How to avoid cravings during a poker tournament and eat healthy?

A poker tournament can really last hours! Although you can bring your little snack around the table, do not think that eating burgers or pizza shares, will help you win your hand. Indeed, just like a sportsman, each poker player must follow a diet that will meet his needs to win all his tournaments. Remember in 2006, Jamie Gold had won the WSOP by eating a large number of blueberry bowls! Was it a trivial choice? Not quite ! We will explain to you what is the role of food during a tournament, while offering you some small secrets to avoid a cravings.

The important role of the diet during a tournament

A professional poker player must think about monitoring his diet since it is necessarily a parameter that will define his physical and mental condition. Why is it so important? Quite simply, because the player must be able to read the game correctly, to perceive all the information about his opponents, but also, to resist fatigue throughout the tournament. Indeed, by its duration, the tournament asks the player, an exemplary requirement. To the point, that he will have to monitor his diet!

For example, the former ice hockey player, converted into a poker player, said he lost no less than 25 kilos to keep a certain physical form during tournaments. The player says, for example, that weight loss allowed him to stimulate his self -confidence, an undeniable asset around a table.

Eat light, but eat effectively!

In all of this, what should you eat during a poker tournament? First, you should think about eating light and avoid all types of fat. Indeed, the player will have to favor carbohydrates or proteins in order to stimulate his concentration, his endurance and his memory. Because yes, even if physically, a tournament of requests not a lot, it is especially mentally that the player will work.

"The importance of feeding healthy during a poker tournament is of course, avoiding a cravings, but also not to feel fatigue. »»

Thus, we advise you above all, to direct you towards foods that are considered to be carbohydrates, with of course, the big families of fruit, but also cereals. Be careful all the same because, whether it is pasta, rice or oats, you also have to think about eating proteins to best stimulate your brain. So think of meats, fish and milk, within the limits of a food without fat.

Some original ideas for snacking in tournaments

To give you some snack ideas during an online or real poker tournament, we have thought of some dried fruits and some energy plants. The importance of feeding healthy during a poker tournament is of course, avoiding a cravings, but also not to feel fatigue.

Thus, you will be able to get these foods and bring them around the table: almonds, raisins, dates, hazelnuts, pistachios, goji berries, or pine nuts. Rich in fiber or vitamins, these foods allow you to revitalize yourself, to push fatigue while cutting the feeling of hunger. The fact remains that you should never forget to hydrate yourself in water throughout the poker parts!

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