Beginner guide

According to the proverb of pro players of online poker And the others, "it takes five minutes to understand the rules of poker and a lifetime to master the subtleties of the game". Indeed, there are dozens of poker variants: the cards can be closed or in common and the High, Low, or High Low modes deciof the value of the hands. In addition, the terms used on online poker tables or in terrestrial casinos are generally in English, which does not facilitate the understanding of the game for beginners not used to the language of Shakespeare. Our online poker guiof invites you to discover the best strategies to win online, the poker glossary to announce your actions at the table and the basic rules of poker to avoid beginners' mistakes. Follow the guiof and good game!

Complete poker glossary

For good Understand actions At the poker table, it is imperative to know the expressions during the game. Our lexicon explains clearly and briefly all the terms of the Texas Hold'em poker and poker games in general ...

The basic rules of poker

Start in poker without knowing the Poker Regles Basic game would be the best way to lose your bankroll as snow in the sun. We explain here the rules to know and which apply to all the most common variants of the game ...

Advice to win tournaments

Poker tournaments are certainly the best way to win big in poker. Indeed, the biggest online tournaments such as the famous Sunday Million Poker Stars have several million dollars prizepools. Your presence at the final table of a large tournament is the guarantee of winning several thousand dollars ...

Tips to start in cash-game

Playing cash-game poker allows you to make your bets as much as possible. Better yet, you can enter and leave a game when you wish.

The best poker strategies

When you start in poker, you learn the rules, just like you learn to walk before running. After a while, we are prowled enough to play for good, but too chilly to try big tournaments and official competitions. But then, what to do between the two? What are there between these two worlds? The key is to train, and if you are ambitious, you may be able to claim the larger tables. We give you some strategy tips that any poker player has in his toolbox. For example, what is "playing slow", or how to manage well in multi-table poker? Discover our best strategies to improve your poker.

The worst errors in poker

It is normal to make mistakes as a beginner, in any discipline. However, be extremely cautious, because in poker, some are not forgiven and your opponents will havetened to take advantage of your weaknesses to make more money! Knowing the worst mistakes you can make of poker helps to avoid them. We therefore invite you to discover them in this article.

Cheat in poker

This article is not intended to corrupt you, but to warn you. The most artisanal to the most sophisticated cheat methods are numerous and all aim to raise more money thanks to the poker. And guess who the money will be "stolen"? You, of course! Learn in our article "Cheat in poker"To detect the subtle signs of cheating to avoid making you pluck dishonestly.

Poker variants

This world famous and appreciated game has traveled so much through ages that multiple versions were born from the adaptation of cultures to original rules. Find out which variants are the most played, which are the most complicated but the most remunerative. Consult our article on the variants of poker.

Bluffing in poker to win without firing

Bluffer poker is the essential element of poker, it is also subject to many more or less eccentric fantasies and ideas. We explain here how to bluff, when, against that type of players and especially how not to be unmasked ...

Know the tells to avoid them

Bluffing in poker is a rule more than a practice, if you want to get rich with this game. But beware, because your body betrays you! Eyelids, lips, hands, eyes, you have to know yourself well and know how to keep your cool. Find out which micro-gestures your opponent is watching ...

What are the assets of a good poker site to play USA?

We know that many online poker sites are based in Europe, their activity is governed in countries such as Malta or Gibraltar, to name a few. Do they offer services in accordance with American laws and customs? Here are the items that will have to draw your attention when you choose your poker site to play USA. Also know how to put all the odds on your siof by choosing an operator who uses one of the best poker software and a good Poker If you play live. Find our complete guide.

Feed well to win the poker

Who wants to go far cleaning his mount! When playing poker for hours, it is sometimes tempting to eat junk food and forget to maintain your shape. However, it is imperative to eat well and hydrate yourself to perform in poker. We present here the 5 foods to keep the distance and play at 100% of your abilities.

The best tips for playing in tournament

There is nothing more exciting than arriving in the final table of a big poker tournament. Indeed, tournaments are the most profitable and allow thousands of dollars or even millions to pocket. We deliver the best tips here to survive in a tournament. You will no longer have an excuse to jump to the bubble, you must know How to play poker well

Be positive to attract luck

Adopting a positive attituof is the best way to attract luck. The biggest poker players are not embittered people who curse the fate in the event of Bas Beat. It is up to you to adopt the right attituof to attract success and can be become pro poker. We make you discover the secrets of success in this article.

The poker is a game putting the players direct. Thus, it is easily possible, if we use the good techniques and the good methods of having the advantage. Discover our complete poker guiof to know everything about this game!

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Player guide

Poker Regles

To get into the world of poker well and avoid being eaten by sharks ready to bite in your bankroll, you have to know the rules of poker and operation at the game table. Indeed, ...

Poker strategies

Poker tournaments have not finished making players dream online. Indeed, the biggest tournaments display prize for several million dollars and a final table is the ultimate dream of all ...


Online poker is a science. It’s a bit like a matter that we learn in school. When you try to read, understand and speak a new language for example, you necessarily need a dictionary. ...


The possibility of bluffing is one of the essential elements of the poker game. Indeed, it is quite possible to win the poker without showing your hand, even if you have the worst hand at the table. ...

Cheat in poker

Please note, the editorial staff declines all responsibility if you are caught in the flagrant crime of cheating at poker! This article tells you about the best known cheat methods in terrestrial casinos. We don't have them ...


If online casino games make you dream, the job of a croupier is probably for you! Indeed, the Croupier -also called donor -occupies a special place in money game establishments ...

Pro Poker

Inevitably, the ultimate dream of all poker lovers is to be able, one day, winning their daily bread with their passion. Nevertheless, if the players are numerous to claim in this respect, few really manage to ...