Bad beat : Designates an unlucky blow while the player had the strongest hand at the start of the action.

Bad run : Qualifies a bad cycle, a series of more or less unlucky defeats on the poker tables.

bankroll : This is the player's budget here, his cash dedicated to the game.

Big blind : BB or Big Blind designates the compulsory bet paid by the second player to the left of the button.

Bitches : Vulgarly designates the pair of ladies.

Blinds : Blinds are the compulsory bets paid by players at the table, there are two: the Small Blind and the Big Blind.

Bluff : Art of deceiving, misleading his opponents to win.

Broke : Ruined, losing all of his bankroll.


Free card : Designates a common map drawn by the dealer without having to bet.

Common maps : These are the open cards drawn by the dealer and placed in the center of the table. These cards are used to form the best possible combination. Five common cards are used in Texas Hold Em and Omaha.

cash game : These are the tables where players can play and leave at any time. There is no time or number of players.

Chip dumping : Practice forbidden to poker which consists in giving tokens to another player present at the table. This practice is an element of collusion between players.

Chip leader : Designates the player who has the most tokens at some point in the tournament.

Chips : These are the poker tokens.

Coin flip : Designates the case where the probability of winning the blow is 50/50 for the two players involved in the blow.

Collusion : Designates the illicit practice of getting along between players to lose other players. Here we can quote not to tackle, to communicate your cards or make chip dumping.


Deal : Agreement between the players present in the final table of a tournament to share the Prize-Pool according to their respective carpets. This avoids playing until the full end of the tournament and modifying the payment structure initially planned.

Dealer : Designates the donor, the one who distributes the cards to the players. In a casino, the dealer is a professional who does not play but only distributes the cards and counts the bets.


Field : Designates all the players present at the table.

Fish : Nickname given to the player who is not very experienced or easy to pluck.

Flop : These are the first three open cards distributed at the table.

Fold : Designates the fact of abandoning the blow, throwing the cards to put an end to his participation in the blow.

Free of free : Designates a poker tournament whose entrance is completely free. The prices to be won are generally very modest: a few dozen dollars, an entry ticket for a paying tournament, a gift from the room (cap, customized poker token) ... freerolls are ideal for learning poker without risk And master the poker software of the room.


Hand : Designates the hand of poker, the combination you hold in hand.

Hand history : This is the history of your hands. The poker rooms allow you to consult your history to help you analyze an a posteriori blow. Other software allows you to consult the history of the hands of your potential opponents.


MTT : This is a multi-table tournament. When the number of players is reduced to 10 or less, you arrive in the final table.


Noob : Vulgarly designates a layman, a beginner.

Nosebleed : Designates the parts where the bets are very high, generally greater than 100 dollars per blind.


Odds : Probabilities or dimensions.


Poker face : Designates the facial expression of a player who does not reveal any emotion. The player is unfathomable here by his opponents.

Pot : These are all the tokens bet at the center of the table during a hand.

Prize-pool : Designates the total amount of prices to be won of a tournament. PRIZE-POOL generally consists of entry fees paid by players when registering for the tournament.


Raise : Practice that consists of Relaunch during a blow.

Re-raise : Practice that consists of over-meeting.

Runner-up : Designates the player who finishes in second position in a tournament.

Rainbow : Translates into rainbow. A rainbow designates the open cards of the table which are all of different colors.


Sit-and-go : Designates a tournament that begins when a given number of registered players has been reached. This type of tournament has no time or fixed start date. It can start when 5 or 10 players are sitting at the table.


TF : Designates the final table of a tournament.

Turn : Designates the fourth open map of the painting in Texas Hold’em and Omaha.


Variance : designates fluctuations in earnings and losses during a given period for all poker players. All players are experiencing lucky and unlucky periods during their career in poker.

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